Well, so much for the win streak.

Randy Wells and Mike Quade each did what you hate about them: Wells gave up runs in the first inning, and Quade left Wells in one batter too long. At least Aramis Ramirez remains scorching hot (congrats on his 300th career homer).

  • EQ

    Aramis is heating up..

  • MichiganGoat

    That reminds me of EBS you did afterJuan Piere la DouchLord broke up Lilly’s no-no. At least the Cubs keep their no 3-in-a-row record. The secret to success is consistency.

  • CapnCub

    Summed up short, simple, and perfectly Ace, I just dont know if 3 in a row will be possible all year. I absoultely dont like losing to Pierre and especially hate losing a series to the Sox. Lopez better pitch a fluke game Sunday and well tomorrow is a toss up. Yet again Quade costs us another win, Wells not to fully blame in the 7th, the 1st inaning well thats just Wells and he pains me. What are the Cubs to do in the offseason with this pitching mess, yet again not to mention the RISP batting abilities. It drives me nuts to still be one of the top batting averages in the mlb and yet many times after many we fail when it comes time to get those runners in without a Knock. Jeeze Cubs

    • CapnCub

      Or a bad pitch

    • Jeff

      I’ve always thought that if a team gets a lot of hits and has a good/great at times bullpen, then they have a shot every game. The losses the Cubs are piling up when they outhit opponents and get good pitching from the pen, and they point directly to poor managing. I hope ARam keeps hitting and then gets traded for a couple of good prospects. Which probably means he’s going to sign a 3 year 30 million dollar extension with a complete no trade clause any day now.

  • ron

    How many “earned runs” have scored on Wells this year like in the first inning by defensive non errors that cost runs? Also, wasn’t Quade on Total Recall a sage or something, this guy never gets it right. Does every starting pitcher have to give up 5-6 runns before they get pulled.

    • Joe

      1/3 of an inning too long for wells…. f*ck you quade…

  • CBP

    On the bright-side Kerry wood looked good

  • die hard

    repeating the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is insanity….also an experienced pitching coach would have added 10 wins this year….what did Rothschild know that we didn’t about Quade?

  • ry

    im gonna be so happy when quade and his horrible managing skills are fired. lets see 5 of 6 reach either by hit or walk so lets leave the guy in, where the hell was marshall? quade sucks!, yet another loss on his bald head.

  • JimG

    Pretty sad when you get out managed by Ozzie ! No wonder there 15 games under .500 !
    Wells had no business even starting that 7th inning. He’s got Wood & Marshall sitting in the bullpen. What’s that clown waiting for ? Please Addams Family do something right, get rid of Hendry, Quade, & blow the whole damn thing up and start over. This is a death march !

    • COCub

      If I remember correctly, Wells pitch count was at 70 pitches heading in to 7th. He was cruising and hadn’t had much trouble since the first inning. With the bullpen taxed from the day before, I can understand sending him out to start the 7th. The leash was just too long. Once the game got tied up I thought it was time to yank Wells…but I don’t think anyone was up and throwing. Just another example of being unprepared in this same situation over and over again.

  • die hard

    Quade finally starting to see the handwriting on the wall by going out of way to take blame letting Wells stay in….if he didn’t take blame would be perceived as if he was clueless…close to being true though ….coming soon is final coffin nail…. by taking blame he shouldn’t feel sense of security which should be a false one….wouldnt be surprised to see Ricketts cleaning house at All-Star game by letting Hendry, Quade, most of coaching staff go….then replace with former GM and former big league manager on interim basis for rest of season to evaluate team…no moves or trades..stand pat…lets see what we have…also run all almost ready minor leaguers up for a few weeks to take a look see,,,,thats what I would do

  • awesome

    one batter to long, lol. it’s not the first time.