The post-Fukudome era begins with a thud. Clearly, he was the glue.

The series was full of low-scoring affairs, and the Cubs lost all of ’em. Randy Wells wasn’t atrocious, but he was all-too-hittable today, and once again, the Cubs’ bats failed to show up. That old failure-to-hit-with-runners-in-scoring-position bit the Cubs again today. In case you haven’t heard about the problem in a long time, rest assured: it’s not that the problem went away, it’s just that, when the Cubs slipped into the abyss, the problem stopped mattering as much. Indeed, it was a problem the entire series.

  • RY

    a while ago i predicted their final record to be 54-108, i will now say 50-112, a final magic run of 8-49 to wrap up the season.

    • Fishin Phil

      That’s the spirit! I can almost hear Monty Python’s “Bright Side of Life” playing in the background.

  • Michigan Goat

    And so begins the the “Why is Campana starting and leading off era, as Colvin sits on the bench and bats 8th” era… at least it should end in a couple months.

  • truffleman2340

    wells continues to demonstrate that he is a aaa pitcher at best. it’s time to give anybody else his turn in the rotation.

    • Jeff

      Who is the next guy to get a turn in the rotation? If you think one of the guys with a 5 plus era at Iowa is a better option, better get your head checked. Quade’s Old Mother Hubbard with only Dave Bush and his 10.20 era are in the cupboard. Thank our brilliant gm and scouting staff.

      • Brian

        Wells is the best choice the Cubs have right now as far as the pitching rotation goes. Sure he is sporting a pretty high ERA but he keeps games to a respectful length without giving up a disturbing amount of runs. It is like going back to Junior High gym class where the captains would pick teams… Russell and Wells are last, I would pick Wells.

        This series was pretty lousy. Low-scoring affairs… dead bats by the Cubs. The Brewers killed our “first sweep” buzz but nothing a few Schlitz can’t fix.

      • Michigan Goat

        Maybe a contest at the ballpark… Check your programs on page 44, if you see a minor league contract you get to pitch today.

  • pfk

    Once again Wells shows he can’t go beyond 6 innings. He’s not a starter, he’s a long relief, spot starter type.

  • awesome

    another 3 in a row.

  • die hard

    Q blew three scoring opptys by not insisting vets sacrifice selves to move runners along ….isnt it time for hero worshipping to end and managing to begin?

  • RoughRiider

    I made the mistake of renting a video called “Deadwood”. I thought it was a documentary about the Cubs.

    • Brett


    • Jeff

      Deadwood was a very good tv show, much more entertaining than the Cubs are right now.

  • JimG

    I must have been watching the wrong game, I seen a leadoff man in a cub uniform who could actually steal a base and force the other teams defense to make an error. No it couldn’t the cubs, they don’t believe in speed and defense !

  • al

    boy o boy Im glad I dont have to watch this shit anymore now that i live in florida…i get to watch the rays get beat ….im gunna start rooting for the phillies…no wait they lost to the giants,,,,ive got the daytona cubs i could root for…yeah thats the ticket…oh wait theyre a minor league team…but i bet they could sweep the cubs in a series…

  • Joe Cartwright

    Wells may not have had a terrible outing, but I still look at the first inning and see something that isn’t a zero.

  • RY

    maybe we could get ortiz or grabow to pitch the first inning of every wells start and than send randy out there so he can stop pissing his pants in the first inning. i can see a run or two here and there in a few starts but this guy consistently gives up runs in the first in almost every start, just one more pathetic oddity to this crap season.