Games like tonight’s are the definitive reminder that, in baseball, on any given day, any team can beat any other team. Rodrigo Lopez and the Cubs’ lineup facing Roy Halladay and the Phillies’ lineup? Seriously?

This was a good one – all the right people (Ramirez, Pena, Byrd, Fukudome) had good games, and Carlos Marmol even got a chance to throw a relatively risk-free ninth, which he did just fine (I didn’t see those two walks, did you?).

  • dreese

    WOW… whoever predicted the cubs and lopez would give halladay his 4th loss and only give up 1 run can obviously see the future and should give me next week lottery number. the season may be shit but I can still get pretty damn excited! go cubs go!

  • Brent

    Halladay is now 1-4 vs. the Cubs. 1-4! Apparently, the Cubs need to face him more.

  • CapnCub

    Hahaha, Yes, it was an enjoyable win.

  • die hard

    Phillies coming off tough series and were tired…..maybe we can salvage self respect this season by being the “spoiler da jour”… which case I say dont trade anyone…lets have some fun with our current team…..Need Carpenter back up to be our “wild thing”….all other characters from Major League movie in place…..who can guess who our voodoo guy, speed guy, grizzled vet pitcher guy, pretty boy guy, hotshot guy and beat up catcher guys are?

  • Joe

    Except for barney’s screw-up and Soriano’s retarded it-popped-out-of-my-glove drop, this was a pretty good game! Soriano actually made a jumping catch! This such a ass-backwards season. We’ll get swept by the Astros (hopefully not this upcoming series), won’t win three in a row for the rest of the season but we’ll give Roy Halladay a loss!

  • Doctor_Blair

    I maintain the Cubs have better odds in games they shouldn’t win… That said, I hope this starts some momentum.. I’m taking my lil bro to Wrigley for his first MLB game ever this sat against the Astros and smart money is on a blown save, or some such nonsense.

    • Brett

      It does feel that way, for whatever reason.

  • Doctor_Blair

    Also, how do we make an avatar show up (like CapnCub in the above post) – looking for some special registration and I am apparently missing it.

    • TWC for your avatar.

      And, FWIW, my iPad keeps wanting to change “gravatar” to “bra star”, so be careful.

  • The Magicman

    wait hold on… koyie hill stole a base?

    • Jim mumford

      Broken hit and run coupled with an abysmal throw.

    • Joe

      He didn’t get a hit so he had to make himself useful somehow… I’d rather him not do it again. If the throw was on target, then he’d have been out by like 3-4 steps.

  • Jamesjones

    Not surprised gentlemen. Only surprised that the pitching held through. Oh and a big thanks to the sun for wearing down Halladay.

  • TWC

    Two things: One, Raul Ibanez’s K at the end of the 6th was just about the ugliest, dumbest looking swing I’ve ever seen. I guarantee that *I’d* look more respectable than that at the plate. Two, Koyie Hill’s slide into 2nd (on his “stolen base”) was as graceful an elephant falling down a staircase.

    Still, it’s awfully nice to win.

  • EQ

    How important is good pitching?? just look at the batting averages of the Phillies lineup vs the Cubs’.. just seeing that, you’d think we had the better record.

  • chode

    I would have loved to watch this game had it not been for the WCIU broadcast black-out! What is the reason why during the LOCAL WCIU broadcast, the rest of the nation can’t watch the game? Not even on the phillies sport station is it available where I live. WTF?

  • Melvin

    Maybe now is the time to offer Lopez for Halladay straight up.

    • Brett

      If they throw in Cliff Lee, I’m sold.

      • TWC

        You guys are crazy. Now is *not* the time for bold moves.

    • hardtop

      great box score comment brett. do you think ro-lo actually gets looked at? that could be one of the more genius moves in hendry’s career if it happened. i cant believe he’s only 2 and 2… he must of got lucky on some no decisions… because, when he first came in, i seem to recall him basically laying on homplate with his arm outstretched vertically, while cradling a baseball in his hand, located directly in each batter wheel house… the human tee ball stand if you will. cant say too much bad about his last 3 outings though (3 runs in 6 and some change against pittsburgh kept us in it). if we could get wells, wood, grabow, marmol, or even z to pitch like that, we’d have a real baseball team.

  • hardtop

    Garza is having a game. Too bad we couldn’t score some more runs for him. Leaving men on third with one out or less is unacceptable even in little league. If quade goes with grabow I’m going to freak out. I have no idea why he’d go right handed, I guess it depends where they are in the line up. But it better not be woody if he does.

    • Brett

      Leaving men on third with fewer than two outs is what the Cubs do best.

  • hardtop

    Oh my god, they are both warming up! I don’t care how many innings Marshall has pitched, you don’t intentionally loose this game, which is essentially what he’s doing with grabow or woodrow.

  • hardtop

    What the hell is he doing? Batting garza to lead off the 7th with over 100 pitches!? I’m going to fly out there and beat the man senseless. Oh wait, he already senseless.

  • hardtop

    And before Paul calls me out, I was well aware Marshall was rested. Turns out it didnt matter. He pretty much stunk tonight.