Yes, the blown call at second base yesterday preceded the Marlins’s scoring in the 8th. I get that. A correct call, and the Cubs are out of the inning with no runs scored. But, at the same time, Kerry Wood allowed three more base runners after that, and three runs. It’s not like we’re talking about one cheap single, or one close walk. That makes it harder to feel like the blown call caused the loss as much as crappy pitching did.

  • Mike Quade sure was pissed, though. “I don’t make a lot of excuses,” Quade said. “I probably could have got run two or three times in this series alone. Thrown out three times, young manager, all that crap. But it’s getting tough to watch some of this. I have all the respect in the world for [umpires]. We’ve heard a lot of [negative] comments lately and I’ve tried to stay out of it, but there were a couple of calls in this series that were mind-boggling. And were crucial and huge. Not just two out and nobody on stuff. And [there were] some comments made [by umpires] and other stuff that irritated me.”
  • Kerry Wood said the call was “terrible” and “butchered.” It was both. I don’t think either of Quade’s or Wood’s comments are bad enough to merit any kind of punishment, but they should probably be careful over the next couple of weeks.
  • Randy Wells says he’s still adjusting post-forearm injury. “I’m trying to be too fine instead of cutting loose and letting things work in your favor,” he said. “I think a lot of that comes from not trusting yourself. You come back from an injury, and I don’t want to use that as an excuse, but you have a pretty good spring training, and then you start the season, then go through rehabs. The swagger hasn’t been there, I guess. You try to talk yourself through things instead of letting my pitches work.” Yes, I suppose confidence is a part of his issue. But his velocity is down a couple ticks (it wasn’t very fast to begin with), and he’s not hitting his spots. If Wells can’t hit his spots precisely, as he did in 2009 and 2010, he can’t be successful.
  • Pitching coach Mark Riggins says James Russell learned a lot while starting, which has translated to success in the bullpen. “[H]e didn’t win [as a starter] but he learned a lot. He gained more confidence in picking up a [cut fastball] and splitter.” Oh, well, then the decision to start him five(!!!) times was a good one! At least the Cubs have learned their lesson on Russell, as Riggins said: “I know he likes starting, but when you find a guy that’s doing a great job you hate to mess that up by switching. Now he’s starting to establish himself as a quality left-handed reliever at the big league level, and you don’t want to take that away from him.”
  • The Economist says we’re Cubs fans because it’s a safe choice for us. We expect them to lose, so when they (inevitably) do, we feel baseline. But when they win, we feel good. If we were, say, fans of the Red Sox, we would never feel good, because the baseline of feeling is a win. We’d feel terrible when they lose, but just adequate when they win. So says the Economist, anyway…
  • Diego

    F$%ck the economist!….

    • Brett

      I probably agree. But sometimes I wonder…

  • Ron

    I think the economist should stick to something they know, I have been a cubs fan since ’84, my first year playing baseball when I was 8.

    Quade just wants people to talk about the umps and not why he continually leaves pitchers in too long. Crappy baseball irritates me.

    • Brett

      I probably should have just said “pitchers” instead of “starting pitchers,” but…

      Quade and Pitchers

      • Ron

        Just to reiterate the point I wanted to take a look at the numbers from the last series to see if I am over reacting or the numbers prove me right. It is interesting, don’t know entirely what it means other than our pitching sucks but here we go. The Cubs lost the series 1 game to 3, three games were competitive (either the cubs lead or were tied after the eigth inning), there was one blowout and the run total was 27 for the Marlins and 13 for the Cubs.

        The Marlins used 19 pitchers and the Cubs 18. The Cubs pitching staff had six innings in the series where one pitcher gave up more than 2 earned runs (1-5 run, 4-3 run, and 1-4 run). The Marlins only had three innings in the series were one picher gave up 2 or more runs (1-2 run and 2-3 run). In the cubs 6-3 loss which the cubs lead by 2 runs going into the 9th the Marlins used 7 pitchers to the Cubs 5.

        I think the numbers show that one the Cubs offense blows and two Quade got completely outmanaged by a senior citizen.

    • TWC

      I’ve been an Cubs fan for a similar length of time — I think I really got on board in ’83 with my first baseball cards — and the whole ‘losing mentality’ thing just seems bogus to me. Over the last 28 years, the Cubs were in the playoffs in ’84, ’89, ’98, ’03, ’07, and ’08 (6 out of 28 seasons – 21.4%). The White Sox were in the playoffs in ’83, ’93, ’00, ’05, and ’08 (5 out of 28 – 17.9%). And WE’RE the losers?

      Plus, the author of that article claimed his favorite player on the field that day was Juan Pierre. I mean, come ON.

      • Caleb

        Good point.

    • RoughRiider

      Agree!!! I’ve been a Cub fan since 1955 and it has nothing to do with being a safe choice.
      I was born in Illinois and have watched the Cubs on TV for as long as I can remember. There are a lot of teams that it would be easier to root for. In fact, it’s probably harder to be a Cub fan than any other, if you care about winning. The Economists’ opinion is misinformed and is not based on fact.

  • ramin

    Ace do u hink quade will last this year

    • Brett

      I think he finishes out the season, but departs in the offseason.

      • Caleb

        Told you- he’ll be here next year too.

        Bet me.

        • Brett

          We did. You’re on the hook for a dollar, buster.

  • RY34

    The only words i care about coming out of quade’s mouth are I resign. Other than that, nothing he says means shit anymore!

  • RY34

    anyone that claims juan pierre is their favorite player is a complete tool!

    • Brett

      He does have my favorite mustache.

      Juan Pierre Mustache

  • die hard

    1969 crushed us….carried over to later years where we were “Oh so close”….if we had won in 1969, believe that a dynasty would have started because organization would have perceived itself as a winner…would have done what it takes afterwards to keep going….

  • George Huntington

    There is no doubt in my mind that The Cubs need a new Manager, General Manager, with new coaches in all fields! The owner’s should sell the team to someone that cares about baseball! They do a wonderful job with charities in the Chicago area, but will never take the place of Phil Wrigley until he passed away and his heir’s and they appeared to be more interested in getting money instead of earning money! The life history of the Cubs has been interesting and with the proper owenership can be the great team that they have been for over 100 years!
    One of the best things that WGN TV did was to broadcast all Cub games as it brought all the women that were hone doing chores were able to see baseball games and if you look at the stands, the women continue to support the team! Give them To sing at the end of the game. ” Go Cubs go, go cubs go, Cubs are going to win today, Go Cubs Go!!!!!!!