Open Thread: Post All Trade Rumors and News Here Until the 24-Hour Trade Deadline Blogathon Begins

As you know, I am foolishly attempting to blog for 24 hours straight leading up to (and slightly past) the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline. There’s almost always a flurry of rumors and moves – both by the Cubs and around the rest of MLB – so hopefully it won’t be without action.

In anticipation of staying up for 24 straight hours (and at an awkward time, I might add), I’m going to try and get some shut-eye now. You’ll probably not see me back until about 6pm CST, which is when the Trade Deadline Blogathon begins (and about when today’s Cubs/Cards game is ending).

In the interim, should any juicy rumors or big news break, please post it here in the comments, and, by all means, discuss it to the limits of your heart’s desire.

And, if you’re looking to kill a few seconds, please go HERE and nominated Bleacher Nation for “Best Team-Specific Site” if you are so inclined (and any other category you deem merited). It’s incredibly helpful if you do. Feel free to say that you did it in the thread, and when I return, I will shower you with glorious Internet love (that sounds much worse than I intended).

See you in a few hours.

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57 responses to “Open Thread: Post All Trade Rumors and News Here Until the 24-Hour Trade Deadline Blogathon Begins”

  1. Michigan Goat

    Over/under Brett’s insanity begins at noon tomorrow.

    1. marc

      Over….. but by 2 oclock he’ll be making up posts like ” Cubs have traded Jim Hendry for a bowl of fruit loops ” lol

      1. Michigan Goat

        I take that deal for him or Sori

        1. Jeff

          I would take a bowl of malt-o-meal for Soriano.

          1. marc

            Cubs should have 1 free beer for everyone one day to celebrate the day hendry leaves haha

      2. Fishin Phil

        I’ll take the under. By 11:00 a.m. tomorrow he’ll be changing his gravatar to Lady Gaga and posting pictures of his cat in lingerie.

  2. Cubbies

    I think Aram, soriano, and zambrano are all gone before tomorrow. What u think Brett?

    1. Andrew

      not a chance we’d be lucky to have one gone. I’m hoping Soriano. What can’t a man dream?

    2. Michigan Goat

      That would be awesome but that just too much, there is alot of phone calls and leg work that happens and typically the reporters pick up on that. The fact that we haven’t heard anything specfic link to a team about ARam, Z, or Sori makes me think there is no way that many deals would happen before the deadline.

  3. Cubbies

    I mean before the deadline.

  4. Toosh

    The Brewers just traded away a better prospect for Jerry Hairston Jr. than either player the Cubs got for Fukudome. Hendry’s an idiot.

    1. Michigan Goat

      The Brew is really in this year or bust mode.

    2. VanSlaw

      “The Brewers just did something very, very foolish. Ergo, Hendry’s an idiot.”

    3. Jeff

      Not to defend Hendry, but BA says that Eric Komatsu projects as a fourth outfielder at best, doesn’t have the pop that Abreu does, and is 2 years older than Abreu. I don’t think you need to be so upset about that one.

  5. Ron

    The keys to the kingdom…

  6. Toosh

    Komatsu was still rated higher in the Brewers system than either “prospect” the Cubs got was in Cleveland’s.

    1. VanSlaw

      Baseball America’s 2011 pre-season rankings of organizational talent.

      1. Kansas City Royals
      2. Tampa Bay Rays
      3. Atlanta Braves
      4. Toronto Blue Jays
      5. New York Yankees
      6. Cincinnati Reds
      7. Cleveland Indians
      8. San Diego Padres
      9. Colorado Rockies
      10. Philadelphia Phillies
      11. Los Angeles Dodgers
      12. Minnesota Twins
      13. Washington Nationals
      14. Texas Rangers
      15. Los Angeles Angels
      16. Chicago Cubs
      17. Boston Red Sox
      18. Seattle Mariners
      19. Pittsburgh Pirates
      20. New York Mets
      21. Baltimore Orioles
      22. Arizona Diamondbacks
      23. San Francisco Giants
      24. St. Louis Cardinals
      25. Detroit Tigers
      26. Houston Astros
      27. Chicago White Sox
      28. Oakland Athletics
      29. Florida Marlins
      30. Milwaukee Brewers

      The 14th-rated prospect in the Brewers’ system probably isn’t worth shagging fungoes from the Indian’s 20th-rated prospect.

    2. Jeff

      Add in the prospects the Brewers have already given up for Marcum and Grienke, and Komatsu slides even further down the ladder. I’ve read a couple of places that have the same opinion as Baseball America, he’s a fourth outfielder at best. You are grasping at straws here. There is plenty of other ammunition for Jim Hendry hate.

      1. Michigan Goat

        Yeah, the Brew farm is dry so any AAA prospect becomes a top prospect, Abreu has a high ceiling and is the type of high risk/reward player you can get for a player like Fuk.

  7. Jerry McClellan

    Hendry should have been fired a couple months ago. If he doesn’t make any moves because he is a lame duck that will piss a lot of people off. Ramirez said he would consider going but he is not being shopped…WHY NOT!!!! No one wants Z and Sori because they suck. Trade Byrd and who ever else you can that wont be back and bring some prospects up to see what they can do.

  8. Jeff

    Bruce Levine is reporting that Kerry Wood rejected a proposed trade to Philadelphia. No word on who would have come back in the deal.

    1. Michigan Goat

      I’d think that was one place he would go since he’d have a great chance at a ring.

  9. die hard

    Think outside the box…… …..Dempster, Soriano, Ramirez and Pena for Konerko , Quentin and two AA prospects

    1. Michigan Goat

      I hope you are just having fun with these insane trades… This is a horrible trade forth White Sox… Pls tell us your joking or at least come up with insane trades that are mutually beneficial just tough to pull together.

  10. Joyce K

    They need to trade Quade, Ramirez and Soriano for Ozzie, Konerko and Buehrle.

    P.S. I did nominate this site for best team specific.

  11. Cheryl

    Why not trade the current cubs roster for the AAA cubs roster?

  12. Ramy16

    Don’t forget Dayan Viencido ..then I pull that trade

  13. Ramy16

    Well guys iam going to see some minor league baseball today..iam going to go see that guy Raymond know the one in the Adrian Gonzalez deal..the cousin of Carlos Beltran ..he’s tearing up..

  14. Toosh

    Why not watch the Cubs and Cards? That way you can see major leaguers and minor leaguers on the same field.

    1. pfk

      In a blowout game the late great Jack Brickhouse would say, “Its like watching the men against the boys at the company picnic.” A perfect description for the Cubs against the Cards.

  15. Toosh

    Furcal to the Cards.

    1. Michigan Goat

      And Theriot to bench… finally some Vodoo that didn’t take.

  16. CubSouth

    How about the Cubs trading Byrd for decent prospects and then in the off season, if BJ Upton is still available, signing him. Maybe work out a trade for Justin if the D Backs wanna still part ways. I believe we can get good prospects for Byrd and still find help for Jackson and Colvin in the off season.

    1. Michael

      For some inane reason, the Cubs are refusing to listen to the Braves on Byrd. Or at least that’s what Stark is saying. No doubt they could get a good return. They could even offer to package Pena or Baker with him. The Braves have more than Mike Minor. They have a kid in Paul Clemens who isn’t untouchable and has a 97 mph fastball. They’ve got plenty to offer.

  17. Seth Majewski

    Pena, Ramirez,Byrd, and another spec(B- prospect) for J.Upton,Borchering

  18. Robbo

    Angels are supposedly looking for mid-reliever. Jim Hendry – its time to pick up the phone and offer up Grabow.

  19. Toosh

    And offer to pay the rest of his contract. Ask for more minor league roster-fillers in return.

  20. Jerry McClellan

    Doesn’t sound like Pena is going anywhere either according to Jon Heyman from SI

  21. Michael

    I also wonder, what was Hendry busy doing while Andre Ethier was on the block? They could offer a guy like Soto, who, and perhaps I’m wrong, seems to have taken a step back in his gamecalling this year without upping his offense, along with some prospects not in their top 5-7, recent class, or named Szczur. Maybe even could have pulled a three-team deal that way, if LA didn’t see how Soto would be a clear upgrade over Navarro. Why not use Soto to fill a hole of greater need if Castillo is the next Soto anyway, with even more catching depth behind him?

    1. Michigan Goat

      When was Either available?

      1. Michael

        Perhaps I should’ve thought it through more, since he wasn’t really ‘available,’ but just before this report came out there were rumblings that LA was ‘listening.’ It would’ve taken a good bit, but it just makes me think that the Cubs should at least offer on a guy like this if someone is listening, seeing as how they want to rebuild while competing.

        1. Michael
    2. Blinda

      Soto is by no means good but as far as catchers go there’s not many upgrades. Of the 30 teams I would put him in the top 10 catchers easily

  22. Toosh

    Good luck with the all-nighter!

  23. duke

    I got $20 that says the Cubs dont make one single trade between now and the deadline.

    1. bazfan1234

      Agree…for some reason, our GM thinks we have a bunch of studs.

    2. marc

      i’d take that bet…. we have to do something…I think its near impossible to hold on to what we have ….i say its nothing big but we’ll make a small move

  24. miggy80

    What the Hell, did Holiday just kick Starlin?

    1. Nick

      What a mess!

  25. Joe Cartwright

    Anybody else think that Joe Buck should NEVER announce for any sporting event ever? He’s terrible! Fucking monotone mid-sentence pausing bastard! This is just one of those fucking soul crushing games where we score a lot in the 1st, don’t give up more runs than what we got in the opponent’s half of the 1st, and then completely fuck it up in one inning! Fuck! Now I know how Tigers fans felt back in 2003.