That headline begs for parody (mostly food-related), but, in this instance, it’s sincere. Let’s take a brief look at Hendry’s recent statements about the immediate future of the Chicago Cubs.

“We haven’t been in any way, shape or form directed to dump money,” Hendry said yesterday. “And there’ve been years I felt the obligation was to do that. This is not that kind of year.”

That’s all well and good so long as the Ricketts plan to spend next year commensurately with the current payroll. Although they’ve made a strong commitment to spending money on the amateur side, I have my doubts that payroll will not slide again in 2012. After all, the Cubs had to structure Carlos Pena’s $10 million contract over three fiscal years for budgetary purposes. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Still, Hendry seems to have confidence that there will be money to spend next year, even if moves aren’t made to save cash right now.

“For the first time in a few years, there’s significant dollars coming off the books[, which could lead to new acquisitions]. All’s you need is your young people to keep getting better, and you make the right moves with the money that now will be available, and why couldn’t you be right back in it?”

The question remains, of course, whether it will be Hendry doing the spending.

As for whether the Cubs still might make some moves in advance of the deadline, Hendry says the Cubs stand ready, but that we should prepare for little action at the deadline.

“Maybe one or two things might happen,” Hendry said. “The goal was to move a few pieces that we knew weren’t coming back. It didn’t mean that they weren’t good players. We did what we had to do with [Kosuke Fukudome] because we needed to let [Tyler] Colvin play the majority of time

“I don’t anticipate anything significant. That could change by [Sunday’s 3 p.m. deadline] … Dominos sometimes fall differently. We’ll be prepared to be ready if something helps us, and if not, there’s nothing else you can do about it.”

So, it sounds like the Cubs might continue to work the phones on lesser pieces like John Grabow and Reed Johnson, but will not affirmatively seek out other trades. If teams come a-callin’, though, the Cubs will listen.

  • LouCub

    I can’t believe that Jabba the Hendry still has a friggin job…. This team just keeps getting worse by the day and wants to keep everyone…I’m starting to question whether or not to remain loyal to this team, he’s pushed my loyalty to the edge of the cliff, after todays debacle, you wouldn’t trade Carlos Pena or Marlon Byrd??or Jeff Baker or Dumpster??? Sertiously??!!

    • Brian Myers

      It seems to me the Byrd is a cheap (salary) outfielder who’s massive 16 RBI’s this year likely isn’t viewed as being a difference maker on a contender. Add the fact he has another year on his contract and he turns 35 next year, he’s not much more than a 4th OF on most teams that think they have a contender.

      As far as the Cubs… I believe he’s a good clubhouse guy and better than the alternatives in CF. … and he’s fairly well liked by the fans. Plus, he’s inexpensive as a starter and is a “rare” Cub that doesn’t SO 100 times a year. Because of who the Cubs are (talent, salary, etc) I’d keep him. He’s likely better than what they can get for him and they have more pressing needs to address in the off season. Plus if his numbers are up, then next season he might be a tempting trade deadline guy and get better talent in return.

      • Brett

        Byrd does have a 116 OPS+ this year (16% better than average), which is better than just about anyone else still available. And he still plays good CF. I could see teams being quite interested.

        • Brian Myers

          I agree, unfortunately the talent you would get in return might be Carlton Smith like (a 4.20 career minor league ERA, etc…) and an A ball project.

          That might be a good enough return, but it seems unlikely that would ultimately provide a Marlon Byrd like value at any point in the future. Of course, I could be wrong. 😉

          • Brett

            Come on now – there is zero chance Byrd is not significantly more valuable on the trade market than Kosuke Fukudome, particularly considering contract situations.

  • Joe Cartwright

    As soon as I read “dominos”, I thought pizza.

    • Brett

      I could go for some Dominos right about now.

  • Caleb

    The cubs pretty much do the usual, not exciting. Me? Drinks and fun stuff while causing shenanigans. Were both so predictable! Can you keep an hourly record from your exploits? I’m getting confused.

  • CubSouth

    I will stand by my belove Cubs through this season(s) of turmoil, because what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and you have a deeper appreciation for the team after all is said and done. What I don’t understand is how HendErINGy can say we only need a few key pieces to move around and this team can be a contender. I believe he is going to stand by his words and keep Byrd, Dempster, Pena, Aramis, Baker and Marshall, just for spite. I’m pretty sure Soriano and big Z weren’t the only two who dropped us 20 plus games below .500. I can understand keeping a few key pieces to help with the pieces you have coming up from the minors next season and the moves you hope to make in the off season, but he is keeping them all. HendErINGy, buddy, if you can read this message, stop holding on and trade these valuable pieces because you tried winning with them this year and looks where its gotten you. Do you not know that you trade good talent in hopes of getting better future talent? Teams that are good only have a few areas they need to upgrade in and always have someone coming up through their minors the following year that’s gonna be a stud. How can HendErINGy stay when he knows he is the one who has caused this debacle.

    • Brett


      In any case, I agree with the spirit of your comment, if not all of the substance.

    • Jeff

      HendErINGy? Is that Quade’s new nickname for our GM? Was there another phenomenal Quade press conference I didn’t hear about?

      • Brett

        Ha. Nicely played.

  • Fishin Phil

    Hendry and Plan in the same sentence. Brett you are one of the funniest guys on the interwebs!

    • Brett

      Sometimes it’s like it (literally) writes itself!

  • CubSouth

    Sorry, its a bad play on words. Hendry meets Hindering, because that is especially what he is doing to us right now.

    • Brett

      Gotcha. The lack of sleep is inhibiting my ability to understand such things.

  • Dingo


  • bobbyd

    No, no. Not plan, “flan” (a party-sized bucket’s worth).

    • Brett

      Flan is kind of gross.

      • bobbyd

        You’re right, but Hendry doesn’t strike me as being a particularly finicky eater.

        • Brett

          I’m sure you’re right.

  • Mike

    Cubs are only a couple moves away from contending next year!
    Move 1: Fire Hendry!
    Move 2: Move Cubs to Triple A

    • Brett

      Move 3: Profit!