A couple quick rumors to whet your appetite heading into the weekend (remember, check out the 2011 Cubs Tradability and Rumor Cheat Sheet, and “like” Bleacher Nation on Facebook to get the latest rumors piped into your Facebook feed):

  • The Boston Red Sox would love to pick up a right-handed hitting outfielder before the trade deadline, but if they aren’t able to acquire a sure-fire starter, they might consider someone like Jeff Baker. As a cheap, versatile righty who destroys lefty pitching, Baker makes a lot of sense for the Red Sox, who would like to increase production in the outfield without taking on a great deal of salary. Given that Baker would be cheaply under control for 2012, the primary hurdle to a trade is his perceived value to the Cubs going forward. In other words, they may value him more to keep than another team would value him in trade. The Cubs certainly aren’t going to dump Baker just to dump him.
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates want to add a lefty power bat, and Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review thinks Carlos Pena could fit the bill. He even suggests – contrary to current, popular belief – that the Pirates would not want to take on all of Pena’s remaining salary (which includes a $5 million payment in January), which would mean they’d have to part with a solid prospect to land Pena.
  • RY34

    this just in, marmol is off limits for the next day or two to figure out an issue with his mechanics; wow we are 93 games into the season, marmol has pretty much sucked all season and the two idiots that are quade and riggins are just now devising a plan to correct his mechanics. man that takes the phrase a day late and a dollar short to totally new heights! nice job dipshits!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      It’s not the time for bold changes.

      (yes, that is going to become a BN-meme…)

      • Jim

        BN’s first meme. Big time here we come.

  • Toosh

    Dave Bush.
    Postseason push.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I choose to read both of those words as though they rhyme with Toosh. It pleases me.

  • Jason

    Yeah, I can see Jim Hendry returning the favor to the Pirates by saying instead of a really good prospect Cubs trade Pena for a mediocre middle infielder, a relief pitcher who gets injured within a month !!

  • http://None Blinda

    I hope the Cubs make a push for BJ Upton. Despite his bad numbers I think he could be a good guy to have down the line, and he is a fantastic defender

    • Jed

      It’ be pointless getting Upton, when we got guys like Brett Jackson and Matt Szczur waiting in the minors while we have guys like Soriano, Fukudome, Byrd and Johnson in the majors. Oh Yeah, and Mr. AAAA Tyler Colvin.

  • Jed

    How bout this for a trade? Cubs send Marlon Byrd to Washington for there minor leaguers Brad Peacock (Pitcher) and Archie Gilbert (Outfielder).

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Byrd is definitely a tradable piece, and Washington would like to add a CF, so it makes sense in that regard.