Finally! Mike Quade admitted yesterday that he left Randy Wells in for at least one too many batters, which led to the winning runs scoring in a brutal four-run seventh inning. “This one’s on me, as far as I’m concerned,” Quade said. Awesome. Now stop doing it.

  • Sad trombone: Andrew Cashner’s evaluation on Thursday didn’t go as well as hoped. The doctors believe his rotator cuff is still not quite healed – they’re guessing 90% – so his throwing program has been pushed back another 10 days. He still believes he’ll pitch again for the Cubs this year. But we’re quickly approaching a timeline where it may make more sense to let him throw on the side when he’s able, but not put him back in the stress of game action until next year. Even he now admits that, if he does come back this year, it will be as a reliever. He holds out hope that he can come back as a starter in 2012.
  • It sounds like Ramon Ortiz will finally get a chance to pitch on the big club on Tuesday. The Cubs signed the now-38-year-old to a minor league deal earlier this year, but he hasn’t exactly been tearing up AAA. Ortiz pitched last night, but conspicuously threw just 54 pitches. The 40-man roster stands at 39, so no move will have to be made there to open up a spot for him.
  • Aramis Ramirez says he’s not worried about his future with the Cubs (he’s got an expensive team option for 2012, otherwise he’s a free agent at the end of the year), and doesn’t think Jim Hendry is worried either. “I guarantee you, he’s got a lot more things to worry about than me,” Ramirez said. “He’s got a lot of stuff going on right now. We’re not playing well, the trade deadline is coming. I guarantee he’s got a lot of stuff on his mind right now. The last thing he’s thinking about is my contract, my situation.” I know what you’re saying, Aramis. But, I submit, Hendry is doing a *lot* of thinking about your contract right about now.
  • Jeff Baker is attracting quite a bit of trade rumor attention. He could have a lot of value to the Cubs in 2012, so I’m not sure a team would be willing to pony up enough to sway the Cubs.
  • A few media types made Carlos Zambrano’s pre-scheduled charity appearance at a softball game on Thursday out to be more than it was (though I’m still not sure who they were – today, each and every one of them is scolding all of the others for making something out of nothing… so who was doing the making?). Among Zambrano’s comments on the issue: “Sometimes I see more media members in the clubhouse than players. That means whoever comes to Chicago should be prepared to be in the paper all the time.” Prince Fielder doesn’t read Chicago papers right now, does he?
  • Kerry Wood is very tall. Eddie Vedder is not. Both are cool:

eddie vedder and kerry wood

  • AJ

    Jeff Baker is exactly the type of player this team needs to trade ASAP.

    • Hogie

      He should be able to get some decent value, he is one hell of a weapon to have against lefties and can play all over. He should still be pretty cheap next year if we do decide to keep him though.

    • Fella

      What makes Baker a guy we need to deal ASAP? He is cheap, productive, versatile and under contract for next year. Unless the Cubs got a major return, I think he is far more valuable on the roster than as a trade piece.

      • Brett

        I agree – his value to the Cubs is probably greater than a team would be willing to pay to get him.

    • Jeff

      Baker is exactly the kind of player this team needs to keep. He hits lefties like crazy and plays at least 4 positions. That makes him an invaluable bench commodity who is under team control for at least 2 more seasons at a cheaper than normal cost. It’s hard to justify trading a guy that fills so many holes and does it a discounted rate, something that’s going to be even more valuable this winter when they are trying to fill out the team. I’m not even sure I’d trade him back for the guy they gave up to get him, and he’s having a Marmol-2010 type of season for Detroit this year.

    • Ian Afterbirth

      We could never get what he’s worth.
      Keep him!
      He’s a great secret weapon.

  • Fella

    Kaplan was the one who freaked out over Z at the softball game. Not sure if anyone else did.

    • Brett

      Thanks, Fella. I saw the CSN stuff, but didn’t see Kaplan’s take. I did, however, see every other writer taking a dump on him (apparently).

  • Ian Afterbirth

    Eddie Vedder may be a decent feller but he is NOT cool.
    (I happen to be the arbiter of cool)

  • PFK

    Unfortunately, the truth is that Cashner will at some point this year or next undergo Tommy John surgery. He has a bad rotator cuff that will eventually blow out. Rarely does rest fix the problem. The good news is that many pitchers are even better after the surgery.
    Don’t trade Baker, he’s a cheap and good utility player and those guys come in real handy. Nobody is going to give up much anyway – at least nothing equal to his value to the Cubs.
    Z’s appearance was a good thing – not bad.
    One has to wonder about the future of Wells. He is good on occasion but rarely goes deep and is a bullpen destroyer. Yes, he was left in too long but, once again, 5-6 innings is his limit and the team generally starts in a hole. Probably will never be much more than 5th starter on a contender’s staff.

    • 1060Ivy

      My understanding is that Cashner is having rotator cuff issues which is shoulder-related. Tommy John surgery addresses elbow related issues so unless I’m missing something or there is another lingering problem, why would Cashner going to have to undergo TJ surgery?

  • ry

    shut cashner down and the look on vedders face is priceless, like a kid in a candy store.

  • Joe

    Epic picture