The 2011 Cubs suck. The season is not going to turn around in storybook-fashion in the second half.

But if you aren’t completely and totally jacked after that game, it’s time to call it quits as a fan. That was f*cking awesome.

The bullpen was pretty incredible after Carlos Zambrano exited in the second. And I know it was the Giants, but … Marcos Mateo for 5th starter? I kid. Mostly.

  • CapnCub

    Despite the seaon most likely done for the Cubs, gotta still love the W.

  • Corey

    Grabow gets the win. Can we get rid of him anyway, please?

    • Jeremy

      He may have got the win, but it was a crap win. He certainly tried his hardest to lose the game for us. He definitely owes Barney, Soto and probably Cody Ross (for sailing the throw home) a beer or three.

  • Caleb

    Great game!

    Good to see Rami getting clutch hits!

    And who doesn’t love 12th inning walk-off homers?

    • CapnCub

      13th, but yeah specially when we started the inning two outs and nobody on. Our bullpen, just wow. Hoorah W

  • Jim mumford

    I got front row bullpen box seats, flew my dad in from Indiana, and took him to his first ever cubs game.


  • MichiganGoat

    Great win, exciting to listen to, anybody you got to go to the past two games got their money worth.

  • Kyle N

    Mateo goes 5 IP with only 2 hits and a career high 6 Ks? Who would have believed it? (Especially since he was sporting am ERA over six at Iowa). After Zambrano left, I was convinced the Cubs might have to run out their entire bullpen, but Mateo definitely saved that.

    We’re seeing the clutch hits and the luck starting to change, but the Cubs dug themselves a hole that was way too big. Plus we can’t seem to get any sort of break in regards to starting pitching staying healthy.

    Still . . A great walk-off win!

  • RY34

    Mateo, A-Ram, Barney, and Soto freaking awesome! Nice to get a pinch hit homer off one of the best relievers in the game. Grabow still sucks ass even though he got the win.

  • jstraw

    That was fun.

  • CapnCub

    Ace or anybody I know its off topic, how do I get an image with my name

    • Ace

      Here (for now) we use “Gravatars.” Go to, and you set it up there.

      • CapnCub

        Thanks Ace

        • CapnCub

          Ignore this post, Testing Gravatar

          • MichiganGoat

            Great handle, great image!

            • CapnCub

              Thanks, ive been reading this blogs for quite some time. I love Now im glad to finally be posting here! Love the job ACE does with his posts. Entertaining and Informative.

              • CapnCub

                Now I just need to stop with these typos, darn touchscreen. lol

              • MichiganGoat

                Welcome, I did the same thing followed BN for over a year before I started posting. This hands down the best blog out there, intelligent, witty posters galore.

                • TWC

                  I followed MichiganGoat’s comments for three years before I started commenting. I think my research paid off.

                  • MichiganGoat

                    Now that witty, stalker witty

              • Brett

                Thanks, Capn. Welcome aboard (pun intended?).

            • PFK

              Great name and avatar. I’m inspired now to change my name and avatar. Hmmm, stay tuned, I’ll be posting them and see what fits best. Geez, here I am, 64 and the owner of a successful, large, global company who’s glued to this blog everyday and thinking of a new name and avatar! “Sir, we need your decision on that multiple million dollar merger.”
              “Sure, be with you in a minute, just as soon as I finish reading Bleacher Nation and come up with a new name and avatar.”

              • MichiganGoat

                BN, it’s like a drug. A free, side affect free drug.

                • Brett

                  I aim to intoxicate.

                  • Brett

                    And you’re now wondering who this guy is. Change is in the air.

  • Eric

    Games like today make me proud to be a Cubs fan