You know who could really use a good outing today? Randy Wells. I’m scratching my head trying to remember (without looking) his last “very solid” outing. And, as little as W/L matters, Wells hasn’t put up a “W” since his first start of the season on April 4. Maybe I can remember his last very solid outing…

  • Alfonso Soriano hadn’t homered in a month when he blasted one yesterday. He thinks he had started to press, and used Thursday’s off-day to clear his mind. Hopefully it’s worked, and he’ll keep driving the ball for at least, oh, let’s say, the next week.
  • Speaking of which, I’m hearing that teams are, in fact, checking in with the Cubs to see just how much of Soriano’s remaining contract the Cubs are willing to eat. We learned earlier in the week that the Cubs might be willing to eat a “high percentage” of his deal. It sounds like there’s at least a reasonable chance that Soriano’s dealt before the trade deadline.
  • Carlos Marmol struck out the two batters he faced yesterday, and it sounds like he’ll be back in the closer’s role by today or tomorrow.
  • Mike Quade is still talking about that popup non-error by Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney the other day. I guess he keeps getting asked about it, and it’s part of Quade’s style not to dodge any questions, but, like, let’s move on.
  • Jon Heyman says he’s heard Kerry Wood would not approve any trade out of Chicago. Previously, Wood said he was very, very unlikely to approve a trade, so he kind of fell off my radar a couple weeks ago (it didn’t hurt that his post-blister performance floundered as well). This only strengthens that fall.
  • Bruce Levine digs up a source to say that Pat Gillick would specifically consider a job with the Chicago Cubs. It’s only a tiny bit further than the post from yesterday went (which was that Gillick would consider a president-level job with another MLB club, which could include the Cubs), so it gets only a bullet.
  • The second annual casino night put on by Ryan Dempster, which raises money for the Dempster Family Foundation (which helps families affected by DiGeorge Syndrome, from which Dempster’s daughter suffers), was a huge success. Some of the money will even be used to help a family affected by the tornados in Tuscaloosa earlier this year.


  • ry

    Randy wells will continue his streak and give up 2 runs in the first inning today. Lopez should be pitching while Wells is given time to work on his mechanics and anchor like falling confidence!

    • Brett

      Eh. Pitching Lopez really does nothing useful for the Cubs: (1) it exposes him to potentially getting shelled, when it’s theoretically possible he could be traded; (2) it exposes him to getting injured; (3) he might help the Cubs win, which is largely useless (if not harmful) at this point.

      Wells, on the other hand, has no real chance of being traded (not that the chance of trading Lopez is huge), so why not just throw him out there and see if he can work it out on the mound? This season is lost anyway.

      • Jeff

        There really isn’t a whole lot else they can try unless they bring in some pitchers who are ready for the majors at the deadline. There are no other viable starting candidates in the minors who are performing well enough to be considered. I don’t like seeing the guy get rocked, but if Wells can figure out the first inning blues he’s had, he has a chance to be pretty decent. He has put together some nice stretches of pitching, and he probably gives the team the best chance to win now, so you know Quade’s going to keep pushing hmi out there. Now is not the time for drastic changes, afterall.

  • STG3


    Did you read the Article on by Dave Kaplan? Great stuff almos as good as your.

    • Brett

      I have, and I’m still processing it. I’ll probably have a writeup about it tomorrow or Monday. Ton of stuff in there. Here’s the link for those who want to read it now:

      • MichiganGoat

        That article sums up everything I hope the Cubs do this off season and reinforces my belief that Ricketts is doing work behind the scenes to start to build a quality organization who builds for the future instead of “reloading” as Kaplan eloquently stated.

        I especially like this quote:

        Gone would be Soriano, Kosuke Fukudome, John Grabow, and Aramis Ramirez. The first three are no brainers but Ramirez is producing solid numbers this season so there is a feeling among some that he should be brought back. I couldn’t disagree more vehemently. Yes, he is a talented hitter but he is no more than an average fielder, he does not always hustle, and his production has only coincided with the Cubs slide into oblivion in the division race.

  • awesome

    here’s my take on this Quade thing.

    Castro called for the ball, lost it in the sun, happens to everyone. Quade didn’t have to chew anyone out, especially in the media.

    the problem was Barney should have been closer to Castro in case of something like this. anytime there is a pop up between infielders, that also goes between infielder/outfielder, the 2nd guy should be as close to the caller as he can for back up.

    Barney actually stopped when Castro called for the ball. I’m not bashing Barney, I’m saying they learned from that, so if anything, Quade should have reminded them as well as all the fielders to always be in position for back up. there was no reason for chewing anyone out, Quade was wrong in my eyes.

  • Dan0mite

    Heard on CTL yesterday that the Cubs are willing to eat $45 million of Soriano’s remaining contract.

    • Brett

      $45 of the remaining as of today ($60 million), or as of the end of the year ($54 million)? Either way, that could definitely get him moved.

      • Dan0mite

        I believe it was eat the rest of this years and then $45.

        • Brett

          That would put him at just $3 million per year for the next three years. It seems like he’d have a whole lot of value at that rate.

  • ry

    Good points Brett re Lopez.

  • DaveB23

    so your tellin me theres a chance……….. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Lovin the Dumb n Dumber reference Brett)

    • Brett

      Finally. Thank you.

  • Caleb

    Whoa…. what was all that one in a million talk?