As has been expected for about a week now, Chicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro was selected at the team’s (sole) representative in the All-Star game.

Unless you count manager Mike Quade, who will be one of the NL coaches.

Castro, 21, is a first-time All-Star, and currently sports a .309/.340/.427 line.┬áHe’s second in the NL in hits with 108, but leads the NL in errors at 16.

The only other Cub who merited serious consideration was reliever Sean Marshall, a set-up man, who has a 2.11 ERA and 1.15 WHIP in 38.1 innings. He’s struck out 39.

You can check out the full rosters, both AL and NL, here.


  • Dave

    It seems like just yesterday the Cubs had 8 All Stars….

  • pfk

    Statistics from Paul Sullivan…”Castro is hitting .224 in the third spot with a .253 on-base percentage, his worst spot, statistically-speaking, in the order. Castro is hitting .369 in the leadoff spot and .370 in the No. 2 hole.” He is hitting over 100 percentage points higher in the 1 or 2 hole, so what do we do? We bat him in a spot where he has Koye Hill like numbers. For the life of me I can’t understand that.

    • jeff

      Baseball reference has the splits for his numbers at every spot in the order. The three hole numbers don’t look good in the minors either, it’s kind of baffling to have a manager that completely ignores sabermetrics as well as the regular every day stats that slap you in the face.

      • wax_eagle

        jeff – sabermetrics make no differentiation between where you bat in the lineup. Its just like clutch hitting, it will all even out in the end. Mental hangups not withstanding, an at bat is an at bat, it shouldn’t matter what position you take it from, who is on base or what number in the order you bat. You can cite mental hangups, and 100 other things, but don’t cite sabermetrics as your reason for Quade’s ignorance when it doesn’t even come close to applying.

  • Joe

    I thought it was really funny that the cubs were trying to get votes for Soriano. “He’s still in the top 15” really makes me laugh.