MLB Trade Deadline Update: A Final Roundup

The non-waiver trade deadline has come and gone, and, although the Chicago Cubs sat inexplicably on their hands, other teams took the bull by the horns.

  • The Astros continued their quest to ensure the number one pick in the 2012 draft by sending Michael Bourn to the Braves for Jordan Schafer and three pitching prospects. Reports had the Braves coming to the Cubs about Marlon Byrd when talks with the Astros had stalled. The Cubs refused, and the Braves pulled the trigger on Bourn.
  • The Padres sent top set-up man Mike Adams to the Rangers for two very, very good AA pitching prospects. That trade came after the Rangers approached the Cubs about Carlos Marmol, and the Cubs refused (sensing a theme?). You may not believe it, and you may not want to hear it, but a source suggests the Cubs could have netted a very similar return for Marmol. The dirt beneath my foot is taking a pounding.
  • The Pirates picked up Ryan Ludwick for a PTBNL. With Derrek Lee in the fold, and the sad sack story, is it ok to root for them down the stretch? I’d much rather see them take the Central than the Cardinals or Brewers. Of course, if the Pirates make the playoffs, Cubs management will have all the more fodder for their cockamamy “see! a team can go from terrible to playoffs in one year with a tinker or two!” theory.
  • The Red Sox had a deal for Rich Harden fall through because of Harden’s medical reports, so they instead traded for… Erik Bedard? For realsies?
  • The Diamondbacks picked up reliever Brad Ziegler from the A’s for a couple prospects, including first baseman Brandon Allen (a 25-year-old who has torn up AAA, but hasn’t quite made it happen in the bigs). What, John Grabow not good enough for you? Oh, you’re right. He’s not.
  • On the balance, it was a relatively quiet trade deadline, which comports with suggestions that teams were holding onto prospects more than ever this year. The question is why? Is it economy-driven? Too many teams still in the race? Too many teams content with their current makeup?

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

28 responses to “MLB Trade Deadline Update: A Final Roundup”

  1. Laura

    Go to sleep, Brett. (“That’s where I’m a viking!”)

  2. GenoTaglia

    Friggin’ unacceptable. I suppose I can understand NOT making a trade…I can understand Aramis or Woody saying “no”…but…EVERYONE, EVERYONE, EVERYONE should have been made available, and discussed in long detail. Fail.

  3. Drake

    Really frustrating to see what it is the Cubbies could have gotten.

    Slightly different tone, but have we heard anything new on some of our unsigned draftees like Baez, Maples or Dunston Jr.?

  4. Toosh

    Thanks, Ace. Good job. Get some rest.

  5. Cheryl

    Well J.H., don’t know what you or Ricketts are thinking. Don’t know what you’re reasons were for no trades, except Fuku. Don’t know why you drafted so well when you kept the same players on who are over 22 games under 500. Don’t know. But I think you’ll find an answer on cubs fans parts when those in the stands dwindle to a very few. Maybe its time for one cub fan to switch loyalties. I switched once from the Sox to the Cubs many years ago. Now, maybe its time to forget baseball and look elsewhere.

  6. Jerry McClellan

    I still don’t understand if the Cubs were willing to pick up most of Z’s contract why Boston didn’t want him. Z is still better than Bedard right? Oh yeah Rami said he would consider being moved but he wasn’t shopped? My question is why? He could have landed a bunch of prospects. What is the point of Jim Hendry still being here if he wasn’t going to do anything. Randy Bush could have done nothing to.

  7. Ralph

    Cool that you did this Ace, you think Gammons was up all night?… but was it worth it???

  8. pfk

    Brett, thank you for the 24 hour non-stop blogging. And, thank you to all the Bleacher Nation followers who also participated. Some of the non-basballl threads were absolutely hilarious and a kick to follow. I love all the regulars on here and the their opinions and outrageous comments. I particularly love it when someone says, “That’s it. I have had it. I’m never watching the Cubs again,” when you know that, like all Cubs fans, as soon as ST rolls around, they are not only on board but believe, yep, this is the year. So, thanks to all you guys and gals for your posts. I’m not sure if I know of any more thoroughly enjoyable internet entertainment than Bleacher Nation.

    1. Hogie

      Ha. I’m trying to decide which I’ve said more, “I swear, I am never drinking again!!” after a rough night, or “I swear it, I am never watching this team again!!” after an embarasing loss.
      Brett, this was a really fun time, should have been a little more exciting on the rumor front, but very fun regardless (and I’ve got to believe it was good for buisiness as well!). Great idea and execution.

  9. Jeff

    Here are the results of those other “masterminds” in the front office led by Wilken and company.

    I don’t understand how this group of guys is still running a baseball team. I would think you could only shoot yourself in the foot so many times before you realize you aren’t good at shooting. Have any of the draft picks made under Jim Hendry worked out?

  10. nccub

    Great job! Enjoyed following through the day and night.

  11. Caleb

    Yeah. Way to go, Brett!

    I’ve got to stop drinking.

    …but it’s the only way to stomach this Cubs team!

  12. Zbo

    Well done, Brett. The only palatable of the trade deadline was coming here to chuckle. Thanks for that. Cubs in 2014!

  13. al

    relax ffffolks im sure hendrys working on a plan.(YAWN) anyways trades can still be made but the players have to clear waivers till the end of august….still time to dump (shit) salary…

  14. dreese

    Thank you so much Brett! Even though the cubs didnt do too much this was still really