Carlos Zambrano had a rough inning, but he was otherwise decent this evening. Unfortunately, Zack Greinke was better (what happened to the guy with the ERA over 5?). Or maybe the Cubs’ bats just sucked. It happens.

At least Zambrano looked all right for all those scouts… right?

  • Dave

    That Weeks injury looked nasty…

  • Joe Cartwright

    Yep, Zach Greinke hasn’t looked particularly good this year. The Brewers should thank us with prospects for making him look better.

  • die hard

    What if, when facing nasty pitcher, we try bunting for base hit once in awhile?..just to keep other teams infielders honest….and put pressure on other team…..just saying…..look it up, but I recall Mickey Mantle bunting for base hits….

  • awesome

    we don’t have anyone close to being M.M.

    • TWC

      Whaaaaa? We had Mickey Morandini for two years (’98-’99)! Come ON!

      • Fishin Phil

        He was a dandy little glove man. A real scrapper!

  • RY

    season over yet????????? great hitting guys!