If you’re going to beat Tim Lincecum, you might just have to shut out the Giants’ offense. Ryan Dempster did that for eight innings, but a leadoff double in the 9th scored after Carlos Marmol came in to try and close things out (some weak defense in center from Tony Campana didn’t do Dempster any favors). Thankfully the Cubs added a second run in the bottom of the 9th to walk it off.

I’ve given Mike Quade quite a bit of (deserved) grief, so it’s only fair that I point out something he did well: benching Aramis Ramirez in favor of Blake DeWitt seemed like a questionable decision before the game. Two hits and an RBI for DeWitt, and then a game-winning pinch hit for Ramirez later, and Quade looks like a winner today. Today.

  • http://calebshreves.blogspot.com Caleb

    Way to go Demp! He really looks sharp sometimes.

  • CapnCub

    Awesome game, I would have kept Demp in however. He definately deserved the W. That being said, I am hopeful the Cubs since they now have finished half of their season that we can start playing at the least just a bit better second half. lol I say that in the nicest posaible way.

  • Joe

    I bet in the ninth inning Dempster was ready to throttle Marmol and Campana.

    • Joe

      They didn’t do anything really wrong. It’s just the game could’ve been won easier and he would’ve gotten the “w” he deserved.

    • Dan0mite

      I think more Campana. After he dove for that ball he had no chance at Dempster staired him down a bit. Had Campana just played the hop he probably could have kept the guy to a single.

      • Joe

        It was pretty close or do you mean the first one?

        • Dan0mite

          I mean the one in the top of the 9th that wound up being a double. He was well short of it (in my opinion) and should have let it fall and played the bounce. In the end it didn’t really matter.

          • ron

            I disagree, if he would have taken the angle we would be calling him Soriano. He had to make that call off the bat. Johnson backed him up as he should besideds judging by his arm later he would have been safe anyway.

            • Joe

              That o e looked like a double no matter what. The only reason he got as close as he did was that he dove for it. It would’ve been very out of character if he hadn’t.

              • Joe


            • Dan0mite

              I think we call Soriano out cause he blow plays all the time. Campana simply doesn’t have the range for that play. I feel he should have let up and played the bounce. I don’t feel it would have been a double no matter what, they were down by one in their last at bat and didn’t want to run into outs. I’m not saying Campana is a bad player he just made a bad choice which ultimately didn’t matter. We will just have to agree to disagree which is the great thing about comment forums. We all have different views and have a space to explain them, rationally.

              • deej34

                I’d rather have a hustle play like that from Campana then another tentative outfield sitting back on everything!! Johnson had him backed up, that’s how you play center field. I don’t think we should be ripping him for hustling. If he gets more playing time he’ll start to learn his range and how balls carry or die. Poor result, but great idea. There was more risk in Fuk dive than Campanas. If Fuk misses it it rolls to the wall with no within 40 feet of it.

  • Brian

    Dempster was really good tonight. Thought he might last out and get the Complete game shutout but all is good for the Cubs tonight.

    On another note for those who watched on WGN and saw the 7th inning stretch… the Cubs should get their hands on the guy that Len and Bob showed throwing the first pitch at the Padres game. He was some guy from Cirque du Soleil. Search for it online, it’s pretty sick haha.

    • MichiganGoat

      Yeah that was amazing, wonder if he could do a little relief for us

  • hardtop

    guys, i think he was a little better than good. out dueled timmy and then some. 3 hits, no walks, 83 pitches through 8… no runs allowed when marmol gave up the hit and run. not that the giants offense is a jugernaut, but that has to be the best pitched game we’ve had all year, i know davis 2 hit the yankees, but he didnt see the 9th inning (did he even make it 6?). in the end, we got hits and couldnt score (the team slogan for april..that and “pitch really badly”) but demp continued to keep them in the game… by shutting the giants down completely. great outing from a great guy: if we could erase april, we’d probably all be pretty stoked with demp (when was that 7 earned in 1/3 game?). anywho. ace, you’re right, mike looks a little better, but dont know why you take a guy out with a 3 hit shut out going on only 83 pitches… so it goes, thats certainly not the worst call quades made this year. hey hey, lets split the series.

  • MichiganGoat

    So I had no problem with going to Marmol after Demp gave up a hit, we’ ve been complaining about Q leaving pitchers in one inning too long. As much as a blown save sucks it was the right baseball move. My problem is with “Campy,” tonight he was not the definition of a defensive substitution. He should have thrown out the runner in the 9th but instead threw a short throw straight into the infield dirt and way off line, a defensive sub better be able to make that throw! I’m sure his speed is attractive in center field but his play tonight did not look good. I’m certain that if Reed was still in CF we’d throw out the base runner or least have a close play. But a win is a win.

    • Dan0mite

      I agree whole heartedly (any Carolla podcast fans). Campana is good for pinch running or a little center field but not a defensive replacement.

    • hardtop

      you’re right. i texted a friend at the game “good baseball move” when he texted me questioning the pitching change. but i personally would have liked him see him at least get the chance to finish the shut-out. good thing im not a major league manager. but, yeah, “quadalupe” had to do it, and i was surprised he actually did. so managerial of him.

  • TWC

    It always kinda bothers me that a pitcher can get both a BS and the W… like, the BS is the real stat, it’s the reflection on how you pitched. The W is just because your team came up to bat and happened to get you off the hook. Whatever.

    Went out for Chinese tonight. Was surprised to see the Cubs game on until I remembered that I live in the Bay Area. Caught the 5th-end… Demp looked great. Marmol looked — well, like Marmol. My heart wouldn’t break if we could swap him for a good return.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Ace

      W/L record is virtually meaningless for starters, but for relievers, it’s every inch of meaningless. It’s the stupidest stat in the history of stats. But people want to know what a pitcher’s record is. Shrug.

    • HotRuta

      This is W/L scoring rules at their worst!
      When the starter fails to go 5 innings, the scorer is supposed to be free to pick the Winning Pitcher (subject to “convention”) — why not just always let him pick the pitcher who contributed the most to the W?
      Obviously, Dempster was at least 8 times more deserving than Marmol …

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    I wish Hendry would trade fukodome for Dayan Viciedo..the Cuban is 24 and crushing the ball at AAA level…if he could get Kenny Williams to pull this off..also Ace any news of the youngsters getting signed? I here shawon dunston jr is going to be hard to sign?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Ace

      Still no news beyond the bullet from last week. It’s been a very slow signing season. And, yes, Dunston, Jr. will be tough sign.

      • Andrew

        Dunston is currently committed to Vanderbilt, which should be a very appealing place to go for a guy who doesn’t necessarily need the money (I assume Dad can spot him for a while). Vanderbilt just had 12 or 13 guys drafted, with most of them expected to actually sign. Dunston is probably looking at the possibility of starting every day as a freshman at an elite SEC school, starting for a couple of years at a place that will get him on TV (albeit second-tier cable tv – SEC has a decent TV contract) in games that mean something, and getting drafted higher a couple of years from now for more money than he’ll probably be offered to forgo school.

        Or on the other hand he can can sign for less and play in the low minors where nobody will hear of him for a few years. I know there are no guarantees (injuries, etc), but for a guy who doesn’t necessarily need the money it’s definitely hard to pass up the opportunity to play at Vandy. Corbin is a beast of a coach.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    Man, the smile on Aramis’s face was priceless. After he broke away from the mob of Cubs he had a smile on his face like he was a kid on Christmas morning. Nice to see him pull through like that for the team.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    I know its a day late, but I just read this and found it a little surprising…

    “Heading into Tuesday afternoon’s game, no team in baseball had more home runs (21) or had a higher slugging percentage (.475) than the Cubs the past 14 days”.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Ace

      Pena and Ramirez turrin’ shit up.

  • jaybird

    Did Q even think of a squeeze in the 5th? Dewitt on third no outs. Reed at bat against one of the best pitchers in baseball. Then 3 strikeouts, no runs. Why not take some chances ?