Well, that was unpleasant. The weather. The performance. The aftertaste. All unpleasant.

Ryan Dempster labored from the very beginning, and the Cubs’ bats never showed up. Ugh. We need to lighten the mood.

  • DamienTyler

    HAHA! thank you for this…it at least let me have some laughter in my life after listening to that “game”.

    The Phills showed us what a professional team is and its sad to see how great the gap between “us” and “them” really is…

  • MichiganGoat

    That Worley kid is good, the Phils pitching is the true antithesis to the Cubs pitching this year.

  • RoughRiider

    Is that your subtle way of saying what you think of the Cubs as a whole?

  • Joe

    Isn’t this what happened the last time we played the Phillies?

  • RY34

    that picture pretty much sums up what a sack of shit the cubs are! ortiz has been one hell of a pickup, has he pitched an outing yet where he hasn’t been rocked? also, is that nine series losses in a row?

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      Don’t worry, we signed Dave Bush.

      • RoughRiider

        Dare I say it? A byrd in the hand is worth two in the Bush.

  • hardtop

    jesus, dempster is like cybil! 2 pitchers in the same body. wow, i cant believe the cubs could only get one run at home after they really owned the best team in the nl into the 8th inning of last nights game. one would think that could cause one to step up the focus a little bit. i know it’s on the players to ultimately play the game, but I still think the lack preparedness falls at least partially on quades shoulders. john kruk can lick my crack, offering his opinion based on three cubs lowlights a night: i’ve watched or listened to damn near every game, and this team is grossly mismanaged (regardless of the steaming pile of turds hendry gave him to work with). when the cubs were tanking last year under lou, demp said lou’s senility was causing the team to lose focus and drive.

    damn im mad, i dont know why i still get mad….

    • CubFan Paul

      …tell us how you really feel!

  • Brent

    You forgot to mention the Cubs tied a team record by finishing their ninth straight game with at least one error. Do the Cubs have the worst fielding percentage in the majors? They have to, right?

    • hardtop

      word is born!

      seriously, if coaches dont teach fiedling fundamentals, what the hell do they do?

      • Brent

        Yep. Dead last. Looked it up:
        8 more errors than the next team (Oakland). That’s amazing to see the Phillies have committed 40 fewer errors than the Cubs, and it’s still July. I can’t wait to see how many the Cubs can rack up.

    • Ol’CharlieBrown

      Yes, the Cubs do have the worst fielding percentage in all of baseball. It’s .976 and the second worst team is the Athletics sitting at .979. The Phillies and White Sox are tied for the best fielding percentage at .988. We also lead the majors with 87 errors while the Phillies obviously have the least amount of errors at 45. We also have the 3rd worst ERA at 4.68. Not a good combination.

  • STG3

    How many series have we won?

    • Joe

      8 series won
      23 series lost
      2 series split
      I included the make-up games in their original series.

  • http://yahoo latonya green

    in order for us to win a world series is that we need some relief pitching we need a good bat like price fielder or albert pujols. i think if we try to get cj wilson or mark burlhle we will be a contending team.

  • http://www.cubblogging.com Jen

    *Crazy Cat Lady squeee!!!* Mood, lightened.

  • ramin

    If you guys had to choose betwwen throwing money at jose reyes or feilder. Any chance the cubs go all out n get both of them this offseason

    • CubFan Paul

      The cubs will have enough money coming off the books for both guys. And still enough financial flexibility for another starting pitcher & bullpen depth ..Castro would have to move to 3rd base and we’ll be stuck with Barney or Lemahieu at 2nd base but i’ll except that for 2 AllStar players

      • ramin

        I was thinkin of having flaherty play thrid n having castro move to second. Trade barney in the offseason, this is the best u will get out of barney its like theriot never left

  • marc
  • Cheryl

    Quade speaks about Castro’s mistake leaving a bad tone. Granted the kid makes too many errors, but Q doesn’t get on the veterans when they make mistakes. He leaves a bad tone for veterans and rookies alike. The veterans get away with it. The rookies no doubt wonder where is an even handed manager?

    • TWC

      Agreed! He hammers Castro and Barney, but excuses the vererans’ errors as “mistakes you can accept”. That sort of uneven accountability is a trademark of poor management, no matter the profession.

      The fact that he continued his thoughts to suggest that Barney and Castro had the rest of the season to “show that they can get better” is stunning. Like, fo’ realz Quade? You’re gonna bench the two of them? Trade them away? Make them battle for a spot on the roster in Spring Training? Riiiiight. Douche.

      Makes me think that Q’s trying to be “one of the guys” — meaning vets — by ragging on the young kids. What a way to look like an ass to all parties involved.

      • Jeff

        I really don’t like Mike Quade. I thought it was a bad idea to hire him at the time, and I didn’t think he was a good manager at the end of the year last year. The development of every player on the team has gone backwards under Quade and all he can do is blame Starlin Castro and now Darwin Barney. I am positive that I saw Carlos Pena make two errors on the same play and not even a peep about it, but Castro and Barney cross signals and they are at fault for the entire crappy game played today. Yeah, that fielding mistake led to your offense scoring one run, great freaking logic. I wonder how that tone setting was yesterday when Castro staked the team a lead in the first inning. Oh yeah that’s right, Quade and his pitching management blew that game, so it doesn’t get mentioned.

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    Umm guys Ace pointed it “I’ve been here eight years,” Ramirez said Tuesday. “Everybody knows I’ve always liked playing here. I would love to stay here. This is where I want to be.”
    Can’t be any clearer than that…Hendry can sign an extension

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    He should get this done..3yr 36mil…or pay him 16 mil for 1 yr..do the math..that’s kind of a home town discount if you ask me

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    Quade blows..he needs to go back to coaching the 3rd base box..he’s not MLB ready manger ..Hendry blew this..there’s know way Ryno would put up this crap as a mngr..this would have been nipped in the ass along time ago

  • awesome

    one thing you don’t do is rip your teammates in the media as Z does, especially when you’re going bad. so when Quade ripped the 2 kids (in the media), it showed he can’t handle the pressure of losing as a ML manager, he has no class. blame the Sun, it happens to everyone.

    Quade is way over his head, Hendry should fire Quade for many reasons, blaming his kids for nothing, the loss, is the last straw for me, and if he doesn’t, Ricky should fire both of them now.

    Soriano screws up everyday and Quade kisses his rear. I’m also another who didn’t like the Quade hiring. time to bring Brenly down as interim manager. no outsider or any of these poor coaches.

    after the season Ricky can decide who runs this team.

  • ry

    i dont give a crap where quade coaches just as long as it is not anywhere near the cubs organization. our series won loss record is about as abysmal as it can get; frankly i am shocked we have won 8 series as shitty as this team is.