Today the Chicago Cubs released fill-in starting pitcher Doug Davis to make room for Darwin Barney, who came off the disabled list after a knee sprain.

Davis – shown right, pitching in his last successful role – has been roundly miserable in his nine starts with the Cubs, departing with an ERA well North of six, and giving the Cubs a chance to win in just two of his starts. You can imagine that the Cubs asked around if anyone wanted him before they pulled the trigger; but then imagine your lack of surprise that no one was interested.

It will be interesting to see who replaces him in the rotation, but, given his superior (slightly) outing yesterday, the likeliest candiate is Rodrigo Lopez. If that’s the case, Marcos Mateo will stay up with the big club in the bullpen.

  • Jelly

    I always found it funny to read his quotes about the team (like after Z’s rant). My reaction was always one of “Why should I be caring what the hell Doug Davis thinks? This guy’s been here for a couple months, and he’s going to be gone sooner than that.” Glad I was right.

  • Bryan

    Oh well, thanks for the memories, even though they weren’t good ones.

  • Roughriider

    Hasta la vista, baby !!! Vete.

  • hardtop

    i knd of feel bad for old doug. in a way, its not his fault. he really shouldnt have been a starting pither on a major league team, yet there he was. i guess the big indicator that he shouldnt have been out there was the fact he was riding the couch cusions when the Cubs gave him a ring. But whats he gonna say? no, thanks? so it goes.
    I think Lopez is pretty much a gauranteed loss from here on out. In the appearences I’ve seen of “Ro-Lo” (i’m now advising mike quade on player nicknames) he lives around the strike zone with no movement and no velocity. i.e. high schoolers could hit the shit out of him. qualifier: I haven’t seen him a bunch on tv, maybe two starts, and one relief outing. I typically have to follow games via MLB AtBat as I cant often get the broadcast locally, so my assessment may be way off. His 6ish ERA suggests that, for whatever the reason, highschoolers could still hit the shit out him.

  • Dave

    Didn’t I read an article recently about Davis being close to the 10 years of service time he would need to be eligible for his MLB pension? If so I’m surprised Jimbo, being the sweetheart he is, didn’t let Davis stick around.

    • TWC

      He did. Davis got his 10 years by the skin of his teeth.

      • Dave

        Well that was nice of him, I thought he needed another week or so. At least we can all now say we were there for the end of Doug Davis’ Hall of Fame eligible career.

  • die hard

    re-arranging deck chairs on TITANIC again!

  • al

    I could get a hit off that bonehead!!

  • the don

    I give my vote to Greg Maddux making a suprise return to be the cubs fifth starter

    • Joe

      I like this idea. Lol

  • MichiganGoat

    Argh, that 9th inning… Campy that was a horrible throw!

    • MichiganGoat

      At least it was a win, guess we should sing ARam to a multiple-year deal since he just rediscovered his clutch.

  • http://None Blinda

    These are the times I miss Carlos Silva.

    • Joe

      I’m sure you could go to the minors and find him.

    • rylan

      Sorry, but still no.

  • ry


  • Toosh

    Hendry believes he’ll be back next season and that the Cubs won’t be sellers at the deadline. They might even be buyers. Oh, oh!

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    if Ricketts is smart Hendry won’t be back at all

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