Did anyone else see Tom Ricketts standing up behind home plate in the bottom of the 10th yesterday? He was one of the first people on his feet, and had the look of a kid at his first game. It actually put a smile on my face, notwithstanding the absurdity of going nuts about a sweep over the worst team in baseball (while your team stands firmly as the second worst). Now, Tom, don’t go extending anybody or changing any firing plans…

  • Jeff Samardzija is feeling the wrath of Chicago Cubs fans after blowing yesterday’s lead, but it seems a bit unfair. Before the two runs yesterday, Samardzija had gone 12.1 straight scoreless, and his stuff has looked fantastic for over a month. If you’re going to rip on Samardzija, do so for his faux pirate beard.
  • Samardzija got the call because Kerry Wood was out for a day with a “cranky arm.” No word on whether Wood’s arm told Starlin Castro to stop playing on his lawn (ba dum ching).
  • For his part, Matt Garza once again resisted the urge to quench his undoubted and blameless bloodlust after the bullpen blew yet another win for him.¬†“I did all I can control,” Garza said. “There’s nothing else I can do once I’m out of the ballgame. All I can do is cheer and hope for the best. … Every time you contribute it’s a plus.”
  • Jeff Baker, who has been mired in a serious slump, summed up – unintentionally – the embarrassment that has been the 2011 Cubs’ season: “[The win] was big,” Baker¬†said. “It’s been frustrating. The year hasn’t really gone the way we wanted. To finally get three together — and it’s in our division — hopefully we get rolling. Why not four?” Why not four, indeed.
  • Mike Quade says his players should be encouraged if their names come up in trade discussions. “It means they want you,” he said. I agree, and hope “they” do, in fact, want some of “you.”
  • The stories about how awesome Carlos Pena is are piling up. This one is about how he’s always heading over to the mound to calm pitchers down. Sometimes he’s serious, sometimes he’s joking around; but his teammates appreciate it.
  • truffleman2340

    When is Pena going to start looking for the change up? As long as he keeps swinging and missing at them, pitchers would be foolish to give him a hittable fast ball.

  • Deez

    “The stories about how awesome Carlos Pena is are piling up…”
    Not Like Pena’s hits, more like his strikeouts!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett


  • http://wwwbookdiplomacy.blogspot.com M. Ryan G

    Cudos to Matt Garza for not killing a member of the bullpen, I mean how much is one guy supposed to take here…either the bullpen screws it up or the bats don’t show up to score. Or the guys behind him can’t catch a ball, so many ways for a game to go wrong.

    (Edited by Brett: Pro-tip – if you’re going to spam a site with links, you might want to make sure the link actually works.)

  • Joe Cartwright

    What Quade said sounds like what you would tell a minor leaguer who just got traded.
    “don’t feel bad! It just means they want you!”

    And Samardzija to Pirates! He could be either their reliever with a special beard ( like Wilson and Axford, okay, that’s a mustache, but you get the point) or, now hear me out on this, their new mascot! (no, Jim Hendry, don’t actually trade him, it was a joke)

  • TIM

    “Edited by Brett: Pro-tip ”

    thats good stuff right there

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks, TIM.

  • dreese

    Garza should be awarded a medal or something for all the lives he has saved for not killing all his teammates!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Folks smarter than I keep stats on this kind of thing, but it seems like Garza has to be up there in games in which he was in line to win the game in the 8th inning or later, blown by his bullpen.