Man, when the Cubs blow a lead, they BLOW a lead. A day after coming back in spectacular fashion, the Cubs imploded in spectacular fashion. Worse, Sean Marshall and Carlos Marmol were the primary culprits.

  • Joe

    What the hell has happened to Marmol?

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      He has really been struggling lately. Its like hes self-destructing. Marshall and Wood haven’t been up to par recently either it doesn’t seem like. I know its not all his fault, though it could very well be, but I don’t like Mark Riggins. It feels like this pitching staff has fallen on exceptionally hard times since Rothschild has been gone.

      I don’t miss Carlos Silva one bit, though I look back and think maybe he was justified in his criticisms of Riggins and I can’t help but think maybe he called out Ramirez on his lackadaisical effort on the field.

      • Ol’CharlieBrown

        Oh, I forgot to mention, I wasn’t aware that Riggins had spent almost all of his coaching career in the Cardinals organization up until he came to the Cubs. Makes me like him even less now. Plus he reminds me of Milton from the movie Office Space. As long as Riggins has his stapler, all is well.

      • hardtop

        its always something, isnt it?. we all know we’ve had, and have, plenty of issues, but through most of them, marshall and marmol were mostly reliable. Now, ramis is killing it, castro is still hanging around 300, the offense is off the dl, pena’s knocking the piss out of the ball, ro-lo might actually be servicable, barneys blooping his way back to 300, the starting pitching still struglling from time to time, but pitching well enough to win, even on their bad days, etc. etc. but NOW, the bullpen went from bad to worse. woody basically gives up as many runs as it takes to tie it or loose it. and marshall will give you heart attack, even if he doesnt blow it, and then there’s carlos, who should work at a restaurant the ways he serving up meatballs.

  • miggy80

    My question is why in the hell does Q keep bringing Marmol for a save in the 8th? How many times has he tried this and how many times has it succeeded?

  • ry

    its hard to blame quade for some of the pathetic play that goes on. marshall has been pathetic over the last two weeks it seems and marmol has been a trainwreck as well. this team has quit on the season.

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    Quade needs to go along with the fat fuck hendry…yes my boy Aramis went yard again…if hendry did do anything wise he should restructure Ramirez ‘s contract..

    • TWC

      Seriously, Ramy16, baby! Testify, brother!

      Geesh. I’m going on vacation.

  • Caleb

    [current player that did well] deserves to stay! [player who did poorly] is a loser washup who doesn’t hustle. [pitcher who did poorly] only did so because of mark riggins! [shitty performance by the players] is all Quade’s fault! There- I saved everyone from commenting! Ps go cubs
    Pps it’s all hendrys fault. There- now we’re covered

  • Curt

    The problem ramy is Yr boy Ramirez doesent do this when it matters where was he in April-may doing nothing hr can take his talents to south beach or
    Anywhere he’s sub par defensively and makes less effort every year the only way I’d bring Ramirez back is a an incentive laden contract make him do it the old fashioned way. Earn it

  • die hard

    interesting to see all of the venom spewed by everyone…reminds me of me…..Ramirez historically does better when counts least….either team not doing well or season almost over….why Barney 8th?…..should be 2nd…..Marshall and Marmol pooped….shut both down until after All Star break so wont ruin arms…..Fukudome post May swoon picking up steam….Byrd trade value skyrocketing….to Braves for two pitchers a done deal…. Pena gone too and Ramirez to first or Colvin called up to finish season there

  • Lance

    Gosh, you are a bunch of cranky fucks. Take some Valium..or something.