As I noted last night, sources have suggested that the Chicago Cubs are intent on keeping center fielder Marlon Byrd through today’s trade deadline, despite pings from other teams desperate for outfield help (most notably the Braves).

A productive, healthy, good teammate, Byrd could help a contender down the stretch, and, because he’s signed for $6.5 million next year, he could help in 2012 as well.

So, it’s no wonder that Jon Heyman says, if the Cubs traded Byrd, he “mighta brought a haul.”

Apply your palm gently – or roughly – to your face, and ponder what might have been if the Cubs weren’t seemingly constrained by a lame duck GM who refuses to make moves designed to better the team over the long haul in favor of short term salvos.

Of course, it’s not too late. The trade deadline is still some six and a half hours away. But is anyone listening?

  • Michigan Goat

    That’s it going back to sleep

  • CubFan Paul

    hopefully Pena still gets traded to Arizona or somewhere & him not going to Pittsburgh was just Pitt calling Hendry’s bluff on the Cubs not wanting to pay the $5million check on January 1st for a good prospect

  • Drake

    Not gonna happen from the Braves now, they just acquired Michael Bourn from the ‘stros for 4 minor leaguers.

    • Fishin Phil

      And here we sit watching Hendry’s thumb slide further and further up his ass.

  • Jelly

    It’s to the point now where I’m disgusted with the amount of idiocy sitting in the Cubs front offices. What the hell does Hendry think he is doing? Are they that deluded to believe that Fukudome was the only reason this team is losing and that if they just hold on to everyone else, next year we’ll be fine, as our already-aging veterans grow another year older? This while situation is just absurd.

  • Ron

    Glad I worked through my hang over issues, if I had read this two hours ago I would have barred.

    • Ron