The bullpen blows another Matt Garza gem, though this time it was Sean Marshall doing the blowing (that sentence didn’t come out right – if only there were some sort of edit function). The Phillies clearly have Marshall’s number, because it seems to me, his last two really crappy outings – and they aren’t frequent – have both been against the Phillies. The Cubs also blew the chance to hang “Ls” on Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee on consecutive days. In a season bereft of nice memories, that would have been a good one.

I want to rail on Mike Quade for inexplicably batting Matt Garza to lead off the bottom of the seventh and then bringing him out for one batter in the eighth despite Garza already being at 113 pitches, but I’ve got nothing. Not because I don’t think the decision was baffling, but because I’ve grown weary of calling out Quade for these things. He’s made it cliche.

  • MichiganGoat

    Ah at least it was on par with the rest of the season… I actually expected this.

  • Derrick

    I guess since Reed is raking he wont be traded just like the 30 + utility guy that has so much value to a team 20 games under!!!..Go Cubs Go..Im starting to think we will have the same team in 2012.

    • Hogie

      So I’m not the only one with that same sick feeling creeping up!

      • Toosh

        Yup. Ricketts and Hendry think this team is good. No major changes between now and the start of the 2012 season.

  • die hard

    Quades legacy….lowest RISP in history ….remove the S… have RIP….next patient please…..I am sick and tired of him not pulling out all the stops whenever a man is on base with less than 2 outs by bunting, hit and run, run and hit, putting on take signs, steal sign, etc…he is friggin CLUELESS when it comes to putting pressure on the opposing team….

    • TSB

      Remember last year, when Quade was the third base coach? How he would almost always hold the runner at third on any ball hit, be it a shot down the right field line, a flyball off the wall in the power alleys, anything. Hold the runner at third, where more times than not he died. It appears that Quade is playing not to win, but to not lose; which is the kiss of death in any sport.

  • Keith

    that was painful to watch – what was worse, the Philly fans were louder than the Cubs fans on numerous occasions – there was also a very strong contingent of Phillies fans in the seats behind home plate – what a nightmare this franchise is quickly becoming …..

  • Spencer

    Marshall struggling to close games, Wood struggling to close games, Marmol struggling to close games…..James Russell for the late inning stopper?

  • Kyle N

    What was the temperature at game time? Isn’t the Midwest like an oven all over the place? Maybe Chicago isn’t as bad, but seriously. . .

    Throwing 117 pitches in the middle of a heatwave is crazy. Kudos to Garza for battling his butt off, but I just can’t see justifying that kind of workload in these weather conditions. What good can possibly come from exposing your best starting pitcher (on a team that is twenty games under .500 for good measure) to a significant number of high-stress pitches later in a game? Personally, I would have pulled him six innings, but to have him come out for the 8th is completely and utterly dumbfounding.

    Marshall also threw 37 pitches and faced the heart of the order in the 8th AFTER Garza gave up the leadoff single. Knowing that Utley and Howard are lurking, Marshall’s approach COMPLETELY CHANGES knowing that a speedy leadoff guy is on base. What happens if he opens the eighth with nobody on? Who knows. . . It’s really the little things when you play and manage a Major League Baseball game that lead to certain wins and losses.

    I haven’t been as hard on Quade compared to many of the members of our forum, but I’m utterly left scratching my head on this one. It seems like each move he made late in the game lead him to bumble into further questionable decisions afterwards.

    Meanwhile. . . Philadelphia played it more conservatively by pulling Lee (despite him throwing only 89 pitches, a low number in his case) and taking the highest precautions with Halladay the day before. Granted, the Phillies are in first place and need these guys for the stretch run, but Halladay and Lee are two throwback bulldogs who want to pitch deep into games and finish what they start. Charlie Manuel is like 500 years old and seemed clearly to out-manage Quade here, as he stood firm in his decision to pull Lee after only six innings.

    • Kyle N

      I guess it was only the low 80s, but the humidity was 80-85%, so I’m sure it was not a fun evening to pitch.

      Meanwhile, it’s 88 degrees here in Minneapolis, and it has a heat index (feels like) of 100 degrees. At midnight. Good. God.

  • Madprizamwoo

    We will have the same team next year with the exception of possibly 3b and an outfield position. Regarding 3b, Aram is better then any free agent out there and perhaps we will get lucky and overspend on Beltran, other then him fuku is better then the other free agents. I guess what I’m saying is we are going to have to put up with this no defense team for at least another year. Fun times

  • Fishin Phil

    Garza losing last night is Kharmic punishment for his failure to do his job at the plate. Runners at the corners with nobody out, he misses the bunt sign on the first pitch, then makes two pathetic attempts to bunt and strikes out. Thank God we are stressing fundamentals this year!

    Garza is one helluva pitcher, but he is not a complete ball player. If he could learn to field his position and learn how to bunt, he could add so much to this team.

  • RY34

    same shit different day and for gods sake can or will somebody teach these morons how to lay a freaking bunt down or is quade so dumb he thinks he is managing in the american league. we left at least three runs on the table last night because we cannot do the simplest fundamental things on the field. ramirez can’t hit a freakin sac fly, nobody even attempts to lay a bunt down(baker) who then proceeds to watch strikes blow by him right down the middle. i am shocked that quade even sent garza back out there in the 8th, he probably thought he was such a good hitter, just throw him up there. this whole team from mgmt down just reaks of stupidity. Why not bring in Samardizia to face Francisco, hell it was obvious the phillies have marshalls number???? i am sure at 27, Garza is no longer having the time of his life watching the idiot bullpen members constantly blow his leads. I get the fact that he failed at getting the bunt down but shit so does everyone else. These guys suck so bad.

  • RY34

    This team has never stressed fundamentals, they just wait for it to warm up and the ivy to turn green so they can hit homers! Oh yeah, and Soriano is the worst f-ing baseball player ever! Get a clue you dipshit and just leave now. Sorry-ass-ano has got to go!

  • Glenallen Hill’s One Home Run

    This was a bad game indeed and I am commenting on it a week after the fact for one reason: I am still laughing at Len’s “Ben Francisco treat/tweet” pun. Come on guys, in a season of losses, that was probably the highlight of the year.

    • Brett

      I don’t think I heard it…