Get your grill on, get your beer on, get your fireworks on (maybe not in that order), and enjoy your Independence Day festivities. Don’t let the Cubs game at 12:05 CT interfere…

  • Chris Carpenter will be sent to AAA Iowa to make room for today’s surprise starter, Casey Coleman. The young reliever will be back at some point in the future. He put up a respectable 4.05 ERA in 6.2 innings while showing flashes – just flashes – of brilliant stuff. The Cubs will have to make another move on Tuesday to add the other emergency starter, Ramon Ortiz.
  • Speaking of Coleman filling in, Mike Quade said he actually was tempted to add Marcos Mateo to the rotation following his five innings of shutout work last week. Mateo was a regular starter for part of the 2009 season in AA, so it’s not like it would have been that crazy.
  • Paul Sullivan concludes that Aramis Ramirez might, in fact, be the Cubs’ best option for 3B in 2012.
  • Steve Stone said something nice about Cubs fans: “The stereotype of the Cub fan is that they really don’t know much about baseball. They come here for a party and whether they win or lose, it really doesn’t matter. And that is really not true. The true Cub fan in his heart wants his team to win, and they are knowledgeable baseball fans. There’s no doubt about that. Now, if they have a great time in the process, they don’t mind that. But believe me, by the boos you hear and the no-shows you see here, and the lack of tickets sold on StubHub, you’ll notice that they do care about this team and they care about winning.”
  • Darwin Barney is a great guy. Prepare to have your heart strings tugged.
  • CapnCub

    Happy 4th, me n my boy off to a parade. Go Cubbies!

  • Michigan Goat

    Help me out here isn’t Carpenter suppose to be a future starter? I really hope we aren’t doing a Cashner thing to him.

    • Brett

      I think the Cubs are now set on him as a reliever. He had some endurance issues, and showed serious heat as a reliever.

      • Michigan Goat


  • pfk

    Hard to think of who’s coming up and being sent down after reading the story about Darwin Barney’s hospital visit and that darling child and his family. Guys, like Barney, Pena, Dempster and Wood are incredibly special people who give back. And, people should know that Z does too, both here and in the Dominican Republic.

    • Hogie

      I have always heard a ton about Z doing work for several organizations. It’s funny how it never gets brought up when talking about his outbursts. Many media members try to make him out to be a bad guy. Truth is he is a very passionate man with a big heart. My younger brother was the same way till the day he died, and it got him in trouble on several occasions, but you never questioned that he cared.

  • Serio

    Steve Stone said something nice? about the cubs?