Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Brewers 3 – July 26, 2011

Each team scored in the first inning, and then bupkis. Ryan Dempster had a quality start (the bare minimum kind), and a few of the bats had solid games. Jeff Samardzija rebounded nicely, striking out the side in his inning of work. Aramis Ramirez went deep again.

But, as has been true in the macrocosm of the 2011 season, the Brewers were better.

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35 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Brewers 3 – July 26, 2011”

  1. Ron

    Do the cubs even practice situational hitting? I turned on the game just in time to see it. By the way when I first looked at the ESB thought the double circle was the cub emblem

    1. Bazfan1234

      I agree with you on this one. I constantly gripe about why the Cubs do not try to squeeze here and there. It is obvious, Soriano’s average with RISP is awful and has been that way for a long time, even his whole career. You are down by one run with no outs, Soriano up to bat, try the safety squeeze. Situational hitting has plagued the Cubs for a long time now. It is beyond ridiculous.

  2. Ramy16

    Well…you know iam going to go there..my Aramis Ramirez went deep again 14hrs in 29 games..Hendry will Fuck this up! What a douche bag we have as a Gm…we also have an Idiot as an owner..Brett sometimes I wonder if Hendry or Ricketts read our blog..some days I wish they would ..so they can see how us die hard cub fans really feel…iam just putting this out there TWC, Michigan Goat, roughriider, etc we all feel the same way..one day I pray this team will make to the promise land..tomorrow is my birthday..I hope a cub win will top it off

    1. Michigan Goat

      Just for the record I do not think Ricketts is an idiot.

      1. pfk

        I agree. Ricketts is not an idiot.

    2. Michigan Goat

      Ramy16, nothing but love here, but I’m a little worried when you refer to ARam as YOUR Aramis and speak of having a “personal relationship” with him.

    3. Ron

      …sometimes wonder if Hendry or Rickets read our blog….

      I hope this is a drunk rambling because even though I spend a rediculous amount of time here and am a semi regular poster, even contributed to the trade deadline madness, unless you are working behind the scenes in some capacity this is not our/your blog. The amount of work Ace puts into this should not he hijacked by a reader/occasional contributor to a comments section.

      If I am over stepping ace I am sorry but we had a situation like this in our business and it really got under my skin.

    4. Ol'CharlieBrown

      I couldn’t agree more, Ron. After I finished reading his comments, my first thought was, ‘our’ blog? Isn’t this Brett’s blog?

      Not sure it’s fair to be calling Ricketts an idiot quite yet. If Hendry, Quade and the rest of the Goof Troop all return, then maybe we can talk. As for now, it looks like he has the bigger picture in mind and probably has much more of a plan and direction for this team than any of us realize.

    5. TWC

      I dunno fellas, I don’t think our friend Ramy16 meant to co-opt Brett’s work here any more than *we* do when we refer to “our” Chicago Cubs. Sure, he’s a little nuts-o in the 3B department, but Ramy16 is a (vocal) part of the BN community — he has an undeniable interest in this place, and probably feels a little ‘ownership’. I understand where he’s coming from. I’d be surprised, frankly, if Ace was offended by that. I think it’s a testament to what he’s created here.

    6. RoughRiider

      Happy Birthday

  3. Michigan Goat

    It’s nice to come back to reality, delusions of grander no more. Bring on the fire sale… Oh wait we forgot to bring a match.

  4. Ramy16

    Sorry Michigan Goat..I think he has no clue how to be a legitimate owner..

  5. Ramy16

    Problem#1 Hendry

  6. philoe beddoe

    the third run scored because we had a utility infielder playing Right Field…I have never seen a more unlikable Cubs team…

    the attitude that needs to change is get the pressure of 100 years of our backs…as long as that pressure exsists and talked about this will be a place where managers go to die….Lou tried it…even Dusty did too…but it got em in the end…just saying “year one” like Ricketts did wasn’t enough….yeah, I have watched every season since the mid 70′s and seen one play-off series win, in that same span the Sox have won one title, the Giants one, the Padres zip, the Brewers zip, Rangers zip….I am not trying to excuse them for 100 years of sucking….but I wish someone would come in there and change everything, and only mention the years ahead…

  7. Ramy16

    Sorry Michigan Goat..type error..he’s my favorite player…and I know him on a personal level..

  8. Ramy16

    I can tell all you guys we will not go to the Angels

    1. Michigan Goat

      There you go WE, you got to start to double check your type… it sounds a little stalker like! Pronouns do matter.

  9. Ramy16

    Lol I type on my iPad ..lol

  10. Ramy16

    Lol iam already in socal..thank God for WGN

    1. Laura

      Happy Birthday Ramy16!

  11. curt

    i think it continues 2 be amazing that aramis keeps on killing the ball when it doesent matter where was he tyhe 1st two months where was he during the playoffs when we were decent whoever the gm ends up being dont be fooled by a contract drive let him walk r try 2 trade him

  12. CapnCub

    In my opinion keep Rami, nuff said.

  13. Ramy16

    Thanks Laura…Ron it’s not just rambling..I really wonder if they do read our blogs?..I don’t think Hendry or Ricketts know or feel what us die hard Cub fans go though year after year of losing or just nearly making the playoffs..I don’t know about the rest of you..but it gets old ..I live here in socal I hear it daily from co workers how my cubs suck and we’ve not won the big one in 102 years..so I wish they would read it

  14. STG3

    Here is something to think about with Ramirez. When did he start Hitting? When the Cubs were already out of it, so he plays when there is nothing on the line. Oh yes that’s the type of player I want on the team.

    1. pfk

      That is EXACTLY right. He and others only hit once the pressure is off.

  15. Cheryl

    This cubs team is bad. And the GM, manager and Kenney leave a lot to be desired, an awful lot. But this draft,, if the rumors are true, could be the beginning of a turn around. Let’s just hope that J.H., Kenney and Quade aren’t around to mess up what looks like a good beginning.

  16. pfk

    We only need a tweak here and there, add a few dozen people here and there and, while you are at it Hendry, why not tweak management with a few dozen people who can take us to the elite level. Now Q is signing the same song. Yikes! The only hope I have is that I know Ricketts is working behind the scenes to bring massive change.

  17. RY

    another shitworthless at bat by dickface sorryano w the bases loaded and barney as well. worst fundamental team in the history of sports, how many times can i say it! the cubs suck so bad that the mariners have like a 16 game losing streak and they still have a better record than the cubs. so freakin sorry is this team.

  18. hardtop

    yeah it says some bad things when you:
    out hit your opponent
    homer more than your opponent
    strike out less than your opponent
    and lose!
    those numbers were close but when you win on paper you have to win on the field, especially the cubs, who almost never win on paper… my god.
    brett i disagree about demps start. the fact that he was able to go from getting his but kicked to shutting them down, including grabbing than ball braun smoked to his head, is even better than a quality start to me. unfortunately naverson sucks and the cubs wont have a chance to put up 8 hits again…

  19. RY

    we wont win this week, we finally got our coveted three game win streak and they will all rest on their laurels again. good god, can we just fast forward through these final 59 games please??