Report: Ubaldo Jimenez to the Cleveland Indians (UPDATED: It’s Happening)

First Kosuke Fukudome, and now Ubaldo Jimenez? Clearly the Indians are striving to collect the best players in baseball.

Today the Cleveland Indians landed the Rockies’ ace (who, yes, is just a little bit more valuable than Fukudome) according to Troy Renck. The team will give up some seriously excellent prospects, given Jimenez’s talent, age (just 27), and favorable contract. Those excellent prospects are expected to include Drew Pomeranz, Alex White and Matt McBride.

UPDATE: Jimenez is warming up in the bullpen for his start tonight, so Renck is now backing off his report that the deal is done. It’s still expected to get done, though.

UPDATE II: Jimenez was removed from the game, and did the dugout-hugging thing, so it’s happening.

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18 responses to “Report: Ubaldo Jimenez to the Cleveland Indians (UPDATED: It’s Happening)”

  1. Caleb

    Nice work. Update: I ran a 7 mile run this morning ( bix 7 ) and have been drinking since. Regrets so far? I had to drink a jäger bomb, the douchebag drink of choice.

    1. Michigan Goat

      Okay BN who will fail first Brett or Caleb?

      1. Joe Cartwright

        I say Caleb passes out around 5am halfway through an update of gibberish.

        1. Caleb

          that’s the support I get? Challenge accepted.

          Oh, and I had a drink with coke zero in solidarity with Brett.

  2. awesome

    Ubaldo, done, been confirmed on wgn radio.

  3. Jeff

    Well that’s a 180 from a team doing a 180. Cry poor to trade Sabathia and Lee, but turn around and trade for Ubaldo Jiminez?

    1. Joe Cartwright

      Both are older and a lot more expensive in terms of money (at least I’m pretty sure they are).

  4. Michigan Goat

    I think this will blow up in Cleveland’s face. He’s not exactly an Ace, and they gave up a ton to get him.

  5. Jeff

    Fukudome, Ubaldo Jiminez, and maybe Ryan Ludwick. What is going on in Cleveland?

  6. AndrewMoo

    I also ran the bix today :D where you drinking at caleb.

  7. Tyler

    Buster Olney just reported that the Cubs wont trade Carlos Pene before the deadline. Hendry you are the worst GM in baseball

  8. Zach

    Why the hell would you not trade Carlos Pena (getting something in return for him is better than not trading him and getting nothing), he will be a free agent after the season, so if the Cubs wanted to sign him again they could. Jim Hendry has to be the worst and most stupid GM in all of baseball. He still thinks that the Cubs only need a few tweaks and they could be contenders next year. If they dont do anything and keep the same players for next year, why would the Cubs be any better than they are this year.