Yeah, why would anyone want to leave the Cubs?

The Cubs scored early, but the wheels came all kinds of off

The low point saw Mike Quade get ejected in an eight-run fifth after Matt Holliday took a wide, late, and high slide directly into Starlin Castro to break up a double play. He was nowhere near the base, took out Castro, and two runs scored.

  • Jeff

    I would have buried one in your stupid Cardinal face, dude!

    • Michigan Goat

      Yup, it what a team with swagger would do… Castro should be pissed that his team didn’t retaliate.

      • Joe Cartwright

        I was expecting a retaliation! It’s complete bs that the Cubs did nothing about! Well, they did send Quade at the ump. Lot of good he ever does.

    • Michigan Goat

      I’d be okay if it went in his back and out his mouth… They should have sent Wood out there he would have done it without even being asked, OR just tell Marmol to go out there and throw strikes. If we don’t retaliate tomorrow I’ll BR furious, there are certain laws in baseball and they are ignoring this one.

  • rafael

    why there theriot?

    • Joe Cartwright


  • CapnCub

    Blaaaarrrrgggg. I am a loss for words today.

  • Michigan Goat

    Couple last points of anger with this game:
    1-Barney was safe in the first inning
    2-None of the Cubs run were earned!
    3-Did anyone see ARam boot a routine grounder late in the game, then look angrily at the ball like it was the ball’s fault? A perfect moment to sum up this season.

    Such a frustrating game!

    • Joe Cartwright

      And a perfect way to sum up ARam’s defense.

  • Ron

    Guess I went outside to play with the kids to early, must have just missed it. Maybe tomorrow they stick one in his ear hole.

  • Ron

    Just watched the take out, tomorrows game better be about some pay back and TIM McCarver is an idiot.

  • AndrewMoo

    Does dempster have the nuts to hit holiday? doubtful eh?

  • Dick

    This team is unwatchable. I agree with plunking Holliday every at bat. Note to Quade…don’t intentionally walk someone to load the bases since none of your pitchers can throw strikes.

  • ry

    when you cant kick the dog anymore, punch the wall anymore, drop the fbomb 100 times while watching this team, want to run out into traffic, jump off a cliff, you just have to laugh at this miserable miserable joke of a team. what a bunch of puss ass losers they are. i agree if dempster doesnt bean holliday tomorrow, it will be a huge injustice to starlin!

  • Internet Random

    “They should have sent Wood out there he would have done it without even being asked. . . .”
    My thoughts exactly.

    I expected a head hunt.

    I don’t know if I was more pissed at Holliday for dirty play or at the pen for not retaliating.

  • die hard

    Did Barney actually sac bunt in first inning?….small ball leading to 5 runs by putting pressure on defense…..too bad big Q didn’t learn how to manage a big league team until 2/3 of season gone….many of us pointed this out as early as April…but big Q too afraid to do the right thing for the team…next question for him…..when will he ask a veteran to do same?….don’t hold your breath…big Q is afraid of them…so he picks on newbies….and what about that pathetic rant about Castro play at second base….a real mgr would have said nothing but then ordered pitcher to flatten next batter with high hard one….Guillen, LaRussa, Durcoher, Stanky, Martin, Pinella would not have let that one go….we are stuck with a weak kneed losing mgr who has no respect of team for inaction like taken today…

    • MichiganGoat

      All five of those runs were unearned, but yes I was shocked that he did that, and Barney was safe (which would have made those runs earned and given us 6, but I digress). I’m sure he will never do it again since we lost.

  • Brian

    I mean blaming a blown call on a slide for an eight-run massacre is a bit much… as are all of the excuses the Cubs have been searching for this season but the fact that it was a dirty play really sucks. It’s good to see fuel renewed in a rivalry that is extremely lopsided but the Cubs need to stand up for themselves. Bob Brenley’s “Dead-ass team” statement was truly highlighted when there was no retaliation from the team or managing staff today. Sure the seasons basically over with no hopes for the post-season but if the Cubs just played with heart the game would be so much better. They seem to be looking at every game as a challenge, which when you are severely under .500 ever game does look like a struggle however they need to go out to the ballpark and just play. Have pride. Make themselves look valuable. It’s pitiful to watch a team that has no moral hope.

    Sorry for the rant. I just believe the Cubs would at least be entertaining to watch if they capped this season off with an ounce of hope for next season. Get a huge-ass name on the team and come back next year and have a little more pride. I mean if I was signed to any professional baseball team I would be full of energy to play my heart out. If I was signed to the Cubs I would cut off my hand if they told me to.

    Moral of the story, stand up for yourself and your team. Even if you lose that pride will still be there.

    • MichiganGoat

      We ended on a high note last year and look at what that got us. Personally I don’t want to us end on a high note. I want to pay the rookies and bench the vets, but I’m sure we will do the same thing again and end on a winning note and convince ourselves that we can compete with a couple tweaks.

    • Brett

      One thing, though – I’m not sure anyone is blaming the loss on the blown call (though, technically, it led to 8 runs – the run differential). I just think the slide was utter bullshit.

      • Tyler

        You keep swearing way more the later it gets, but it gets the point across so much better.

        • Brett

          Ha. You’re damn right.

  • terry

    Let’s see if the slide wouldn’t have happened the two runs at the time that scored to tie it would have been a double play and inning over. Without those two or the next 5. So there were 7 runs scored that shouldn’t have been.13-7::6. A lot closer game. So maybe you can’t blame the slide for the 8 runs but you can for sure 7