Setting aside his agent’s suggestion yesterday that Aramis Ramirez would approve a trade – after the non-waiver trade deadline, or possibly before it – Ramirez took to the media shortly thereafter to clarify his position.

“Right now, I’m not interested in any trade,” Ramirez said. “It is my family consideration. If I was single and by myself, then I’d move anywhere and be in a hotel for the last two months [of the season]. It’s too tough with my family. I earned the right to be in this position and it’s my decision.”

Now for some moderately uncomfortable, but important analysis of Ramirez’s statement. Primarily, I’d like to discuss his purported rationale for refusing to approve a trade until August (i.e., that he wants to wait until his family returns to the Dominican Republic). It is, after all, a hugely relevant topic, given that the restrictions on trading Ramirez in August are far greater than they would be in July.

You question a man’s motives with respect to his family at your own peril, so I’m doing my best to avoid doing just that, while providing a meaningful analysis of Ramirez’s comments. As a recent father myself, I know that when time with your kids is involved, all bets are off.

So, with the ample pre-backpedaling out of the way, let’s take a look at the Chicago Cubs’ schedule, and how it relates to Ramirez’s purported justification for refusing to approve a trade before the end of July.

After the current homestand, which ends on July 24 – this Sunday – the Cubs are on the road until August 5, when they’re home for six days before heading out on the road again. Ramirez has suggested that the plan is for his family to return to the Dominican Republic in early August. So, based on that schedule, I can only assume that the plan is for them to head back to the D.R. on August 10 or 11. (The Cubs are at home again from August 19 to 25, but I’ve read in several places that Ramirez’s family is to return to the D.R. in early August, so, for the purposes of this article, I’m assuming August 10/11 is the timeframe.)

That means, if Ramirez refuses a trade during the last week of July, he would be doing so in order to spend an additional six days in Chicago with his family (at the expense of two and a half/three weeks with his new team – not to mention the added difficulty in securing a trade to the team of his preference). If Ramirez’s family travels with him on the road, a trade wouldn’t matter because they’d just follow him to the new destination. So, I can only conclude that the key is time spent together in Chicago. That’s why those six days appear to be the lynchpin.

Also worth noting: Ramirez is given a $1 million relocation bonus if the Cubs can actually put together a trade for him. I love, love, love my wife and daughter. But if someone wanted to pay me $1 million to spend six days away from them, I’d laugh at my family’s tears while I jumped on the plane. Then again, I don’t have millions of dollars already like Ramirez.

In case you’re not picking up what I’m laying down: it seems strange to use a mere six days with your family as a reason to block a trade, unless you don’t want to be traded at all. And, as Ramirez’s agent made clear yesterday, Ramirez probably wants to be traded.

So, what’s going on?

Imagine you’re Ramirez. You really want to be traded because (a) it gives you an opportunity to drop the 2012 option and become a free agent after the season in an extremely thin free agent class, (b) it gives you a nice $1 million relocation bonus, and (c) it gives you an opportunity to play on the playoff contender of your choice. Given that you have no-trade rights, you already hold a great deal of leverage in accomplishing your twin subgoals of getting the option dropped and selecting the team for which you’d like to play. But is it really so inconceivable that might enhance your ability to wield that leverage without looking like a jerk by offering an unassailable justification for invoking your no-trade rights until a trade perfectly meets your satisfaction?

Yes, it is entirely possible that those additional six days with his family are so important to Ramirez that he doesn’t want to gone from Chicago early, nor does he want his family to return home to the Dominican Republic early. I am in no way foreclosing that possibility, and I cannot be more clear on that point. It’s also entirely possible that there are other reasons, unknown to me (like a work visa issue, for example), that further explain Ramirez’s position.

But, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t suggest that it’s also possible that Ramirez would like to remain in a position where he can tell both the Cubs and a trade partner that they’ve got to make this thing just right for him to approve a trade. Because, after all, he’s got a *real* reason to wield his control: his family. Nobody’s going to question that, and now, maybe he gets a little extra incentive thrown his way to approve a trade in late July. And, surely he knows that he’s much more likely to end up with the team of his choice in a July deal than an August deal given the waiver complication.

My guess? Like most things in life, it’s a little bit of both. One thing of which I’m relatively certain, though: if Ramirez is traded before July 31, you’re going to see some special considerations included in the deal, beyond just the dropping of the 2012 option. If Ramirez is going to go early, he’s going to get a little something extra to make it happen.

  • MichiganGoat

    The cynic in me wonders if ARam is scared to go to a contender where his performance will be microsopically reviewed and epectations will be ten-fold. Maybe he is raking right now because there is no pressure with the Cubs, and he knows he won’t keep up the numbers with the pressure of the playoffs. If his goal is to position himself for a large FA contract, a trade to a contender makes sense, but only if he continues to hit. All this positioning screams about being very selective about where he goes and how he goes there and that will only hurt the Cubs chances to get a good return.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      It can’t help the Cubs’ return, that’s for sure. Then again, his agreeing (wanting!) to drop the 2012 option will help.

  • CubFan Paul

    lol@i’d laugh at their tears! ..me too ..honestly, i think we should keep Ramirez & excercise that option for next year. There’s still alot of money (30plus million) coming of the books this offseason not including Ramirez’s contract ..so to have his bat next year with a dynamic 1st base free agent acquistion (pujols or fielder) & other moves (because of the financial flexibility) this club could reverse this year’s record & be a winner. If we trade him now the only viable option at 3rd base next year is Starlin Castro, meaning the Cubs would have to sign a free agent shortstop or 2nd basemen (cant gamble on LeMahieu & Barney). The team Will have the money for this type of move but still will have a hard time replacing Ramirez’s 25HRs & 80plus RBI

    Im all for change, but at the expense of losing continually next year? ..no

    yes, we could get a “Hot Minor League Prospect” if we trade Ramy now but a prospect is a prospect, not a proven vet..

    I dont know the stat on how many 3rd basemen we went thru after Santo & before Ramirez but i know it was A LOT and HRs & RBIs are hard to come by at the hot corner

    so i’ll say it: offer Ramirez a 3yr extension now ..seriously, its only the cub fan media who wants Ramirez gone because they need something to write about (a hot prospect or a bad team) but i want to Win dammit and we have a better chance of winning with Ramirez next year & the year after than we do without him ..if you dont agree to that statement then i’ll call you an idiot (I won’t be an E-bully & type it, i’ll just mutter it to myself)

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      You can’t say the Cubs will definitively be better with Ramirez in 2012 than without unless you know how they’ll spend that money and who will play 3B. Both things, at this point, are unknowable.

      So, on the balance, given Ramirez’s advancing age, decline, slow starts, reticent attitude, and likely very high cost, I’d much rather the Cubs got a couple prospects for him now, and took their chances on filling the position later.

      • CubFan Paul

        Ricketts has painted himself into a corner & there’s no way he doesnt spend the money coming off the books. He may lower the payroll (again) but the front office will still have $30million to rebuild/reload, so yes, that’s why i believe with Ramy’s bat we will be better. im not gonna say its common sense because as u pointed out his age, slow starts &high cost (who cares about his attitude? the media) but 25HRs & 80plus RBIs are hard to come by whether they start coming in April or July

        • EQ

          I’m so split on ARAM.. part of me says keep him for the offense, part of me thinks the upgrade in defense and hustle will pay off.. it’s just so hard to figure this team out.. our weaknesses and strengths seem to vary from year to year. one year ARAM is a huge asset to the team with improving defense, another year he’s a liability who doesn’t care about anything?

          the bigger issue is still pitching.. i’d rather us make moves that improve our staff and have a so-so offense. shoot, it got the Giants a title last year.. it’s the only reason the A’s are ever decent, it’s why the Phillies have the best record in baseball, it’s what kept the Braves in the playoffs for 15 years in a row.. we need a dominant pitching staff and we’ll compete every year.

        • awesome

          what did the Cubs do in 2009/10/ and this year of 2011 with Aram? if as many Cub fans want, the Cubs trade Dempster and Z, who will pitch, Aram? should we keep Soriano?

          pitching and defense win. i say trade position players first. get rid of Soriano, trade Aram for prospects. sign Fielder for 1B, Pujols for 3B. B. Jackson in CF, Colvin LF, Byrd RF, dark horse, Szczur.

          this give this give you youth, speed, defense, power.

          none of this will happen, especially if Hendry and Quade are still here.

          • Hogie

            Pujols isn’t much of a third baseman anymore is he (bad throwing arm I think)? You’re looking at about 45 mill for two positional players, who figure to decline defensively due to bodystyle and age, and nothing left to spend on pitching. The lineup would be something to fear, but as you just said, pitching and defense wins games.

      • wernert

        But there are some knowable things about third base. We know there’s not a hot prospect waiting in the Cubs system. And we know that should Aramis hit the market that he immediately becomes the best third baseman on the market.

    • RoughRiider

      CubFan Paul.
      My feelings exactly. You couldn’t have stated it any better.

    • hardtop

      ah paul, i wish we could win next year too. it’s hard to see what could be a decent offense dismantled entirely. but keeping aramis and blowing the entire wad on fielder is not the answer. we wouldnt win more with fielder, well maybe a couple more because really, it has to be statistically impossible to loose this badly again. My point is, it wouldnt fix anything because the problem, as you so wisely put it, is with the pitching. if we sign fatty we have a whopping 5 mil to chase a pitcher with, assuming the payroll stays the same. that doesnt address any of the other needs either, and again, ignores the problem with pitching entirely (i still think we need like 4 pitchers). Im actually not against picking up aramis’s option next year at this point, although his salary is more than just a drop in the bucket… but if we can get something juicy in a trade, like a projected #2 type pitcher who is close to the bigs, and maybe some low dollar throw ins, we have to let him go. 2012 would see the cubs develop the pitching they get from this years yard sale, and see cub fans suffer through yet another season of suck while letting blake fill in whatever infield vacancy is created. (if they sign pujols i swear to god i will cease being a cubs fan until rickets and hendry are both hung from their man parts and picked apart by the centerfield gulls)

  • wernert

    I know we aren’t thinking about this season but next. And that’s why I don’t understand why we would be so hot to trade Aramis if that is indeed the case. It seems pretty clear that even with him being one year older next year that he would likely produce at or near the top of the third basemen out there. The problem with the Cubs now and next year is not hitting but starting pitching, right?

    • CubFan Paul

      agreed wernert ..our pitching blows

      • 1060Ivy

        Lucky you haven’t looked at hitting with runners in scoring position stats from April, May, or June.

        The team is 19 games under 500. Everything blows.

  • hardtop

    I know this is silly, but part of me thinks he might just want to be a Cub. I know if I had the skill to be a ball player, thats where I would want to be. In the old days, players had loyalty to their teams, win or lose, money or not. I know the rules were different and free agency didnt exist and i know most of the guys werent born in other countries… okay nevermind, he’s just being a dipshit.

    speaking of trades this was awesome and horrible at the same time:

    • CubFan Paul

      its not silly hardtop! I wanna be a Cub too:)

  • die hard

    Castro would cover the line to mid field and short left field to the batters box….move him to third and Lemaheu to SS….need Lemaheu up here…..Ramirez to first after Pena traded to Angels is doable….then wait til after season to deal with Ramirez…..

  • RY34

    Ramirez will in the end block a trade because I truly believe he could care less about winning and I also agree with MichiganGoat about the added scrutiny and pressure. I still contend that we need to keep ramirez unless we are all fine with jeff baker and or blake dewitt assuming his cub duties. I for one would take aram any day of the week than the two scrubs i mentioned earlier. Be careful what we wish for!

    • CubFan Paul

      lol ..thats exactly my point Ry34 ..who the hell wants another 100 loss team next year?? For ramirez’s production, on average, his option next year is totally affordable should be picked up so that we have a stop gap until Castro & LeMahieu develops power and the free agent class the year after next ..common sense

  • RY34

    i agree with you cubfanpaul. our luck with picking up prospects in the last couple of trades has been one rung above the shitpile. i would try to renegotiate with ramirez on a two year deal, somewhat incentive laced and hopefully within two years we can develop someone within or a free agent presents himself that is worthy. the fact that other gms pretty much know hendry is worthless they will paint a rosy picture on any prospects and hendry will ask where he can sign on the dotted line. seriously, what team is going to give us two top level major league ready prospects for ramirez?? cub luck doesnt work that way. if anyone thinks we will get someone of ramirez’s caliber in any trade, i have something to sell you! i for one cannot stand the thought of going thru another season like this one as a cub fan! hopefully i and we won’t have to. get someone with fire and passion to manage these guys that won’t coddle them the whole season and will bust their balls when they don’t play like they are supposed to. Get the fire back in the belly of the players and for those who don’t have it let them keep the bench warm! it is all relatively simple in such a complex cub world!

    • hardtop

      ry, paul, i think you guys have persuaded me. i kinda like this take on aramis. unfortunately, what we conclude through these hours of conversation and deliberation means a whole lot of squat, becasue hendry will do whatever he wants, and that will most likely will end up being terrible. so it goes, we can always hope someone pulls their head out of their ass at the last minute.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        Well, the cheese stand alone, it appears. Put me down solidly in the “trade Ramirez” camp.

  • CubFan Paul

    welcome to the darkside Hardtop! Let the hate fuel your thoughts & feelings ..but even if we keep & excercise Ramy’s option this team could still be rebuilt thru ‘fancy signings & trading of worthless prospects’ ..signning Fielder to a adrian gonzo/mark teixeira contract ($22mil/yr w/ a $5-$10mil signing bonus) is totally feasible &maybe throw in some deferred money for Fielder’s retirement & there’s at least another $10million for other positions

    Hendry worked a miracle last offseason getting creative with a declining payroll (cheap owner in a big market in my opinion) ..trade “Hot Minor League Prospects” for Garza (future ace), talked Kerry Wood into pitching for kibble&bits, and landed Pena for only $3million on this year’s payroll ..thats a total of $10.45million that Hendry spent on this year’s book & had Tom Ricketts allowed him to pursue a free agent pitcher also this team would be sooo much better ..hell, the Brewers traded for Marcum, Greinke, AND K-Rod

    if they have the “prospects” to do that then so do the Cubs

    the same thing can be done this offseason by keeping Ramirez, signing Fielder, resigning Garza (to buy up his arbitration years & a couple more years to save a few million, like the Marmol contract) and im totally for offering Ramy a 3yr/$36million or 2yr/$30mil contract Now to end all the speculation & to have a productive bat at 3rd base for a couple more years; &with fancy financing on that contract the club could have even more money this offseason & the 2013 offseason while getting those HRs & RBIs that Ace doesn’t like..

    • hardtop

      im not fully on the darkside, just tempted by the black pajamas.
      “Hendry worked a miracle last offseason ”
      if by miracle you mean we was able to piece together the second worst team in baseball and barely address the pitching…. than im sticking with my plan instead: no fatty, trade everyone to get young pitching, use arma’s money to get at least 2 studs on the pitching staff (one in the rotation one in the bullpen) and piece together the field with what we have, what we’re stuck with, some marlon byrd types, and a big bat either in the 2013 FA market or a trade and sign deal. (big bats dont always have to be at the corners)… and win a chamionship on pitching, solid defense, and timely hitting, like the division leading giants.

      • MichiganGoat

        I like that plan

  • Sandberg

    Yeah, good old Aramis. Doesn’t show up in April or May when his production would actually matter and instead turns it on after the Cubs are out of it. He also can’t be the #1 guy. He never produces when it counts unless there’s someone else to be “the man”.

    That being said, if we got Fielder and if history is any indication, Aramis would likely have a monster year (from the beginning) in 2012, so there is that to consider.

  • pfk

    If (not sure if it really makes any difference to him) he will only go to a contender that limits the field. The Yankees are no longer interested. If they were, they’d have pulled the trigger by now.

  • MichiganGoat

    I know many of you would like for ARam to renegotiate and sign an affordable 2-3 year deal, but that will not happen. The actions and comments from Ramirez and his agent clearly state that he wants to be a FA at the end of the year. He obviously wants another large and long contract ala A.Beltre’s 5/80 deal, is there anybody who can honestly state that he is worth that to the Cubs? Couldn’t we use the $14 we save by not bringing him back next year for a starter and bullpen help? It will be tough to replace him next year, we don’t have a player his caliber lined up, and there are no FA worth signing, but that is not a reason to overpay for someone. So let’s be honest and realize he will not be here next year and deal with it. Its time to starting considering the 2012 3B options we have, options we trade for, and options we can sign instead of lamenting over Ramirez.

    • CubFan Paul


      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        Is that a shot at his point, or his name?

        • CubFan Paul

          lol, @his point ..i disagreed

    • EQ

      I’ll say it again.. all good points, but who are we going to get? I mean, ARAM has his faults, but there’s not exactly 4-5 top of the line pitchers we can “go get” this off-season. There’s Pujols, Fielder and a bunch of so-so players.. the only 2 pitchers that can really help us won’t be Cubs next year (Buerhle & Carpenter), and happen to play for our 2 biggest rivals.

      We can hate on ARAM all year long, but the truth of the matter is, he may be our best choice next year to play the hot corner and his salary isn’t exactly holding us back from getting an ace pitcher next year. 2013 will be a good year to pick up a pitcher and ARAM would be off the books then.

      • MichiganGoat

        He does not want his option to exercise, he will not sign a friendly extension, so would you just exercise the option and hope he performs? If he does perform he will just be gone at the end of 2012. Yes, we do not have an immediate replacement, BUT that is not a good enough reason to keep someone around, especially if that person doesn’t want to be around. As for how to spend that 14M, I believe a good GM can find value with that and 3B will be a mystery until spring training… And that’s okay.

        • CubFan Paul

          its a Club Option not a Ramirez Option ..if we keep him & excercise it of course he’ll play it out because it’ll be his actual contract year; as in, maybe he’ll show up in April locked in SLG more ..he was batting .280plus til he turned on the power late June ..i dont see the problem MG

          & a mystery at who the 3rd base starter will be until sping training?? what kind of thinking is that? this isnt kansas city, pittsburgh, arizona, baltimore or whatever other AAA team disguised as a major league ball club, ITS FREAKING CHICAGO, THE 3RD LARGEST MARKET IN THE LEAGUE & THE BIGGEST MARKET IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE CENTRAL! advantage: Chicago Cubs

          the Ricketts are NOT broke & could definitely afford to RAISE payroll next year 5-15% without breaking a sweat ..5th place right now is EMBARASSING especially when Pittsburgh is leading & we get swept by the Astros! a mystery?

          the freaking mystery is where the hell is Tom Ricketts now that the team really stinks!! i thought he’d never meet a camera or reporter he didn’t like!! some alleged fan boy owner he turned out to be ..&he knows the only to get attendance up & the casual fan base back is to spend money, over turn the front office & quit playing with himself behind the scenes

          • MichiganGoat

            If Ramirez wants to be a FA this year (and he does his value will never be higher), then forcing him to stick around next year will obviously result in a winning team? He clearly doesn’t want to be under contract next year, he is past his prime, he is a negative on defense, adds no leadership to the team, and has only had a plus bat for a month and half in the past three years– sounds like a great investment to me.

            It’s okay to be uncertain who will start at 3B next year, in fact it creates a great environment of competitiveness for the kids. Trade him, platoon 3B for the remainder of the season, and let the new GM start to plan for the future. Ricketts is making decisions about the future not 2012, I am confident that he
            is making decisions that create winners for the future not just next year.

            We need to let Ramirez go, get past denial and move to acceptance.

            BAAH, BAAH, BAAH

            • http://twitter.com/thomaswconroy TWC

              Why you gotta be a hater, MG?

              • MichiganGoat

                Nothing but love baby, nothing but love

      • Jeff

        So all of you are suggesting to re-sign Ramirez for a couple more seasons instead of trading him. First off, if he’s not traded, he will become an unrestricted free agent and will be severely overpriced on the free agent market this offseason that is lacking third basemen. He may be the best choice to play third next year, but he will be 37 after that, and probably under contract into his 40’s. So come 2013, you have an old Ramirez, none of the prospects you could have gotten from the trade, a still crappy Cubs team, probably 30-40 million still owed to Ramirez, and possibly another good half a season out of him next year. Then everyone will be on here complaining about the same overpaid veterans that they have been complaining about all season long. Glad to see that long term vision is as common in the commenters today as it is in Jim Hendry. You don’t trade off an opportunity to build the future of the franchise for short term production unless you are in contention. If everyone truly believes the Cubs can contend next year, this makes sense, but I’m not that optimistic. The team is almost 20 games under and to this point has done squat about improving.

        • MichiganGoat

          Thank you Jeff, I was seriously worried we were stuck in Bizarro BN, where everyone believes Ramirez is the answer to the future. I hope everyone who is pining for Ramirez can look in the mirror and say “Ramy won’t be a Cub in 2012 and that’s okay.”

          • http://twitter.com/thomaswconroy TWC

            Bizarro BN, where *I* say “wait ’til next year”!

            • MichiganGoat

              I was actually waiting for you to say “This is the year”

              • http://twitter.com/thomaswconroy TWC

                That’s what I do during February.

            • MichiganGoat

              And ask for BN boxers instead of the slong thong you so desperately desire.

              • http://twitter.com/thomaswconroy TWC

                Not. A. Chance.

            • Jeff

              I’m actually starting to say “wait til the year after next year!!!” Cubs in 2013!!!!

              • MichiganGoat

                That seems more realistic, two off seasons of free agent signings and expiring contracts and 2013 will be a whole different team and the first true Ricketts built team. I hope to see progress and competitiveness next year but I will not have my hopes up.

  • willis

    If the return is right, of course you trade him. If not, hold on to him and see what can be worked out. At the end of the day, I think he would prefer the security of his option being kicked in and $16 milli coming at him to play in a place he loves. I think most of this is smoke being blown from all directions.

    I do think much of his cold start had to do with no support in the lineup and pitchers not being very aggressive with him. As Pena has heated up, Ramirez has gone bananas. But, the biggest problem these last two years is that he has been hurt and starting slow as hell. We can’t afford that if he is around again next year. We need him to be a run producer from the jump.

  • RY34

    All good points on both sides. I am not saying lock him up to a five year deal, if he balks at a 2 yr deal than yeah ship has ass out; these are discussions the cubs should already be having with him. however, under the current management and the way this team plays, i just have a hard time thinking we are just gonna be able to lure 2 to 4 top notch free agents here just because we are the cubs. Buehrle and Carp would never come here; if Buehrle goes anywhere it will be St. Louis. I mean if you are Prince Fielder right now, are you really salivating at the chance to join this team: i highly doubt it. I also would be willing to bet we are not going to get major league ready talent for Ramirez; I mean if Pittsburgh is dumb enough to give us someone like Tabata for Aram ok fine, but that won’t happen. Besides, unless your name is Bryce Harper or the pitcher Teheran from the Braves, prospects are always a crapshoot, the cubs should know since they have drafted so great under Hendrys watch over the last decade. I would like to see some names out there that we think we can get to replace Ramirez; haven’t heard one yet and if we think David Wright and his creaky aging by the minute back is the answer think again. Finally, if we are all content to the 3 to five year rebuilding plan and ok with not even being relevant until 2015, then get rid of him asap. I still contend that if this team could and would learn the basic fundamentals of baseball and play with a little fire, we wouldnt be suffering through the shitstorm that we are now. No way this team on paper is 19 games under .500; it is all the product of something lacking between the ears and within the heart from top to bottom. You don’t lose as many games as the cubs have this year in the pathetic fashion that they have lost them and be totally focused and committed to the game.

    • Jeff

      Which is why I wonder what the point in keeping Ramirez is. His production has come the last two months of the season and the Cubs are 12 games under .500 during that time. His value will never be higher than it is right now, and while prospects are a crapshoot, they are the most efficient way to build a consistent winner. Ramirez may be the best player in baseball next year and give the Cubs a record WAR season, but that’s still only 6-7 win improvement at best, and that’s if he has a monster year on par with his recent performance. I am a realist, and sometimes a pessimist, so I don’t see him doing anything near that, he might be good for .280-20-70 at age 36, but I wouldn’t count on it. The smart thing to do is trade him at his peak value, while keeping him would mean all we get is the declining years of Aramis Ramirez and another unmovable contract for the next couple of years.

      P.S. If Hendry doesn’t trade Aramis Ramirez, do any of you really think he’s not going to give him an extension instead of a one year option? Hendry is all about making himself look good, and signing what could be the best free agent third baseman on the market to an exension seems right up his alley.

  • RoughRiider

    9 years and counting. Hendrys’ record of trading for prospects hasn’t been very good.

  • Deez

    If my calculations are correct, Ramirez is a 10/5 guy. He’s “earned” his no trade clause. I would prefer no explanation from him or his agent about being traded at all.
    The Cubs as an organization can not move on until he’s gone!
    All the speculation & rumors do you no good. Ramirez has to accepted any trade offer, PERIOD.
    He is the President of the Cubs! He actually holds the key to his future. Most importantly, he will get a 3 to 4 year/$40M to $60M deal this offseason.
    Regardless of how aloof & lackluster he plays at times, he is the Cubs best & one of the best runner producers in MLB.
    He should have been in the #3 hole all year long!

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    Deez your zoo right..he’s pretty much been the Cubs whole offense so far..trading him now would be stupid! And he has earned the right for 10/5 rights!..Hendry should be working on an extension and let him retire as a cub! He wants to stay and has made it known!!!

    • Deez

      Whoa Ramy16!
      I like Ramirez BUT…
      It’s time to go! The Cubs “at best” are 2 years away being from a .500 team. Now, it’s time to develop talent & not overpay a good run producing 3B who offers no mentorship or leadership to your young players or the team.
      His time has gone & passed as a Cub.

  • Brian

    I’m not sure who the poster was that said we should keep Aramis Ramirez and go out and sign Fielder or Pujols and we’ll be a better team, but I have one thing to say to that….That’s NUTS!!

    First off, we have NO PITCHING!! Aside from Matt Garza, what the hell do we have? Maybe Dempster and that’s it. That’s two starting pitchers and a weak-ass bullpen and you think that Pujols and Fielder are going to want to go to Chicago knowing that this team STILL is NOWHERE CLOSE to being a contender…and they’ll be willing to pass up the same exact type of money we can offer from other contender franchises such as the Red Sox and Yankees? Are you freaking nuts??

    Keeping Aramis Ramirez makes no sense at this point, due to his age and notorious slow starts. He’s hot right now and his current play has other teams salivating, so we should do what it takes to get him moved, for a solid prospect or two, or maybe just a young pitcher, who has had success in the bigs already.

    In my opinion, other than Starlin Castro and Matt Garza, NO ONE on this roster should be safe and Hendry should be fielding all calls and thinking long and hard about making some good moves for the future of this franchise. Going out and spending a ton of money on free agency after this season makes no sense to me, unless we focus on two things: Pitching and defense. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I’m tired of the Cubs trying to be the Yankees and spending all of that cash, when we are getting second-tier talents and the Red Sox and Yankees are getting the top talents. You know why it’s so easy for them to get those top talents in free agency? BECAUSE THEY WIN!! The Cubs don’t and until we prove that we can be a winner, spending huge money in free agency makes absolutely zero sense.

    Let’s build the farm system, get rid of Hendry and Quade and bring in a new regime with a primary focus on developing prospects and winning games with solid pitching and defense. Adding a great hitter will come in time, but for now we have a young talent in Castro…let’s build around his bat for the time being and start making SMART MOVES to help this franchise regain some respect.

    • CubFan Paul

      i must be NUTS..

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