The Cubs’ first inning woes continued last night, and ultimately doomed them. I read a stat recently that every single Cubs’ starter’s first inning ERA is higher than his overall ERA this year. Ryan Dempster gave up three first inning runs last night, and then shut down the Brewers. But it was too late.

  • Never fear! Mike Quade remains resolute in his belief that the Cubs can get back in the race this year. He cautions that he’s not “a lunatic,” but he thinks anything can happen in this division. He’s right, of course, but “anything” won’t be happening for the Cubs this year. I kid, but what else is he supposed to say? “Yup, we’re out of it. I suck, we suck, you suck, print it.”
  • As long as Jim Hendry is convinced the Cubs are out of it, that’s all that matters to me. He’s the one with decisions to make at the trade deadline.
  • Bruce Levine had his weekly chat yesterday, and, although it touched on a bunch of the “cubs rumor” stuff, there really isn’t much to report. Status quo and all that.
  • Kerry Wood has a touch of the flu.
  • Fluff on Starlin Castro’s awesomeness and future awesomeness.
  • Marlon Byrd remains the man – he got into a shouting match with a guy wearing a Cubs’ shirt before the game yesterday (but, Brett, you said Byrd was the man?), but the guy was being belligerent (holding a beer), telling Byrd that the “Cubs suck.” Byrd told him to put on a Brewers jersey, and headed off to sign autographs for a group of Cubs fans. I think I love him. Of course, I still think the Cubs should aggressively be shopping him. He’s hitting .314 with a .799 OPS, all while playing solid center field, folks. Make your offers.
  • Fishin Phil

    Dear Mike Quade,

    We Stinks. If you don’t believe me, ask tonight’s starting pitcher.

    • Brett

      Ha. We may stinks, but now is not the time for bold changes.

  • Brett

    By the way: I’ll be unavailable for a few hours this morning (though there are a few more posts in the can, which will be going up periodically today), so if huge news breaks, feel free to drop it in the comments to the most recent post. Gracias.

    • pfk

      “Gracias?” I didn’t know you were bilingual.

      • Brett

        Taco. Burrito. I’m crazy-lingual.

        • MichiganGoat

          Admit it you love Taco flavored kisses.

  • Curt

    Adios señor hendry

  • Mike

    Let’s see, Our manager thinks we’re still in it and our GM thinks we’re only a couple moves from contending next year? Maybe it’s time to become a Sox or Cards fan! At least they don’t have to hand out psychotropics like skittles to their management!!

  • RY

    Note to Mike Quade, you may in fact be the biggest dumbass in baseball right now! Good luck ever finding another job in baseball once you finally get fired!

  • RY

    lets see first blisters, then cranky arm, now the flu, wood just needs to retire.

  • RoughRiider

    Mike Quade. If you read this blog this is to you. Congratulations on so masterfully lulling the Cards, Red, Brewers, and Pirates into a false sense of security. I look forward to seeing the Cubs get on their first 4 game winning streak and winning the 49 of the last 59 games to pass the teams mentioned above and win the division, the league and the World Series this year. Oh, and Chicago Lakeshore Hospital has a rubber room waiting just for you.

  • RY

    Well said RoughRiider! Their shitty play from day 1 was all just one big smokescreen, now is when the cubs really get down to business and shock the world! oh thats right when it no longer matters anymore and the pressure is all but gone!

    • RoughRiider

      Nurse Rachette is waiting Mike !!!

  • Rev. Bud Green

    Q must get better weed then me