For your consideration:

  •!/deathinthePM Shaun

    bahahahaha. If I had a nickel for every time I asked my television this question, I could buy a brand new starting rotation and personally pay for structural renovations of Wrigley.

  • jstraw

    yes…let’s go all 4chan on his ass!

    • Brett

      Hey man, the ‘Y U NO’ guy left the confines of 4chan a looooong time ago. He’s all mainstream now.

  • pfk

    OK, here’s a question for the readership…If I remember correctly (not often the case but my older brother agrees with me on this one) the 1950’s, the roof on the Waveland Ave. building with the huge Budweiser sign is/was (it was also a casino sign) had a sign that said, “Hit the Ricketts and win $100,000” (or something like that). There used to be a restaurant by that name that I think sponsored that. Does anybody else remember that? Any old-timers out there? Am I nuts?

    • Brett

      Too old for my blood.