Today the Chicago Cubs signed reliever/spot-starter Dave Bush to a minor league deal. He’ll report to AAA Iowa over the weekend, says Bruce Miles.

You’ll remember Bush as “that Brewers starter whom the Cubs always smacked around,” but more recently, he’s been “that Rangers pitcher whom everyone smacked around.” He had a 5.79 ERA in 37.1 innings for the Rangers this year, alternating between the bullpen and spot starts, before the Rangers dumped him.

Bush is 31, and will serve as additional depth (most likely bullpen depth), depending on what happens over the next couple of weeks.

  • MichiganGoat

    Ehh… Can’t be a whole lot worse than the other “spot” starters we tossed out this year.

  • TWC

    Suck on THIS, Doug Davis!

  • RY34

    wow this guy got lit up like a christmas tree all year, i am sure coming to the cubs will change all of that though for the good!

    • deej34

      Maybe we brought him in to pitch batting practice and get everyone’s confidence up…?

      • dreese

        Hahaha, hilarious! And the 2011 cubs were saved, thank you Dave Bush!!

  • deej34

    My new favorite comment from BN….

    “You’ll remember Bush as “that Brewers starter whom the Cubs always smacked around,” but more recently, he’s been “that Rangers pitcher whom everyone smacked around.” ”

    Well played Brett…

  • Ron

    At least he will fit in. Another grey man.

  • Caleb

    You know that his ERA is already better than Wells, Ortiz, Davis, and Coleman, right?

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    Unbelieveable. I don’t really don’t know anything about this guy but it doesn’t sound like he’s any better than Doug Davis or anything one else we already have. We might as well have just kept Davis cause at least we would have a below average left handed arm. We already have PLENTY of below average right handed pitchers.

    Not only that, but why does it seem like the Cubs often pick up guys who are either partly retired because no team wants to give them a chance anymore or guys who have recently been released by a team due to poor performance. Apparently we just like to give players who don’t deserve it another chance. I guess we’re just the “nice” guys. Like they always say, nice guys finish last. How fitting…

    • dreese

      Very true, it does seem like were picking up guys that nobody want but then again MAYBE one of them MIGHT turn there careers around and be worth it.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    Furthermore, I like the idea of having confidence in your pitchers and giving them a chance to redeem themselves after a bad outing, but Im a little stunned that Quade has Marmol warming up to close this game as we sit in the bottom of the 8th with a 2-0 lead. Feels eerily similar to yesterdays disaster. If I was Quade, I don’t know if I’d have the nerve to send Marmol back out the very next day in essentially the exact same situation. Clearly yesterday wasn’t just a bad day for Marmol, as he’s been this way for the past week or so at least. I certainly hope they have someone warming up the second that Marmol toes the rubber instead of just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    • Jeff

      Unbelievable, Marmol threw 27 pitches to get two outs, give up two hits, and walk another batter. So much for giving the guy some rest. Pitch him until he breaks, I wonder if Quade’s been taking advice from Dusty Baker.

  • RY34

    Well hell fire, we won one. Hendry will now think this is the beginning of something special, like a 30 game winning streak and everything will be alright in the front office of the cubs tonight. just goes to show you how clueless and over his head quade really is. but hey a win is a win and lets celebrate this one because you never know when we will get another!

  • Serio

    Is Doug Davis a White Sox?

  • Joe

    Didn’t we hear the exact same thing about Doug Davis?

  • Curt

    Are there any over the hill high era
    Can’t get anyone out starters we haven’t tried yet
    what’s the point of this signing

    • Brett

      That reads like an over-length haiku.

  • RW

    Doug Davis, Rodrigo Lopez, Braden Looper, Bush…..
    They are all the same guy.

    And none of them belong on a legitimate contender.
    But who said the Cubs are contenders?

  • Toosh


  • die hard

    Now I know why Wrigley has recently been referred to as a “Dump”…why not give some minor leaguers a shot instead?…..thats our future..need to know what we have and would not be a high pressure situation….let em play like in little league….often is not much difference from way our team plays anyway

  • CubFan Paul

    Bush is probably insurance for Wells for when he drags his gas can arm out to bump again in a couple games & burns the place down ..ugh