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Enhanced Box Score: Phillies 4, Cubs 2 – July 19, 2011

Enhanced Box Scores

The bullpen blows another Matt Garza gem, though this time it was Sean Marshall doing the blowing (that sentence didn’t come out right – if only there were some sort of edit function). The Phillies clearly have Marshall’s number, because it seems to me, his last two really crappy outings – and they aren’t frequent – have both been against the Phillies. The Cubs also blew the chance to hang “Ls” on Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee on consecutive days. In a season bereft of nice memories, that would have been a good one.


I want to rail on Mike Quade for inexplicably batting Matt Garza to lead off the bottom of the seventh and then bringing him out for one batter in the eighth despite Garza already being at 113 pitches, but I’ve got nothing. Not because I don’t think the decision was baffling, but because I’ve grown weary of calling out Quade for these things. He’s made it cliche.


Brett Taylor

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