Matt Garza starting things out with a whimper, but then the Cubs staged their largest comeback since that really awesome Rockies game in 2008. They briefly lost their lead in the 8th, but the Cubs ultimately retook the lead for good in the top of the 9th in spite of some (surprise!) questionable managing by Mike Quade (bunting with Marlon Byrd (in a 3-1 count, no less) with Tony Campana on deck? Really?). So many heroes – Carlos Pena, Darwin Barney, Blake DeWitt, Darwin Barney, and most of the bullpen.

  • CapnCub

    This is a kind of W that can turn things around for any team. Im not saying playoffs, but this win took heart and pure will. The Cubs need to take this with them. Amazing Game.

  • Dave

    To be followed by a sweep at the hands of the Pirates.

  • Brian

    Such a good game. I imagine little Tony Campana looking up in the dugout after the third inning and saying “well shit guys, are we really going to get swept by the Nats?”

  • Serio

    Can you imagine trading Garza now and getting a Chris Archer, Brandon Guyer, Robinson Chirinos, Hak-Ju Lee and a Sam Fuld

    • Toosh

      Excellent post! I was thinking the same thing. If the Cubs were to trade Garza to a contender before the deadline, they wouldn’t get back nearly what they gave up to get him. That was a terrible trade.

      • STG3

        He would still be the best Starting Pitcher on the Trade Market so, you would get a lot for him.

      • 1060Ivy

        As it’s not having MLB players on a team that wins baseball games, it’s having prospects in your minor league system.

        Given the Cubs record of evaluating, selecting and developing prospects, I’ll stick with a couple more years of Garza. Thank you.

    • Brett

      Given how badly Archer has pitched this year, I think the Cubs could do better for Garza now. :)

      • Toosh

        At the time of the Garza trade, the “prospects” the Cubs gave up were arguably 4 of their best. If the Cubs asked a team for 4 of their top prospects for Garza now the other GM would laugh hysterically.

        • CubFan Paul

          shows how much u know Toosh

        • Brett

          It was a tongue-in-cheek response, hence the smiley.

          That said, the Cubs could get a very handsome return for Garza, near what they sent out in the first place. I’m certain of it.

          • Toosh

            No way. Doesn’t matter any way. Hendry won’t trade him. That would mean admitting the trade was a mistake in the first place.

  • Ron

    It is a good thing you can win a baseball game in spite of fundamentals.

    • Joe


  • Joe

    I loved Bob Brenly’s reaction to Jeff Baker getting thrown out at second.
    “Your team is down by 8 runs….. just…..What are you doing?!?”
    It was great. He had some good comments in this game.

    • Dan0mite

      I love Brenly. He often says what we are all thinking. Like not having Campana pinch run for Soto, only to have him bat is a bad idea.

      • Ron

        I think he is sick of Quade too.

        • Joe

          Well, he did used to be a manager so maybe he’s just thinking “Man, this guy f*cking sucks at his job!”

  • TWC

    Jeff Baker = TOOTBLAN

  • Serio

    It seems like this team is being run by

  • awesome

    yeah, 1 of 4 proves we can play with the Nationals, ask Quade.

  • ry

    everyone is sick of quade and hendry. i commend brenly for speaking the truth! great comeback win, now carry it over into Shittsburgh!

  • JimG

    Cubs win ! Should I get my world series tickets now ? Please someone blow this team up !
    There about 6 maybe 7 players I’d keep the rest good bye.

  • Pete

    The awesome Rox game was in 2007. I remember it well cause I was visiting Chicago and went to that game.

    • Brett

      I’m sure it was an amazing game to see live, but the Rockies game was May 30, 2008.

      • Serio

        It was May 30, 2008 i remember turning it off and my brother calling me to come back and watch it with him.

        • Pete

          Oops. Sorry. I meant the June 25, 2007 game. My bad.