Among the players the Chicago Cubs are likely to aggressively shop over the next few days, utility player Blake DeWitt is not first that comes to mind. He’s still young – at just 25, he’s only a couple months older than Darwin Barney – inexpensive, and, frankly, unproductive. As someone who can play a variety of positions, he didn’t figure to be a non-tender candidate at the end of the year. Most have been all but resigned to the belief that he’ll be back next year, in one capacity or another.

But Paul Sullivan recently¬†said¬†that the Cubs “could part with DeWitt if they could get a decent prospect in return.” With the uncertainty at third base going into next season – DeWitt’s natural position – would the Cubs unload DeWitt for a low level prospect?

And, more importantly, with a rash of middle infield injuries lately, could DeWitt actually have some value?

To the first question, with Jeff Baker likely returning next year, Darwin Barney holding down the fort at 2B (for now), and the expected emergence of DJ LeMahieu and Ryan Flaherty in similar roles, perhaps DeWitt is indeed expendable.

To the second question, because the Cubs have started working DeWitt with some regularity in left field, and have relied on him as a pinch hitter, perhaps there is a team out there who would view him not only as a temporary replacement for an injured player this year, but as a valuable utility player down the road.

Still, DeWitt is hitting just .259/.281/.367 this year with the Cubs, number that, sadly, aren’t that far off from his career averages. And it’s not as though he’s shown a particular defensive acumen at any position besides third base, despite the utility label with which he’s increasingly tabbed.

While it might make some sense for the Cubs to field calls on DeWitt – and even perhaps make a few calls, themselves – it’s hard to imagine the return being much to write home about.

Much like when the Cubs acquired DeWitt last year as the centerpiece to the Ted Lilly/Ryan Theriot trade. Oops.

  • deej34

    I guess I could be the only one here, but Blake is young. And seems to have potential, but has never had stability. I would love to see him get a consistent chance to start, in one position and see what he has. And last I checked, we have a couple months full of games to waste and kick the tires on some people….

    Brett – it’s a long ways away, but what are your thoughts for next year’s lineup? castro – 3b, barney – ss, dewitt or mahieu – 2b, fielder or pena or baker – 1b, soto – c… outfield?

    • awesome

      Dewitt had plenty of playing time with the Dodgers and Cubs last year.

  • steve

    can i just saw i love that picture of dewitt. he looks so confused hes like a puppy. he has no idea what to do with that ball he just found

    • Brett

      I like that picture, too.

  • Hogie

    I never have gotten the fascination with this kid. As I remember, Maddux was the one who thought this was the kid to get. As bad as his numbers are at the majors, they aren’t much better than what he put up in the minors. Obviously the people making the decisions know more than I, but I just don’t see it. With all that being said, I have said in the past, and stick to it, I would love for him to live up to what management sees. He is young and has a few years of experience already, so give him another shot for regular at bats. It’s becoming cliche already but, what have we got to lose?

  • Jeff

    He was supposed to get better working with Rudy Jaramillo, he was supposed to get better playing in Wrigley, he was supposed to get better under Joe Torre in LA. He hasn’t developed at all, actually he has regressed. Why try an infielder in the outfield spot when there are several outfielders who have been waiting for a shot, and the infielder is Blake DeWitt, who kind of stinks. What justification is there to give him the majority of the at bats over Tyler Colvin?

  • auggie1955

    If the Cubs keep Dewitt, I’m going to throw up. He can’t field at all and he has shown absolutely no patience at the plate.

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