The All-Star Game is tonight at 7pm (CST) on Fox. Starlin Castro will head into the game when Troy Tulowitzki exits.

  • The Cubs’ top positional prospect, center fielder Brett Jackson, and utility prospect Ryan Flaherty, have each been promoted from AA to AAA Iowa according to WGN Radio producer Brian Bedo. Jackson, 22, has had an up and down year, including about a month missed with a pinky injury. His current line stands at .260/.376/.450 with 10 homers. Flaherty, 24, has a .301/.384/.523 line this year, with 14 homers. He’s seen time at every position except C, P, and CF. The moves, I would expect, are slightly less about getting these guys experience against tougher competition (the Cubs would be content to bring them straight up to the bigs if there were a need), and more about opening up a couple spots for promotions to AA.
  • Paul Sullivan does his annual “wacky trades” mailbag, though many of the suggestions by readers were downright reasonable. One gripe: Sullivan argues that the Rays would not want Carlos Pena in a trade because they didn’t re-sign him after the 2010 season. There are any number of reasons why the Rays might not want to *pay* Pena $10 million at the start of the 2011 season, but then, after three and a half months, might want to *trade* for him (which trade could include the Cubs eating some of his salary). That’s just a silly point, Mr. Sullivan. Wacky, even.
  • Ryne Sandberg says the All-Star Game was never a hassle to him, and he considered it an honor and a privilege to be selected. It is pretty hard to imagine players in the ’70s and ’80s (to say nothing of the decades before) passing on the All-Star Game because it was an inconvenience (and, no, this is not a shot at Aramis Ramirez – lots of players do it now).
  • Starlin Castro wants to be a Hall of Famer. Good.
  • EQ

    …and we want Castro to be a Hall of Famer!

  • RY34

    Ryne Sandberg is and always will be a GOD!

    • MichiganGoat

      And that is why it would have been a bad idea to give him the manager job. He may have done a little better this year, would have gotten a little more linency, but ultimately all managers get fired and we dont want his diety status to be tarnished.

  • Toosh

    Remember what he did in ’94?

  • die hard

    Walter Alston never played in majors and was hall of fame mgr…So, knock against Quade is not that he didn’t play in majors……Knock against him is that he does not appear to have instinct to do what an Alston could do and did for so many years….Sandberg appears to have same instinct that Alston did, at least from success in minors….

  • Vince

    Time to replace Quade, 18 games under 500 speaks for itself.

    • oso

      Quade does suck, but Hendry is the bigger problem.

  • Jeff

    Jackson was hitting well over .400 in July and has looked a lot better at the plate(not so many k’s). Flaherty has been tearing it up all year, and could be a short term answer at third base if ARam is moved and DeWitt/Baker don’t nail the job down. I agree that these moves were probably done in order to free up space in Tennessee, but both these guys were playing well and should get looks with the Cubs in the not too distant future. Boy, the Iowa offense should be fun to watch; Colvin, Jackson, Flaherty, and LeMaiheu, and Castillo, along with LaHair who is killing it.