Matt Holliday may not have stuck around long enough to talk to the media after today’s game, but the recipient of his dirty, take-out slide did.

Chicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro spoke of Holliday’s wide, late, and high slide, which contributed to an eight-run fifth inning. And he wasn’t happy.

“I was hurt on the ground and didn’t think too much about the runs,” Castro said of the play. “[Holliday] was really out of the base [path]. He didn’t have a chance to touch the base. He slid hard, real hard. It wasn’t clean.”

Castro was very nearly injured on the play.

“It’s only OK because he had a rubber cleat,” Castro said. “If he had a [steel cleat], he would have cut me.”

As for manager Mike Quade, who was ejected after arguing that Holliday interfered, he, too, was upset by the play.

“I applaud somebody who will go in hard to try and break up a double play,” Quade said. “But my thing is, it’s not a legal slide to me. The way Starlin was clipped, in retrospect, the bag was the last thing on his mind. They don’t [call an out] unless it’s blatant. The rules are there for a reason.”

Holliday batted later in the game, but wasn’t subjected to so much as a brushback. Whether that changes in tomorrow’s series finale remains to be seen.


  • MichiganGoat

    Ahhhhh, DUUUUUUUUUH! I’m just amazed Q let Castro talk.

  • Brett

    And, with this post, I’ve got to step out for a few to feed the baby, and go to the store. How domestic. Back in a bit.

    • TWC

      Otherwise known as: “Gotta take a quick nap, folks.”

      • MichiganGoat

        Yeah, let’s get him. It’s not exactly constant blogging if your running errands and dashing out for coffee all night.

        • TWC

          No shit. Where’s the damn webcam?

      • Brett

        False. In fact, so committed am I that I just fed the baby, and returned before heading to the store to make sure there weren’t any interesting comments worth responding to.

        There weren’t.

        • TWC

          Whaaaaaa? The Family Guy where they do Return of the Jedi is on Hulu now? See ya, suckas!

          • Brett

            Good timing, because now I really am going to the store.

  • Ralph

    Hell yeah… wait ’til the series finale. I remember when Soriano hit the 3 dingers in a row vs. Tim Hudson and the Braves and was smiling ear-to-ear until he got nailed. Then in the series finale, ‘ol Teddy Ball Game drilled… I think it was Edgar Renteria (?) in the first inning and got tossed… it’s coming for Holliday tomorrow night and probably by somebody who is as old school as Lilly.

    • Hogie

      Lilly’s good buddy Demp is on the mound tommorow.

    • Drake

      If I remember correctly, isn’t that when Renteria put a clothesline into Mike Fontenot on a steal at second?

  • ISU Birds

    This just across the wire, Chick Fil-A will open on the trade deadline just to get Ace his free coffee.

    Also, if the Cubs get swept tomorrow I may just cry. I’m real close to a Cubs mental breakdown. Someone talk me down!!

    • Brett

      Here’s your talk-down: the more embarrassing the Cubs’ performance, the more difficult it will be for the Ricketts family to even think about bringing Hendry/Quade back.

      • Amar

        Die Hard the Cubs attendence and Revenue can’t halnde a rebuilding year in 2012. The ballpark is losing an average of 75,000 paid seats a season since Ricketts bought the team ..and that doesn’t include the no-shows of the actual paid seats (Brett estimated yesterday a third of the 3,017,966 paid didn’t show, which sounds & looks about right)Basically Ricketts & Team have to do something this offseason to boost fan morale, revenue, & most importantly ballpark attendance because if the trend of paid tickets going down continues, next season’s attendance will be under 3 million (2,942,966)rebuilding won’t sell tickets no matter how its spun to the fans

  • dreese

    Brett your Chick-fil-a story made me so happy! I am loving all the suffering you have to go through to blog for 24 hours! Its really nice since I doubt anything will happen between now and 3 tomorrow. The cubs are so dumb, we are going to be bad next year no matter what! Let us get some prospects!!!

  • Joe Cartwright

    Good to see Castro get a say instead of listening to Quade yell at him.

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