For at least a day, the Chicago Cubs proved they are not the worst team in baseball. Woo. Hoo.

More importantly, Carlos Zambrano, Kosuke Fukudome, and Alfonso Soriano put on excellent performances (albeit against a crappy team), which could hopefully help in the Cubs’ crusade to move them at the deadline. Aramis Ramirez also put on a show, but until he budges in his I-love-Chicago-too-much-to-go-play-for-a-contender stance, it’s all academic.

  • dreese

    Big Z gave up 9 hits! whats up with that?

    • Brett

      Tut tut. When a pitcher gives up a lot of hits, but not a lot of runs, it is said that he “scattered” nine hits.

  • Michigan Goat

    No Errors! World Series here we come.

  • RY34

    Mike Quade is still shocked he didn’t somehow lose this game for his team! Glad to see we finally got our 40th win; I was thinking it would be August before that happened.

  • 1060Ivy

    Just because Q uses Grabow in a game as a LOOGY doesn’t not mean that he’s actually attempting to win it. It just demonstrates that Q gets confused.

    • Brett

      The enhancement was sincere. It refers not to the identities of the pitchers, but the number.

  • marc

    It seems to me that Aramis is just too lazy to move somewhere else…. whats the next excuse he’s going to use?
    “I dont want to leave chicago because of the hot dogs and Billy Joel will be playing in Wrigley Field”

    • MichiganGoat

      Speaking of his commitment to Chicago, does anyone know about his philothropic endeavors in the city? From what I can tell his family lives in the Dominician Republic during the school year and are only in Chicago during the Summer so I assume he is in DR during the off season. Is he present for Cub fan events and team related philothropic activities? I guess I’m trying to see what his level and connection is to the city and the team as compared to someone like Kerry Wood. I’ve never heard him mentioned as a Cub “ambassador” but I don’t get much of local Cubs news here in Tigers nation.

  • Joe Cartwright

    7th inning
    Garland:”Aramis Ramirez. Hit a homer.”
    Len:”Yes, he did.”
    Garland:”No. No. No. I want him to hit another homer. I want his trade value to go up.”
    *shocked silence, yet Len decides to try to respond*
    Garland:”That’s just what i’m looking for. You guys don’t have to say anything.*bob starts cracking up*. You just don’t say a word. I’m not here everyday. I can say what I want. I want Ramirez and Soriano to keep hitting homers. That’s all I’m saying. You figure it out.”

    Thank you, Jeff Garland.

    • Brett

      Yeah, that was freaking awesome and hilarious.

      If only Ramirez would, you know, approve a trade.

      • TWC

        That’s your cue, Ramy16…

        • Joe Cartwright

          Hey, don’t shoot the messenger! It’s not my fault it was hilarious.

  • The Magicman

    tell me what you guys think about this lineup “Cubs 2012” Its off topic but you know im just looking towards next year.

    1.SS-Jose Reyes
    2.2B-Starlin Castro
    3.1B-Prince Fielder
    4.3B-Aramis Ramirez
    5.CF-Brett Jackson
    6.C-Geovany Soto
    7.LF-Alfonso Soriano
    8.RF-Tyler Colvin

    Signing Reyes will be the toughest and least likely to happen, but its possible. Castro obviously stays and shifts to 2. fielder signs, he’ll still prob be cheaper than pujols and hes younger. ramirez doest want to leave so just deal with it, hes a top 5 3b. cubs bring up jackson after cubs rid of byrd, fukudome. cubs should keep soto, hes still in his 20’s and is capable of putting up good numbers. as much as i would like to see sori go, i dont think he will. hes to expensive even if cubs eat millions of his remaing contract. plus why pay for a player when hes not even playing for you. hes still productive even though his defense gets worse every year.i think colvin comes back up and returns to more of the colvin we saw in 2010.

    • MichiganGoat

      No to Reyes he’ll want to much and to long, he’s bound to injury and sharply decline he could be Soriano 2.0 to a team that gambles on him. My thoughts on ARam are clearly stated, I question if Colvin can become what we were hoping for last year,and Jackson is still a big question he may need some more time to season. I agree and expect Fielder unless a dark horse team sweeps in and out bids everyone (watch out for the Nationals). I see/hope next year is full of new faces, new attitudes, and a new direction.

      • hardtop

        really? fielder wants more than 20 mil per year and more than 5 years… but thats not too much for too long? though he’s not prone to injury to this point, he is extremely fat and will likely see injury and serious physical decline. my point simply is that i dont see reyes as any bigger gamble than prince. anything over 4 years and prince is definitely soriano 2.0. but as many have said here: spend the money on pitching. pitching pitching pitching and then, if you have a few cents left over…pitching! its what wins championships, look no further than the giants. even the pirates! what’s their first baseman’s name again? oh yeah! and hes what? 34 with 7 homers.

        • Brett

          If Fielder would take $100 mill over 5 years, you’d have to do that, though, right?

    • awesome

      just my opinion,

      1. never happen, would be nice.
      2. won’t happen, unless Reyes signs, then you move him to 3B.
      3. maybe,
      4. now’s the time to trade Aram,
      5. not sure he’s all that, now’s the time for him, if he’s really that good.
      6. Soto? Castillo looks good.
      7. even without the big money contract, he wouldn’t make my team.
      8. Colvin is 5th OF’er, he was sent down for a reason, can’t hit ML pitching. he’s another/lesser Rick Ankiel.
      9. move Hendry now, Quade is way over his head.
      10. pitching and defense win.

      • Hogie

        I really like Castillo’s bat, but his defense is bad! I’ve watched him in Iowa and it seems like he gets lazy, which leads to a lot of passed balls and other mental mistakes.

        • Brett

          I wonder if his defense was better, the Cubs would have considered moving Soto already.

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    TWC..iam here..and yes I saw my boy go deep…and big z kept his head in the game! Great win today!!!..a little late..iam on the west coast where the bankrupt Dodgers

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    The magician ..great line up..however..left off 1 key ingredient ..pitching..that’s what’s wins ball games..

  • al

    ummm that would be jeff GARLIN…

  • ry

    on a different note, dave bush and his 9.53 pitched like total shit again here in nashville last night getting rocked by the brewers affiliate. another great signing by idiotbox hendry. i think he should give orel hershhiser a call and see if he can still pitch!

    • TWC

      Why do we need Hershiser when we have Samardzija?