Force Me to Blog for 24 Hours Straight at the Trade Deadline

One of the most important parts of the coverage here at Bleacher Nation, in my opinion, involves the endless stream of rumors generated by the nature of Major League Baseball. From the Lukewarm Stove to the Obsessive Watches, I can’t help but cover every little rumor that comes the Cubs’ way. And we’re coming up on the busiest, rumoriest time of the year – the weeks leading up to the July 31, non-waiver trade deadline.

I plan to cover those rumors, obsessively, as always.

But now that I’m running this place as a job, I wondered if I might call upon my readers’ good graces to help keep the lights on. I hate the idea of asking for donations, but I had an idea that could combine your desire to get ridiculous amounts of trade rumor coverage and my desire to not have my wife beat me with a frying pan when the site’s expenses outpace its revenues.

So I had an idea: because I hate asking for handouts, and you probably hate giving away money for nothing, what if we came to an understanding?

If you all collectively donate enough to Bleacher Nation to cover the site’s hosting costs, I will blog at the trade deadline for 24 hours straight – no sleep, no breaks, minimum of one post per hour (even if it’s just to tell you how close I am to losing my mind). From 6pm CT on Saturday, July 30 until 6pm CT on Sunday, July 31, I will be here. Constantly.

That is, if you help me out by helping me cover the costs of Bleacher Nation for one year.

At present, our little home here costs about $40 per month to host, so that’s $480 per year. Since your donation would be tied to the direct costs of running the site, I figured you might be a little more willing to give. Mom and pop shops like BN need advertising to survive, but donations help. And if the total donations go over that amount, I’ll consider it salary, and I’ll thank’ya kindly.

So here’s how you donate:


Just click there, and throw whatever bones my way you’d care to. And then laugh at me while I slowly go mad on July 30/31. Or do it because you like BN. It’s all appreciated.

Let me know in your donation if you don’t want me to give you a shout as a thanks; otherwise, I plan to sing some praises throughout the month. I’ll keep the amount anonymous, but I want to recognize everyone that donates.

I’ll keep you all updated on how we’re doing. I hope this works, though I’m not sure how excited I am by the prospect of blogging for 24 hours straight. It’s one of those ideas that sounds good on paper, ends with me face down in a pot of coffee. And I don’t drink coffee.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

57 responses to “Force Me to Blog for 24 Hours Straight at the Trade Deadline”

  1. MichiganGoat

    Time to have some BN merch, I’d love to purchase a BN window cling or hoodie.

    1. TWC

      BN leopard-print thongs? Er… um… “man slings”?

      1. MichiganGoat

        Banana hammock baby!

      2. Caleb

        First time hearing “man slings.” Awesome.

        Going to be stealing that!

  2. Ramy16

    Heck ya Ace…count me in!

    1. TWC

      But only on the condition that he remane the site “Keep Aramis” Nation?

      1. MichiganGoat

        Now that’s witty! Your in a zone TWC.

  3. Caleb

    I’m in (look for my donation tomorrow), but I want to stipulate that if I donate more than most, and your posts get a little thin at about hour 13, we get an entire post reviewing the effectiveness of the series she-view girls for the last 3 years.

    Actually, that just sounds like a great idea anyway. Especially a top ten list of W-L records for them. I bet the burrito is in the top 5.

    And yes, I’m aware that you recently changed it so that the girls rotated. You can still include the girls from the other teams in the years that the Cubs were constantly represented by… er… what’s her name.

  4. TWC

    Can we get more Meta posts? I just like the word ‘meta’.

  5. jstraw

    Help you hose the site? Count me in!

  6. EQ

    Look for a big year next season from Big Z.. check this out on his contract status at the end of next season…
    Carlos Zambrano (32) – $19.25MM player option depending on Zambrano’s Cy Young voting placement

    1. CubFan Paul

      Big Z is having a good this year, just has bad luck with support ..that option becomes easier to obtain next year cuz all he has to do is finish in the Top 4 voting (this year is top 2)

      1. CubFan Paul

        *run support i meant ..totally obtainable next year if we have a good offseason this year & field a winner & not a AAA team like this year (no pun intended)

  7. MichiganGoat

    I’m good for a month of support.

    1. TWC

      Me, too. Just gotta ask the wife the Paypal password.

      (and now I’ll sheepishly shuffle back to work…)

  8. Ron

    I’m good for a donation, do you drink tea instead of coffee, we’ve got some good stuff at the store?

  9. TWC

    Hey, Ace, if you get enough, can we get you to blog for 48 straight hours?

  10. Toosh

    Is anybody else glad Hendry didn’t try to trade for Michael Young? Let’s get a list going of the trades he couldn’t quite pull off. I’ll start. Brian Roberts. Adrian Gonzalez. If he could’ve traded for any of these guys, the Cubs would be in much better shape now.

  11. Toosh

    Another stellar outing by Garza.

    1. hardtop

      i sense some sarcasm. crazy thing is matt has had some stellar outings as of late. but boy, when he starts to give it up, he turns into a total slut… so to speak. that inning was so disgusting. at least they managed to climb back in it. we’ll see how clutch ramis can be now. with 2 outs in the 8th and el comandante standing on second, and the bastard on the mound throwing extreme heat. 9 times out of 10 he strikes out here.

      1. hardtop

        ha, but not this time. nice RBI. i love being wrong. got that ramy16 (or whatever) i was wrong to doubt aramis, im sorry. go ramis.

  12. Toosh

    Not sure what his last start has to do with tonight’s.

    1. Joe

      Pitchers tend to have good outings if they had a good previous one. He did throw like 114 or 119 pitches last time out, so that might have something to do with it.

  13. LondonCub

    Just donated mate. Keep up the good work.

  14. Greg B

    ok so now this my 2nd post ever just got back from a work trip in austin tx(by the way 6th street is alot of fun)but i think i can help your cause a little bit,just keep speaking your mind and entertaining all of us poor suffering cubs fans!

  15. Jim

    Done. September is on me.

  16. hardtop

    dude, not fair! i wanted september! i dont want to pay for october… who wants to support a cub blog in a month the cubs arent allowed to play in? so it goes. i cant paypal from work brace, but im on it like a bonnet next time im home.

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