The Chicago Cubs have been not-so-quietly trying to trade outfielder Kosuke Fukudome for the better part of two years. First, because he was unproductive; then, because Tyler Colvin had emerged as an option; and now, because he’s an impending free agent.

With several teams showing interest, the question remains: how does Fukudome feel about being traded? We know he’s got a limited no-trade clause, which allows him to block deals to up to six teams. So could he – like Aramis Ramirez says he plans to do – block the Cubs from dealing him for prospects?

Whether he could or not, he doesn’t have the sound of a guy who’s opposed to moving to a contender.

“It really doesn’t bother me,” Fukudome said of his name popping up in trade rumors. “As long as I’m a player and people are interested in me, I take it as a compliment.”

“Personally, I don’t think a trade is a negative thing,” Fukudome continued. “If another team wants me to play for them in their organization, that seems to be a positive. It is true though, that in Japan, a trade of a player is not necessarily viewed as a positive thing.”

Fukudome is owed about $4.3 million for the rest of this season, and could make a hell of a fourth outfielder or even a starter against righties. At least four teams, one of whom is almost certainly the Indians, are showing interest in Fukudome. So, if he’s open to it, a trade is likely to happen. And now it sounds like he’s open to it.

Now to rain on your parade a bit. Even if the Cubs eat a portion of that remaining salary, don’t get top 50 prospects sparkling in your eyes. The return is likely to be worth making the move, but too meager to salvage your month.

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  • Dan0mite

    I think the optimal out field scenario (which I may have seen here) is to trade Fukudome and Soriano and keep Byrd. Byrd is a decent, very hard working outfielder. He would be a great veteran presence for the young guys that are sure to take the other two’s places.

  • ry

    i would keep byrd if nothing else as a mentor to the kids, screw fuk and sorry, byrd hustles his ass off and really is not that expensive. its refreshing watching byrd hustle around the bases even on a homer and then depressing watching guys like soto lumber their fat asses around on a homer. fatboy soto needs to be put on a mandatory diet now!

  • Jed

    Why are you bashing on Soto? Either way, get rid of two of the three outfielders. I’d prefer to keep Byrd, but we should make room for some of the younger guys. Jackson should be coming up soon. Colvin should get his chance again too. Also, it won’t be too long before Szczer is up with the Cubs too.

  • Alek

    not to really defend or bash soto, but he really hasnt been the same for a couple years now.. he has been good defencively but his bat has kinda disappeared.(until recently with the astros in town). It would be nice to keep Byrd around, unless we can get a really nice return from a trade for him of course, but he does hustle and would be a good mentor to any of these young kids coming up. Fuk can go to make room for one of the youngsters, either colvin or Jackson like jed said. and if for some miracle we can actually get rid of sori well then we got room for either another youngster or free agent if the kids are not ready.

  • Cheryl

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Colvin is traded in a package with someone else. There are several outfielders close to making th jump to the majors.

    • Jeff

      I would be pretty surprised if Colvin is moved. He did have a terrible stretch, and he’s going to strike out an awful lot, but he’s still young, and has a pretty good upside. The Cubs don’t have many power bats in the system, it would be surprising to me if they traded one so young and cheap.

      Marlon Byrd is definitely the ideal non-trade candidate. He is relatively cheap and under team control for one more year, and he sets a great example for how to play the game. I really think Soriano would be an addition by subtraction, and while Fukudome is good defensively and has a high OBP, he is older, and probably not available for the kind of discount it would take to stay in Chicago next year. If they are able to move Fukudome and Soriano, it would free up the rest of the year for the young outfielders in the system without losing much production. They have combined for 5 homeruns and 25 rbi’s, while batting around .230 collectively, not much to replace there.

      • Jeff

        Those numbers are since June 1st.

    • Madprizamwoo

      Who do you have as minor leaguers that are close to being ready? I only see one and that is Jackson.

      • Madprizamwoo

        Minor league outfielders that is.

  • die hard

    Keep him and platoon with Johnson next year….Bring Colvin up to replace Soriano who is traded as long as Cubs eat 3/4 of his salary ….will be viable option to American League team in need of DH….could structure deal that the more that Soriano is productive, the less that Cubs have to eat his salary

  • M. Ryan G

    Don’t follow the Cubs farm that much, but much like previous poster said “Do the Cubs have the outfielders to replace Soriano and Fukadome”? Or would this be something addressed through free agency winter 2011?