Matt Garza was brilliant today, but he gets the loss that the offense earned. It was nice to see Marlon Byrd back out there – he’s a great guy – and it was good to see Garza put together a dominant outing.

As for the rest… blah.

  • CapnCub

    Yes, really not much to say about the other then. Arrrrrrg

  • Eric

    surprised you didn’t highlight pierre again, seeing as how he got the game winning rbi.

    • Brett

      Tired of him and his former pornstache.

  • Dan0mite

    Didn’t get to see the game because Indiana apparently hates me and had the Reds vs Indians game on instead.

    • Matt

      Terre Haute had the Cubs/Sox :)

      • Dan0mite

        I’m not quite that far north. We didn’t have it here in Fort Wayne.

      • Dan0mite

        I’m an idiot, Terre Haute is south of here. I was thinking South Bend. I hope every one is enjoying their Indiana geography lesson.

        • TWC

          Don Mattingly’s from Evansville. Jus’ sayin’.

          • Dan0mite

            Indiana is pretty damn awesome.

    • Joe

      Same happened to me! Apparently people in NC are supposed to be Yankees or Mets fans! To make it worse, all four games aired by FOX are blacked out on

  • Joe

    Anybody else notice who broke up Garza’s no-hitter? The douche strikes again….

  • die hard

    two men no out and no sac bunt…..I don’t care if Babe Ruth is up….you bunt and give yourself up!!!!!!!!!…Leo Durocher, Eddie Stanky baseball….if Quade ever played in the majors he would have known this!!!!!!….Im giving up seasons tkts….enuf enuf enuf

    • Dan0mite

      Can I have them? For free of course.

    • JimG

      Why do you even own season tickets ? I wouldn’t go across the street to watch this team or support this organization.

  • Rev. Bud Green

    I’m from IN allso but I spent the day on the lake with Jack and Mary Jane. Came in and found out they lost.

  • Ron

    Ace, we are 0-2 since you came out. Just saying.

    • Dave

      Now we know whose doorstep needs a flaming bag of dog poo!

      Joking, of course.

    • Brett

      To be fair, given this year’s club, that was a near statistical certainty.

      • Caleb

        Wait- did I miss a post?

        Ace came out? I thought he was married?

        I guess you know what they say…

        • Brett

          I am who I am. Roar.

  • ry

    Didn’t see the game, finally read the play by play. Jesus Christ is it too much to freakin ask these losers to lay down a god damn bunt once in awhile. Three innings where the cubs have runners on first and second with nobody out and we come away with a huge goose egg everytime. The Cubs are so fundamentally PATHETIC!

    • Brett

      You want the Cubs to sacrifice bunt with the number three hitter?

  • Steven

    Well on the bright side, at least Garza had a good game.. good to see he finally has found his groove..

  • pfk

    No way the number 3 hitter does a sacrifice bunt. Also, no way a good number 3 hitter swings on the first pitch when the pitcher is showing control problems and the guy before him walked on 4 pitches. You have to take at least 1 pitch and maybe 2. Castro and others need to learn situational hitting.

    • Caleb

      Good call, PFK.