Doug Davis, who gave up 12 hits, three walks, and 10 earned runs in just over four innings to the Giants yesterday had this to say about his opponent after the game: “They’re a pitchable team. I think there’s holes in everyone’s swings. If you’re able to execute, you can be successful against this team.” How many times in a row did you miss those obvious holes, Doug?

  • Yesterday, Giants manager – and NL All Star manager – Bruce Bochy named Mike Quade to the NL All Star team’s coaching staff. Quade replaces recently-unemployed Jim Riggleman. The only possible explanation? Bochy didn’t feel like making a phone call to name someone else to the team, and, since Quade was just over in the other dugout…
  • Kerry Wood will throw a simulated game today, and the Cubs are hoping they can plan a schedule for his return from a blister afterward. Wood says his finger is feeling much better, but we’ll see how things go today.
  • More Carlos Pena trade talk here and here. Separately, I’ve heard that the Diamondbacks and Rays, among others, are interested.
  • Shawon Dunston, Jr. continues to mull his decision about whether to sign with the Cubs or head to Vandy. While money will be an issue in terms of a signal of value, the Cubs won’t be able to straight-up buy Dunston (similar to Trevor Gretzky). Instead, they’ve got to convince him that his best path to the Majors is to start professional ball now (and in the Cubs’ organization).
  • Tyler Colvin is working on the mechanics of his swing while he tries to get back to the bigs. Colvin’s hitting .295 and slugging .600 at Iowa this year, but his OBP – always an issue with him – is just .306. He has three walks in 112 plate appearances.
  • Adam

    Can someone please tell me why we don’t have Ramon Ortiz up pitching in one of these games – as well as why Ortiz just doesn’t replace Doug Beachball Davis? Ortiz has been solid at AAA, their best starter statistically in fact. Why did we go out and sign him if we’re not using him? Are we trying to develop him or something? So frustrating.

    • Ace

      I don’t understand why he hasn’t gotten a shot by now, but, to be fair, I don’t think there’s any reason to believe he’s a sure upgrade over a Davis or a Lopez. Davis at least had a good outing last time out (though it was the flukiest fluke that ever fluked). Ortiz should get a look, but he’s just another bad option on a pile of bad options.

    • Jeff

      I have been wondering that myself for the better part of two months now. He has pitched excellently at Iowa and at least deserves a spot start here or there to see if he can go in the majors. The only way to tell if they are truly bad options is by giving them a shot, whereas the guys already here have proven over and over again that they are bad options.

  • Dave

    I have to assume all the good managers declined, leading to Riggleman and now Quade being offered a spot.

    • Ace

      That would certainly be a logical explanation. I tend to think Quade got an earlier look because he’s a rookie manager who’s been in the game for a long, long time.

      • Dave

        Bud Black was a freaking wizard last year, and as far as I know he isn’t on the NL staff. Mckeon, Collins and Johnson are more deserving of a lifetime achievement type of offer. I bet that if MLB offered to pick up the bar tab, LaRussa would’ve agreed to be on the NL staff.

    • Roughriider

      The only reason Quade was given a position on the ALL-STAR staff? It was to keep him from working on the CUBS during the break and preparing for a come from behind victory run that will put the CUBS in the World Series.
      Kidding !!!

  • Ron

    Quade the NL manager means AL WS home field advantage.

    • Ace

      Ha. Yes. I made that same joke elsewhere.

  • TSB

    Right now, the Cubs have two legitimate power guys (Pena and Ramirez). If the Cubs trade Pena, and Ramirez’s numbers keep going down, what good is it to sign Fielder or Pujols? One power hitter, pitch around him all day. The Cubs offensive woes are in the outfield, so keep Pena, forgot free agent first basemen, and get some poer outfielders.

    • Jeff

      Legitimate power threat who isn’t even in double digits in homeruns almost half way through the year, whose slugging percentage is worse than Carlos Zambrano’s. Sorry, but at this point, Soriano is a more “legitimate power threat” than Ramirez.

      • EQ

        Ramirez will end up with 25 or so HR’s this year.. his terrible start doesn’t negate the fact that he is a power threat.