Is Mike Quade’s Job Safer Than Jim Hendry’s?

As the Chicago Cubs continue to pile up losses, the jobs of those in charge become more and more precarious. Notably, manager Mike Quade and general manager Jim Hendry stand on less than solid ground.

From Jon Heyman:

Word is that Cubs manager Jim Quade (sic.) is safe but GM Jim Hendry’s fate seems not to have been decided. Some in baseball don’t blame Hendry for some of the Cubs’ bigger contracts, saying he may have been under orders. Owner Tom Ricketts is seen as cautious, which may help Hendry, as well.

Heyman does not explain what he means by “fate” or “safe.” Is that for the year? For the month? For the length of their respective contracts (i.e., through 2012)? I suspect that Heyman is suggesting Quade isn’t in danger of being fired right now, but that Hendry is at risk of being canned some time before Quade.

It seems to me that the discussion is somewhat academic, however. It’s hard to imagine the Cubs bringing in a new GM, but saddling him with the old GM’s choice at manager. No, it’s far more likely that the new GM will be given full ambit to bring in the guy of his choice.

So, if Hendry isn’t safe, Quade isn’t safe either. Hendry is virtual lock to finish the year in charge, even if he’s a lame duck, so you’re not exactly limb-dwelling if you believe Quade will survive this season. The more bold assertion would be that Quade is still in the clubhouse in 2012. As things stand, I just don’t see how either one of them returns next year.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

40 responses to “Is Mike Quade’s Job Safer Than Jim Hendry’s?”

  1. Fishin Phil

    Talk about a non-story. Thanks for nothing Mr. Heyman.

  2. Toosh

    Agreed. If Hendry goes and Quade stays, the new GM would probably bring in his own people.

  3. jstraw

    Heyman called him Jim Quade?

  4. CubFan Paul

    i too don’t see how Hendry keeps his job after the season ..if he does we should be worried about tom ricketts state of mental health ..but Brett i have a free agent wish list for whoever the GM is & i’m taking in account the payroll being even lower next season (grrrrrr!!)

    1. LHP Cole Hamels ..he’s making $9.5mil this year & being only 27years old i think he’s worth the risk of locking up in 5-6yr deal

    2. 1B Prince Fielder ..Scott Boras isnt his agent (i’m 80% sure of that) so Fielder will probably get a Adrian Gonzo/Mark Teixeira contract ~$22-22.5mil/year

    3. 2B Robinson Cano ..he’s making $10mil this year & has a $14mil club option for next year w/ a $2mil buyout. Yankee fans love him but im quite sure management would love to groom Eduardo Nunez while the Captain stumbles around for another 2yrs. like Fielder & Hamels, Cano is under 30yrs of age & worth a longterm deal.

    ..& thats it for big spending and hopefully after tom Ricketts recovers from his stroke (hospitalized after finallizing these deals & handing out signing bonuses @the winter meetings) he’l Okay a few more million for vetern bullpen guys. Besides Marmol, Marshall, &the flame throwing Carpenter it has to be rebuilt ..Samardjiza makes too much money to be there next year & his club option will be a salary dump.

    hopefully we get minor league reinforcements that’ll make the team next year (Russell for the bullpen, Colvin in RF, Jackson in CF, & Cashner as the 5th starter) &with the signing of the RBI man Cano for 2nd base, Castro moves to 3rd & Barney the utility man plays shortstop. With the addition of the big bats & development of Castro, Barney’s bat can be hidden in the 8th spot.
    yes, i have a dream may be a pipe dream but i would like to see the current streak of ineptitude stop & the Cubs become a contender next year

  5. Cheryl

    Can’t see Fielder as a cub at this point. But if Quade stays as manager next year don’t count on the minor leaguers.

  6. CubFan Paul

    Why no Fielder?? Cheryl u can’t be allergic to 40HRs & 100plus RBI ..& im quite sure Fielder will take the Cubs money

    1. EQ

      It’s a bad year to rebuild… not a lot on the FA market and the 2 big names (Fielder & Pujols) will cost too much.. esp. when we need pitching & defense. Without some miracle moves, next year could be just as painful.

      I did see that Jose Bautista (Toronto) is a free agent at year’s end.. is that true and why aren’t we putting him at the top of our wish list?

      1. CubFan Paul

        Bautista is under contract thru 2015 w/ 2016 option.. &next can’t be painful because the Cubs hav money coming off the books, enough to address 1st base, pitching & defense like i did in my pipe dream post earlier

        1. EQ

          yeah, i get that, but with who? there’s slim pickins’ out there when you get past Pujols & Fielder.

    2. hardtop

      visitors to BN are probably getting sick of me expressing my opinion on fielder, but here it is again anyway:
      Boras is Fielder’s agent. Simple comparison to Adrian Gonzalez who signed for 22 mil. year, yields the fact that Prince isnt worth that much. Their numbers are similar. The difference: Fielder’s defense is notably worse and there is a likleyhood of health issues and injuries. Originally I was against this signing all together, but TWC persuaded me that, if the money were similar to Gonzalez but a shorter duration contract, it could be a good signing. 115 mil over 5 would be the max I personally could stomach for Fielder, and even typing that makes my stomach turn. Considering the rumors are that he’s looking for a 200 million dollar deal, I pray the Cubs dont wade into to that shark infested pool again. We have way too many holes to fill to pay one fat first baseman all that coin. especially, considering that the ricketts have stated they are comfortable with the payroll where it is and are investing in the farm season. You dont need to have a Yankees payroll to win, and you dont need 40 hrs from you first baseman to win (its nice, but not necessary). 30 hr’s from pena for 17 million less (+/-) next year sounds good to me. 17 mil… that could buy some arms right there. Paul, you seem to be on top of the contract situations, any first baseman coming available after the 2012 or 2013 season that might be the full package and worth a long term investment? or any top prospect worth negotiating for at first?

      1. CubFan Paul

        besides Pujols & Fielder theres a void at free agent 1st basemen for years to come unless you think James Loney is worth the risk in 2013, he’l be 29 then & maybe with some roids or Hgh he’ll develop some power by then its either spend big this offseason or make a trade w/ the Rangers for one of their 1st base slugs ..& unless Pena shows he can hit higher than .250 i wouldnt bring him back especially for more money. Grown ass men bat higher than .225 especially if they want to get paid

      2. hardtop

        yikes, need more coffee…farm “system”, not season.

      3. EQ

        I agree.. Pena next year for far less money, still gives you comparable power numbers and better defense.. there’s a avg. drop, but not 17 mil. worth.

        There are far too many holes to fill. More than anything we need smart, fundamentally sound, good defensive players, pitching, pitching and then some pitching. Maybe even a pitcher or 2 also.

        Isn’t Heath Bell a FA at year’s end? The Padres are listening to offers, maybe we can move Marmol and go after Bell? It would save us all some late inning stress and a few ulcers.

    3. MichiganGoat

      Here my concern with Fielder, can he handle the day games and sub-standard training facilities at Wrigley, and I’m always conceded with player who live and die by the home run… but the Cubs love those types.

  7. chris margetis

    I think the one upside to Fielder is I don’t think he could actually get any fatter, so a long term deal might not be horrible. Plus you never really see fat guys on the DL.

    1. Joe

      No, they stay AROUND the DL! ……. awkward silence……..

  8. jim

    Just remember, Quade loves coaching vets & not rookies. Thats how he won last september @ a very misleading 24-13. Bring in a new GM with baseball knowledge & that would like to bring Ryno into the fold. Quade is a lifer as a minor league manager or coach. His poor decisions under pressure are to say the least mind-boggling & he has already stated he will not change whatever the fans think. Case in Point…….pitching to Pujols 2 days in a row. Ricketts, pull the trigger in 2011 & don’t let this fester into 2012.
    120,000 + fans for Yankees & White Sox. It added to the coffers but those 2 dream series are over. Reality sets in during August & September. The fans won’t be there to help you out as you just won’t listen to the fans thoughts & 95% want change no matter what you think.

  9. chris margetis

    Here’s a point that will lead to even how misleading those 120K fans were for those series. In 2003 when the Yankees came to town I could have sold my season tickets for $800 each! This year, you could get about $10 over face, and it took a lot of work.

  10. Caleb

    Mike Quade will be here next year.

    And yes, I’m willing to make a bet on that. Anybody?

  11. jstraw

    If this wasn’t the Internet I’d bet the house on Quade being gone. The effect on ticket sales if he’s extended would be significant.

    1. Caleb

      I think you meant that ticket sales SHOULD be affected be things like this. Reality would beg to differ.