Unsurprisingly, just days after there were whispers that the Chicago Cubs were thinking of keeping first baseman Carlos Pena not only through the end of this year, but for 2012 as well, now there is a report that the Cubs will almost certainly be trading Pena.

Such is the nature of things at the MLB trade deadline.

According to SI’s Jon Heyman, “Carlos Pena will almost surely be moved” this week. Further, ┬áhe’s heard that the Diamondbacks might be interested. Recall, I reported two weeks ago that the Cubs and Diamondbacks were kicking the tires on a Pena trade (among other potential Cubs targets).

The Diamondbacks have a bountiful farm system (to which they just added by signing their number three overall pick, Trevor Bauer, to a fat, Major League contract yesterday), and a dearth of production at first base. They also recently lost shortstop Stephen Drew for the year, which could increase their desire to add a bat at any position available.

The other most obvious landing spot for Carlos Pena is Pittsburgh, although just yesterday GM Neal Huntington said that he’d tried to acquire Pena, but the asking price was too steep.

Things change quickly this week, but, for now, it looks likely that Pena will be moved at some point, to Arizona, Pittsburgh, or somewhere totally unforeseen.

  • Toosh

    As usual, Hendry will wait until the last minute.

  • Mark

    When selling, waiting for the last minute is a good thing. He usually buys at the last minute.

    • Toosh

      Agreed, but Hendry will f— it up one way or another.

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  • PFK

    Pena should bring a nice haul and they should do it. He’s a fanatstic fill in piece for a contending team that has a good nucleus but not a player to build around. Its sad that the Cubs aren’t a team looking for fillin pieces as opposed to having to depart with an outstanding team player like Pena.

    • CubFan Paul

      i can only tolerate his .220 batting average for so long ..by paying the $6mil he’s owed im quite sure Hendry could get a Top 100 prospect that could help us next year more than Pena’s predictible .220/.350/.450

  • CubFan Paul

    i forsee a trade with the Yankees ..i could see them wanting Pena to DH & with Rothschild there, Grabow is a possilbility to be in that package too ..the Yankees lineup is guys full of .350plus OBPs & Pena fits that mold