Edwin Jackson was impressive (facing the Cubs will do that for you), and Matt Garza was not. It was anĀ aberrantĀ blip for Garza, who had been stringing together a nice stretch of starts. The Cubs were inept both at the plate and on the base paths. Add it all up, and you get a whoopin’.

Voodoo magic: Ryan Theriot didn’t even start, and somehow ended up with two hits and three RBI.

  • Fishin Phil

    I quit watching after Freese hit the home run that put the Cards up 3 to 1. I figured the Cubs wouldn’t be able to score 3 runs. Sadly, I was right.

  • Tanner

    You know they would go on a loosing streak after they won 3 games in a row. Those three wins should cover them for the next two weeks. They suck, they suck big time. Sorry Garza.

  • ry

    Screw these losers, im done watching these assholes this year, they quit a long time ago so why shouldn’t we??

  • die hard

    Rule: If Campana does not lead off and play center, then we dont watch…he guarantees 1-2 runs a game

    • Jeff