Frankly, I applaud Mike Quade for going back to Carlos Marmol for the 9th today – *assuming* they decided there was nothing physically or mechanically wrong with him before the game. The best time to erase the memory of an awful performance before it takes root and becomes something more sinister is the very next day. Unfortunately, after today, Marmol might be growing an awful tree in his mind.

The outcome wasn’t nearly as awful, but it was clear that Carlos Marmol didn’t have it again today. But for a brilliant play in the outfield by Marlon Byrd to cut down Hanley Ramirez at second base, Marmol would have given up the tying run with just one out. As it was, Marmol couldn’t get it done, and, to his credit, Mike Quade was ready with the very short leash.


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