Watch Carlos Zambrano Almost Get Nailed by a Foul Ball; Also, He’s Getting an Epidural

Well, this is what you like to see the evening after Carlos Zambrano leaves his start in the second inning with back soreness – for which he’s going to receive an epidural to relieve the pain.

While honoring a commitment to a Chicago Bandits softball team (not playing, just throwing out the first pitch), Zambrano was nearly injured – again – by a foul ball.

Apparently the back isn’t completely crippling him:

UPDATE: Today the Cubs put Zambrano on the disabled list and activated Kerry Wood. WIth the All-Star break coming up, now was as good of a time as any to put Z on the DL. He’ll miss a couple starts at least. Ramon Ortiz might finally get a chance to start with the Cubs unless they decide to stretch out someone like James Russell (or Marcos Mateo). Casey Coleman could get another shot, too.

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15 responses to “Watch Carlos Zambrano Almost Get Nailed by a Foul Ball; Also, He’s Getting an Epidural”

  1. RY34

    He better hope he makes his next start or the fans will crucify him!

  2. RY34

    My bad, misread the article. Sorry Big Z!

  3. Dan0mite

    I’ve seen a some people complaining about him throwing out the first pitch. I personally don’t mind it. He wasn’t throwing heaters, he tossed a softball. Call me apathetic, but I just don’t care that he did it.

  4. die hard

    trade value down to zero…will retire 2013 as cub

  5. Caleb

    That was close!

    Wonder what they’ll do here. I’d like to see Ortiz get a chance, but I don’t think it’s as likely as Coleman or Mateo. After Mateo’s last outing… who knows. Maybe there’s more where that came from.

    I thought they told Z to quit guzzling Red Bulls all day and eat bananas? Someone should check his locker for a stash.

  6. Kyle N

    I do find it interesting (almost refreshingly honest and a bit humorous) that Z attributes his maladies to actual real life stuff. . . like watching TV with his head positioned awkwardly, surfing on the Internet too much, drinking too much Red Bull, eating entire boxes of Cap’n Crunch. . . (Okay, I made that last one up)

    In fact, every baseball player seems to make up some pathetic attempt at a cover-up, EXCEPT Carlos.
    If only people knew the truth behind these certain real “injuries”. . .

    “Derek Jeter’s calf injury caused by awkward dance moves during his date with an up-and-coming 20-year old model. . .”

    “Albert Pujols suffers rehab setback from playing too much Halo, to miss an additional two weeks. . .”

    1. Caleb

      “Derek Jeter to miss rest of season after gang-bang goes wrong.”

      “Fielder refuses to play until Selig addresses ‘snacks on the field’ issue.”

      1. TWC

        “Ryan Theriot not running so well today due to a douche nozzle that got stuck in his vag.”

        1. CapnCub


        2. Jeff

          I spit beer all over the screen on that one. Well played TWC, well played.

  7. Joe

    I’d like to see Ortiz and Mateo get starts. At the very least, it would be more interesting than giving it to Russ, Coles or Ro-Lo where we know we’ll lose. Now that i’ve said that, I want Ro-Lo to prove me wrong on Sunday.

  8. al

    is it alright to smack theriot the douche on smackadouche day??