The Chicago Cubs suck.

I thought I should get that out there before the Cardinal trolls make an appearance to decry my efforts to rip on Matt Holliday for his completely ridiculous, dangerous, and bush league slide in today’s game (pictured, right).

In the fifth inning, Holliday was busting it to second base to break up a double play (fine). But instead of sliding anywhere in the vicinity of second base, he slide late, high, and incredibly wide, directly into Starlin Castro. He didn’t take questions from reporters after the game.

Here’s the video (the play starts at the 20 second mark; sorry for Mac users, the embed may not work for you, so you’ll have to use this link to watch it):

  • Tyler

    Buster Olney just reported that the Cubs wont trade Carlos Pene before the deadline. Hendry you are the worst GM in baseball.

  • Joe Cartwright

    And stupid FOX announcers tried to say it was a clean play! It’s completely obvious that Holliday was trying to flip Castro on his face!

    • Zach

      Thats why FOX announcers don’t know what they are talking about, they think a clean play is breaking up a double play while sliding no where near the bag and spiking the shortstop.

    • ottocub

      Ugh. Tim McCarver played 7 years for the Cardinals. And Joe Buck was raised on Cardinal baseball, and broadcast for the AAA affiliate and the big-league club before he was hired by FOX. It’s not surprising that neither of them could see this play from any point of view other than “that was good clean Cardinal baseball” They would have responded much differently if a Cubs player barreled out of the baseline and purposefully spiked one of the Cardinals best up-and-coming players.

      In my opinion Joe Buck is a mediocre announcer, at best. He has a monotone voice, shows great bias in every game he calls (he rips on the Yankees every chance he gets!), and he has a terrible negative attitude about the game, always finding the worst in every situation. His cynical approach to announcing is bad for baseball and bad for the MLB brand.

  • bobbyd

    Mebee them Card bitches will understand this:

    I’ll serve your ass like John MacEnroe
    If you step up, I’m smacking the ho
    Word to your moms I came to drop bombs
    I got more rhymes than the bible’s got psalms
    And just like the Prodigal Son I’ve returned
    Anyone stepping to me you’ll get burned
    Cause I got lyrics and you ain’t got none
    So if you come to battle bring a shotgun
    But if you do you’re a fool, cause I duel to the death
    Try and step to me you’ll take your last breath
    I gots the skill, come get your fill
    Cause when I shoot ta give, I shoot to kill

    • Brett


  • Dean

    Holliday better take one right at the head tomorrow his first time up.

    • HotRuta

      Agree completely. I didn’t get to see the game, but whoever was pitching the next time Holliday came up to bat had an OBLIGATION to stick it in his ear.

      Same goes for every at bat for the rest of this series. We’ve got enough pitchers to go around …

    • HotRuta

      Oh … and I thought Castro already knew this …

      When a jerk like Holliday tries a rolling take-out slide, you’re supposed to aim your best-fastball-relay-throw directly at the bridge of the nose of the oncoming idiot …

      Major League Fielding 101.

      • Brett

        I’ve wondered: has anyone actually done that in recent years? I can’t picture it.

        • HotRuta

          Not that I recall.

          “Pretty effective, isn’t it …”

          • Brett

            “As I sit here today, I do not recall.”

            It works every time.

            • ron

              Was that Olie North?

              • Brett

                Maybe. It’s every well-prepared client at every deposition in modern history.

            • HotRuta

              Actually, I was alluding to an old joke — the one where a guy is walking in Central Park [NY], and sits down on a park bench next to a fellow who is reading a book. As the fellow gets to the end of a page, he rips it out of the book, and then carefully tears it into small pieces … which he then scatters all around him.
              After seeing the fellow do this a couple of times, the guy says “You know, I just have to ask you — why are you tearing up the pages of your book and spreading the pieces around?”
              The fellow looks both ways and then says, in a whisper, “It keeps the elephants away!”
              The guy replies “Elephants? There are no elephants in Central Park!”
              To which the fellow replies, “You see … pretty effective, isn’t it?”

              It used to be that infielders were told not to worry about hitting a runner with their throws: “They’ll get out of the way.”

              … and I was using the phrase “stick it in his ear” in what perhaps now is an outmoded sense — not a fastball to the head, but a breaking ball designed to leave the batter sitting on his butt in the dirt … you don’t necessarily have to make physical contact to deliver the message.

              This is an issue of intimidation; that’s why it can’t be allowed to stand without a response — and why Umpires [at least in years past] allowed a retalliation before threatening both managers and both pitchers with ejection … it’s the way you defuse the situation, by not allowing one team to get away with something that could lead to open warfare.

  • Zach

    Why the hell would you not trade Carlos Pena (getting something in return for him is better than not trading him and getting nothing), he will be a free agent after the season, so if the Cubs wanted to sign him again they could. Jim Hendry has to be the worst and most stupid GM in all of baseball. He still thinks that the Cubs only need a few tweaks and they could be contenders next year. If they dont do anything and keep the same players for next year, why would the Cubs be any better than they are this year.

  • philoe beddoe

    this could mean that Hendry is a “lame duck”….unfortunately most good teams have 1b covered so Pena isn’t sought after….sounds like Pirates didn’t want to give up anything…

    we needed Ramirez to waive his no trade clause….

    Byrd could get us a little…but apparently we are not going to trade him either….

    Grabow? Reed Johnson?…anyone?…..we can’t keep all of this crap!

  • Michigan Goat

    :( Doesn’t work for us iPhone/iPad users. But retaliations better happen tomorrow, every pitch better be inside and one better leave a good welt… And ine to PooHole for good measure… Time for a bench clearing brawl, I know I need it!

    • Laura

      This works on iPhones:

      • Laura

        *Sorry, MG. Thought it would give a direct link.

        • MichiganGoat

          I have it on my MLB app, just wish MLB would be more friendly with i-users.

  • bobbyd

    Sadly…if only the Cubbies had that amount of huevos.

    Apparently the Pirates and Clint Hurdle do.

    I mean; they’re gamers. Why aren’t the Cubs?

    Apparently they’re willing to allow teams to “Play their ass as though their name was Sega.”

    • bobbyd

      Uh…too many prepositions*.

      *sorry Brett…is that right? Prepositions? Unreferenced prepositions? They? (Who’s “they”) Been a while since I had a class in English or Philo….

      I should also not drink and post.**

      **(But I work nights and it’s fun. đŸ˜‰ )

      • Brett

        At least you responded well to your own post.

        And *everyone* should drink and post.

        • Laura

          Romanes Eunt Domus?

          • Brett

            Too clever for me. Or I’m more tired than I think.

          • Brett

            Ah. Google is my friend.

  • Seth Majewski

    John Buck and all the FOX announcers are terrible. After Soriano hit the homer, buck couldnt sound less enthused and they have no clue what there talking about.

  • al

    WOW…Id drill that sonofabitch right in the earflap sunday…he friggen kicked him!!

  • al

    follow joe buck sucks on fb!!

    • bobbyd

      Joe Fuck Suks.

      It’s a fact.

      He should stick to the NFL (which also sucks).

  • AndrewMoo

    I love it when quade gets thrown out in that video, because you can read his lips clear as day FUCK YOUUUUUUUU

  • bobbyd

    I ain’t goin’ out like no punk bitch…

  • bobbyd

    Three things I wish the Cubs (as an organization) had:

    1) A Teacher.
    2) Drive (aka initiative).
    3) Athletic talent.

    I’m going to start with #3. The Cubs as a team has raw talent. I mean, the org can’t be as pathetic at evaluating talent as they appear to be, can they? Seriously? If the org is, then Ricketts needs better scouts.

    #2: Do the players want to win? If no, then why play the game? To collect a paycheck? If all the players want is to collect a paycheck then they are useless. As a leader I would tell my team that if they’re not going to pull their weight then they need to go.

    #1: A teacher. I’ve trained in athletic competition (swimming) and personal training (Aikido/Zazen) . You either put your ego to the side and listen to your teacher and become the “empty mind” or you don’t. Of course if you don’t respect your teacher or if your ego is too big then….

  • Cardfan

    Hmmm… Looks like a team playing to get into the post-season.

    • Jeff

      Playing to get into the post-season with his foot out and his spikes up more than two feet off the base. That’s dirty no matter what color your glasses are.

      • Cardfan

        Honestly, I would get a little worked up over it, if I were in your shoes. The ump was on top of it, though, and the base was within reach. I won’t get pissed if Holliday catches one on the ribs tomorrow – part of the game. If he gets tagged, I am sure he’d be the first one to say it was worth it to tie the game. From the look on Castro’s face, that was the moment the Cubs lost the will to live.
        If I were you, I’d be more pissed about the velvet glove approach with Hendry that is keeping your organization in a stand-down mode at a time when you should be taking some big steps. I would like to see this become a true rivalry again.

        • Jeff

          I know you didn’t just go there. You did just go there. It’s on now motherf*#$er.

          Just kidding. You are probably right, it was a wide slide, Holliday isn’t exactly the most graceful guy, and it came at a very crappy point in the game, but it still was close enough to the borderline that there should have been some brushback going on at the least. The apathy of this team and the players continue to abhor me, almost as much as Cardinals fans.

        • Toosh

          Typical LaRussa.

        • bobbyd

          You’re right, Cardfan.

          There is no honor in beating on a weaker opponent.

          • bobbyd

            I hate to say it as a Cubs fan but the team plays like they’re scared little bitches. The Cubs can’t field, can’t hit in situation, can’t pitch, and can’t play as a team. Apparently the Pirates (with their statistically average team) can do all these things (at least passably) for one reason: THEY HAVE A MANAGER.


            Brains and heart beat money.

            Fuck Hendry, fuck the money.

            Why can’t the Cubs (as a team) learn the fucking game of baseball?

            It really isn’t hard.



            Christ; this is not rocket science.

            When hitting, hit ball where defenders ain’t. Watch pitcher. Be patient. Take what’s given. When pitching, throw ball so as to get batter to miss (this is half the game). If ball is hit, then on defense, anticipate where ball might be hit to, catch ball and throw to appropriate base.


    • Cubfan

      Hmmm… looks like a team playing to get into an eternity of fire and brimstone because they are demonic, soulless, assholes.

    • Brett

      Not if they want to have a healthy Holliday.

      • MichiganGoat

        Maybe just maybe all the Voodoo magic is finally coming to come to get it’s payment when a brush back of Holliday breaks his shoulder and richocets into PooHole’s bionic wrist which cause his programming to go haywire and smash Dave Duncan like the Hulk thereby ending any chance of them having good pitching again….damn I need to let this go or go to bed but this whole thing has enraged me all night.

        • Brett

          Ha. I don’t root for injuries, but I would giggle.

          • MichiganGoat

            The funny and disturbing thing is I teach a class on conflict resolution and peer mediation at an inner city high school to gang members… And I so wanna bust a cap in Matty’s ass.

            • Brett

              I want to mediate an Aroldis Chapman fastball right into thigh.

              • MichiganGoat

                Well I could send out a “Request to Mediate” to good ole Matty then have him jumped when enter… I have students who would love to be allowed to do “Street Mediations” in my office… I’d get fired but it be worth it.

            • ron

              This reminds me of the only time I “took someone out” when I played. I was actually playing bush league ball. My parents wouldn’t let me play high school baseball, I had to pick one sport, but they let me play baseball with a bunch of washed up drunks two nights a week when I was 17, go figure. Anyway, my brother played short and I was the left fielder, a slow roller was hit to him with guys on first and second. The dude on second reached out and grabbed my brother so he couldn’t field the ball. Simple interference but the ump traveled with the team and didn’t make the call. We almost fought right there but as justice would have it the guy that took out my brother played short. Needless to say he took a set of cleets mid thigh an inning or two later. I hope Halliday gets his tomorrow.

            • Cardfan

              That is damn funny!

        • ron

          I don’t think Wells can throw that hard.

  • chris margetis

    it was already said several times, but if he doesn’t catch one in the ear hole tomorrow, for that bullshit bush league crap, I’ll be very upset.

  • bobbyd

    Somehow, somewhere, someone in the Cubs organization needs to put the “fun” back in fundamentalist dogma.

    It’s like watching amateur hour at the Apollo…

    “This isn’t rocket science Smithers, it’s brain surgery…now hand me that ice cream scoop!”

    • MichiganGoat

      Well we have the MEN and DAM[N] in fundamentals… So that’s a start.

  • daniducci

    I’m entertained by people saying Holliday’s slide was “dirty” or “bush league” and then suggesting a pitch in his ear as retaliation. Trying to hit a guy in the head is dirty baseball, so you obviously aren’t opposed to your own players being bush league. You throw up and in to knock a hitter on his rear, not to hit him in the head.

    I was surprised they didn’t dust Holliday his next time up, and wouldn’t be very bothered if they do that tomorrow. His slide was definitely borderline, and I wasn’t comfortable with it. But it was questionable only because it was late. Taking out Castro’s feet, the only thing he went after, is clean baseball. And the slide wasn’t wide of the bag at all. His hand was right over the bag, making it completely legal. The Cubs should retaliate by knocking him down or burying a ball in his ribs, which is also clean baseball. Then it should be over.

    And Castro needs to shut up. The fact that he complained that metal spike would have cut him proves he doesn’t have a clue what’s dirty and what isn’t. Getting cut by metal spikes is the hallmark of good hard baseball for a middle infielder, and no one who knows baseball would complain about that unless the spikes came in high.

    • Brett

      Small point: as a former middle infielder myself, I can say with some confidence that you tend not to get cut by spikes – metal or otherwise – unless the runner DOES come in high.

      But I totally agree on headhunting. No place for it. Ask Marlon Byrd.

  • Zach

    On ESPN Chicago, Castro said that the Holliday was really out of the base path and didn’t have a chance to touch the base, he also said that the slide wasn’t clean.

  • Ralph

    Almost a clean play…. but…
    Late Slide + shitbag = one in the ribcage tomorrow

  • Cubssuckballs

    Dear God cubs fans. If Zambrano slid into Descalso like this you’d be bitching that the shortstop was in the way of your precious angry baby. Seriously? This is a clean play as per the baseball rule book….In attempting to get around a fielder who has the ball waiting to make the tag, the runner must not run more than 3 feet to either side of a line that goes between him and the base he is advancing to. If he does, he is out for violation of rule 7.08. Learn to read you north side fucks

    • Brett

      It makes me sad to know that there are people out there like you. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  • duke

    Cant you delete his crap? I dont want to read it on here.

    • Brett

      Nah, no need. He looks ridiculous and embarrasses all Cardinal fans. I kind of like that.

  • Cubssuckballs

    I look ridiculous? I’m pretty sure that you can’t read the rules and have to put this idiotic post up because your beloved Cubs (“The Chicago Cubs Suck”, what happened to the most loyal fans in baseball?). This kind of play happens all the time and because your team is 23 games below .500 the rest of baseball is supposed to feel sorry for you when another team plays hard? Seriously, Cubs fans complain more then any other fans in baseball. Also, you’re “not rooting for injuries” but you would “giggle” at a guy getting his shoulder broken? I bet it’s nice to sit here and rag on these professionals when you weren’t good enough to make it as a professional middle infielder. Also, don’t assume that only Cardinals or Cubs fans read this or that anyone with an opinion contrary to yours is automatically a Cardinals fan. Also #Duke, if you dont want to want to read “crap” then maybe you shouldn’t read comments which might upset your sensitive disposition

    • Joe Cartwright

      You’re up at 5:19am (eastern time), just so you can rip on Cubs fans. You also don’t know the difference between “then” and “than” or when to use commas. Yep, you look pretty ridiculous to me.

      And, since you’re calling out Brett about not becoming a professional infielder, I’m assuming you’re either Descalso or Holliday.

      And, Duke is sensitive? You’re the one starting Internet comment wars.

      • Joe Cartwright

        Moreover, finish your sentences! “idiotic post because your beloved Cubs”. What?
        And, everyone here is loyal. We’re just not going to deny how this year has been.

    • Brett

      To everyone else: Isn’t it funny how predictable this was?

      It almost makes me… giggle.

  • Cubssuckballs

    First off Joe; anyone who has taken a single college level english class knows that “than” is used in a comparison (which it obviously was not here). Secondly, a comma follows an adverb at the beginning of a sentence. I am upset because only hack writers would put up an article titled “Watch Matt Holliday’s Bush League Slide Into Starlin Castro”. I can understand and even applaud the discussion of the rules and if this play is within those rules. This article wasn’t written to spark a discussion. I hope that we can agree that the it’s good for baseball for the fans to debate these topics, it shows the love and devotion of a fanbase. What I disagree with is the blatant attempt to discredit a player like Holliday. People will find this article and take it as fact instead of one mans opinion.

    • Brett

      So much eloquence and instruction from a poster named “Cubssuckballs.” I assume Wordsworth was taken?

      You’re right about one thing: this post wasn’t written to spark a discussion. Not with you, anyway.

      Now, take your thumb out of Holliday’s ass, type your witty goodbye, and be on your way.

    • Joe Cartwright

      Dude, I’m 18, just finished high school and I’m about to go play baseball for UNCC. I’ve only taken high school classes, and even I can tell when someone makes a comparison. Obviously, you can’t, even though it was your own sentence.
      Since you’re so obsessed with people who’ve “been to college”, I’m now assuming that you’ve either never been or dropped out.

    • Drake

      What bizarro world are you living in that “Cubs fans complain more then any other fans in baseball” is not a comparison?

  • Cubssuckballs

    Ok Brett, enjoy filling the internet with poorly thought out comments about men you can only dream of being. Go polish up that multicolored certificate in Writin’ from University of Phoenix, eat a hot dog, flip on WGN and never touch a computer again. The world will be a better place, I can promise you that.

    • Brett

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Jeff

        I knew you really dream of being Mike Quade, Brett, but were too ashamed to admit it. Thanks suckballs, you have enlightened us all.

    • Joe Cartwright

      Oh…. I should really read under the comments that i’m about to post on….
      Eh, he was fun anyway.

      • Brett

        Yeah, I rather enjoyed that.

        Though, I feel like I should defend myself: my certificate in Writin’ from the University of Phoenix isn’t multicolored. It’s gold.

        • Joe Cartwright

          Sorry about that. It’s just the first thing that popped in my head was “and you are a professional middle infielder?”. I’ll just keep quiet and laugh next time.

        • MichiganGoat

          Damn I knew I should have gotten up earlier, this was awesome! As a teacher I loved the whole then/than and Wadsworth reference.

  • al

    and its not cubssuckballs…its cubssuckass you cardinal moron…

  • Doctor_Blair

    Not that I’m a fan, but all I have to say in return to Cubssuckballs is “GO BREWERS!”

    • Jeff

      Not that we care, but “GO BACK TO WISCONSIN CHEESEHEAD!”

  • Mike

    lets take all the hardnose plays and contact out of all sports… we can all hold hands, and sing about our feelings instead of playing the national anthem, we can eat veggie burgers and cheer for both sides equally, so we dont hurt anyones feelings… this article is the prime example of a modern day metrosexual pussification of america douche, if they didnt like the slide, man up, grow some balls and send a little chin music his way next at bat… its sports, not a drum circle!

    • dlee

      that’s a bit of a stretch there. there is a huge difference between hard-nosed baseball and being cheap. this was clearly the latter. not only was the slide excessively wide of the bag, holliday didn’t begin his slide until he was even with second base. if this was hard-nosed then we would see slides like this everyday in MLB, we obviously don’t.

  • Ty

    I have a question… Why in the world instead of even attempting to finish the play did the cubs “best player” lay on the ground crying for his mother? 99 times out of 100 a true player gets up finishes the play then worries whether or not they are hurt instead of letting Pujols walk home.

    Besides that in no way was this slide dirty. Even Quade said it wasn’t a dirty play his point was that it should have been called interference. It was a good hard baseball play you have to take the chance on breaking up the double play if the ump calls interference nothing lost.. It could have possibly maybe been called interference but the fact is he was technically within reach of the bag. Claiming it was interference is one thing claiming it was dirty (basically saying he slid with intent to hurt) is just ignorant. The simple fact is if it was a dirty play Holliday would have gotten thrown at.

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    Card fan why in the he’ll are you even on here…what part of bleacher nation states anything about the st louis shitbirds…the cardinals are a mediocre team at that..just enough to limp into the playoffs…looks like wrigleyville north will win the division this year..the shitbirds will have to beat bout the Atl Braves for the wildcard and that ain’t happening