Kerry Wood had a bizarre, and ultimately terrible, 8th inning. He struck out Mike Stanton to start the inning (yes!), but Stanton reached on a wild pitch (oh no!). But then he got Mike Cameron to ground into a double play (yes!). But then he hit John Buck with a pitcher (oh no!). And then he walked Wes Helms (oh no!). And then Emilio Bonafacio reached on an infield single (oh no!). And then he walked in a run (oh no!). And then he gave up a two-run single to Logan Morrison (sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere!).

  • ramin

    Hey ace wen do you think the cubs will start trading players, also who are the most likely trade candidates on the cubs.

  • auggie1955

    Hey! Hey! With this loss the Cubs are now 20 games under .500. The Cubs now officially suck big time. There’s only one question to be answered. How low can they go?

  • Madprizamwoo

    Fuck this team SUCKS!!!! I’ve had it. I’m done for the season. I can’t stand this crappy ads team any longer. I’m not going to waste another minute watching this team any longer in 2011. I will however, get me some bleacher nation ;). Cuz, u know, ace is da man!!!!

  • ry

    most pathetic team ever, no point in even watching these useless bastards anymore this year. could wood freakin suck anymore than he already does?? only 66 more games to go in this miserable season. i am willing to bet we dont win a game this coming week: lee, halladay, and worley oh my, probably get no hit twice and then the worst team in baseball comes to town but hey they swept us last time and will probably do it again.
    how low can they go, proably final record of 50-112 is my prediction.

  • die hard

    Backup the truck…problem is that with each loss the value of our players decreases….need a 3 game win streak and then sell, sell, sell

  • Kyle N

    I’m concerned about Randy Wells. He really is pitching incredibly poorly and a lot of his numbers are not promising. This leaves a lot of question marks about whether or not he can pitch effectively at the back of the rotation.

    His ERA is up. His walk rate and H/9 are up. Therefore his WHIP is up. His “Batting Average Against” is up. (People are hitting .312 against him BEFORE today) His OPS against is up. (.856, or Albert Pujols in 2011) His “sinker” is up, almost to the point where it shouldn’t be called a sinker. The number of swear words I use when he starts is up.

    And the sad thing is that all of these things have been going up each year he has pitched.

    • RoughRiider

      Sometimes when a pitcher has had problems in the first inning they warm up longer and having someone stand with a bat as if they are in a game. I guess you could call it a simulated inning. At least it has worked for some pitchers in the past. I think Fergie Jenkins did that for awhile.

  • ramin

    Is it just me or am I the only person who thinks hendry is going to screw this up come the trade deadline

    • Jeff

      You aren’t the only one. Hendry’s past track record suggests that any trades this year will be crappy. I think he’s gotten the short end on every salary dump move during his tenure, aside from DeRosa.

  • awesome

    i wouldn’t let him make any trades.

  • STG3

    We need make a statement to the Ricketts stop watching the Cubs, stop going to Wrigley, and stop buying anything Cubs related. This team needs to have a major overhaul and it start with us the Fans. Write the Cubs tell them we aren’t going to take this anymore. Stand and be heard Cubs fans.

    Like that would help! Or maybe it would.

  • ramin

    Just the possibilities of wat could’ve been if cuban was the owner

  • ry

    not just you, hendry is a dumbass; we all know he will screw it up if allowed!

  • die hard

    devils advocate….benefit of the doubt time… is half full…..what if Silva had showed up in shape and was reliable 4th starter……what if Dempster and Garza did not have horrible starts…what if Big Z brought his A game out of spring training….what if Wells started where he left off…..what if Ramirez was this hot in April….what if Pena hit at least 5 hr in April….what if Byrd didn’t get hit in face….what if Colvin didn’t let last years broken bat incident get inside his head….what if Fukudome lead off from day one….if all this was the opposite of what has happened wed be in first….if pigs could fly etc etc etc

  • CBP

    Can we please DFA Randy Wells? I know this is kind of a bad idea but I think the league figured him out.

    • Brett

      No need. He’s still wildly cheap, and could always be optioned to Iowa to “figure things out” if necessary.