The All-Star break has arrived, and the Home Run Derby is tonight at 7pm (CST) on ESPN. Call me stupid, but I still enjoy the Home Run Derby – almost more than the All-Star Game, actually.

  • Mike Quade doesn’t think the team will let up in the second half. Holy God, if the current performance is them “on,” can you imagine what they’d look like if they “let up”?
  • Quade says everything is back to normal with Ryan Dempster, following the pitcher’s blowup this weekend when he was removed from a game against the Pirates earlier than he would have liked.
  • Speaking of the dust-up, Marlon Byrd agrees with me that it would have blown up even more had it been Carlos Zambrano. “If it had been Zambrano, it would’ve been blown up and blown out of proportion. The camera stays on Carlos. They’re waiting for him to have his next blow up. Dempster’s had blow ups, but you just haven’t seen them or hear about them. I’ve had my blow ups and you never hear about them. It happens to everybody. I guess it’s a Catch-22. If it’s Dempster, he gets a pass. If it’s Carlos Zambrano, it gets talked about more because he’s Big Z.” I sure do like Marlon Byrd.
  • Andrew Cashner will begin throwing off the mound again on Tuesday in Mesa, Az. He remains a possibility for late August/early September, but he’ll be in the pen if he does come back. And, at that point, is it really worth it?
  • Starlin Castro fluff here. He remains very likable, despite his mental lapses. He’s just a kid, after all.
  • Ryne Sandberg is probably lucky he didn’t get the Chicago Cubs’ managerial gig this time around.
  • die hard

    sounds like Andrew (Mark Prior) Cashner to me…poor kid…was to be the savior for Riggins…forgot that he wasnt ready yet…oh well….who is that guy we have in the minors who has been on our disabled list for 10 years..a pitcher who has had at least 5 operations? Cruz I believe…another savior…

  • RY34

    Quade is really dumb. Cruz or Angel Guzman?

  • Mike

    Foot on the gas? They can’t even win 3 games! Must be gas shooting out of contention.