Today the Chicago Cubs announced that Ryan Dempster – the only starting pitcher in the Cubs’ rotation at the start of the season who hasn’t been hurt – will be scratched from his scheduled start tomorrow. Casey Coleman will come up from Iowa to take his place.

According to various tweets, Dempster is not expected to head to the disabled list, but the scratch is due to back pain and some flu-like symptoms. Carrie Muskat says Dempster was even hospitalized overnight as a precaution.

Carlos Zambrano, you’ll note, is currently on the disabled list because of back soreness.

If Dempster does somehow land on the DL, the Cubs will have had all five of their starting pitchers as of Opening Day on the disabled list at one time or another. Injuries haven’t caused this team’s problems, but holy hell, they haven’t helped.


  • Toosh

    Any time one of the starters wants to man up, please feel free.

  • Cheryl

    Ace, If the cubs fail to sign a good portion of their draft picks in the first ten rounds what kind of compensation do they get next year?

    • Brett

      Teams that fail to sign picks in the first three rounds get a compensation pick at the same spot the next year (i.e., if the Cubs fail to sign second rounder Dan Vogelbach, they’ll get a compensatory second rounder next year). But if you fail to sign that compensatory pick, you lose it.

      That said, I’ve heard rumblings that the Cubs are close on all three of their top picks (Baez, Vogelbach, and DeVoss).

  • RoughRiider

    Looks like they will have a spring training like game somewhere down the line. 3 innings for 2 pitchers and 1 inning for 3 pitchers. How about 3 for Marshall, 2 for Samardzija, 3 for Russell. That way its Left, Right, Left and probably Right. This time I’m not kidding.

  • ry

    Jesus Christ, the train wreck that is this season just continues to steamroll along! I will take the over at 6 walks tomorrow for Coleman.

  • PFK

    It’s getting so I’m afraid to see the first article you post for fear it’s another freaking health issue. I’ve never seen anything like it! Bizarre.