So, the trade deadline didn’t go as we’d hoped.

The Chicago Cubs were inexplicably (inexcusably?) quiet over the last 24 hours, and there wasn’t much to discuss. I certainly wasn’t writing the kinds of rapid-fire rumors and transactions I thought I would be when I proposed this experiment a month ago.

But, that said, I had too much fun, and thought the response from you readers was too strong to consider this anything but a success. And I didn’t even peel off any of my skin.

Though I will confess I dramatically underestimated the myriad ways a sleep-deprived brain can fail you. Two stand out: (1) my memory went to shit – I can’t tell you how many times I thought of something “really awesome” to write, but, by the time I opened up a doc to start typing, I’d lost it; and (2) wait, what was the other one…? Oh yeah, writing quality. It took me twice as long to produce articles that were probably of half the quality of my usual pieces. I did my best, and I hope you’ll excuse any seeming sloppiness/laziness/short-shriftedness.

Thank you for your participation, and I hope it was a worthwhile – enjoyable, if not informative – experience. Thanks also to those who contributed to make this possible. It was truly awesome of you, and I appreciate it.

(If you’re still itching for an easy way to “reward” me for this 24-hour blogathon, consider nominating Bleacher Nation (and me, Brett Taylor) for whatever awards you see fit HERE. If you choose just one category, make it the “Best Team-Specific Site.” It takes just a few seconds, and I would be wildly appreciative.)

Now for the final tallies.

Total Posts During the Blogathon: 

29. Is your RSS or Facebook feed clogged yet? In case you missed any of those 29 posts, I tried to place them all in the “Cubs Rumors” category. Click there to flip through them all.

Total BN Tweets During the Blogathon:


Total Comments During the Blogathon:

740 (and counting).

Total Visitors During the Blogathon:

16,000+ (and counting).

Total Cubs Transactions at the Deadline:

Zero. If not for the Kosuke Fukudome trade to the Indians earlier in the week, the Cubs would have pretty much the same team on August 1 that they had on Opening Day.

Record of the Team the Cubs’ Front Office is So Determined to Keep Together:


Number of Media Types and Fans Blasting the Cubs for Doing Nothing:

Too many to count.

Among them, SI’s Jon Heyman: “cubs players dont want to leave (aramis, wood), cubs dont want to trade their players (pena, byrd). one big happy family.”

George Ofman: “So just to clarify, Pirates interest in Pena, no! Braves interest in Byrd, no! Rangers interest in Marmol, no! Cubs win WS in 2012!”

Dave Kaplan: “I find it unbelieveable that the Cubs will not make any more deals before the deadline. Team is 22 under and there are some guys with value.”

The Cub Reporter: “I feel sorry for teams scrambling at the trade deadline instead of being able to do nothing, knowing the pieces are all already there.”

Total Caffeinated Beverages Imbibed:

Two Coke Zeroes.

Two Cherry Coke Zeroes.

Two Starbucks mocha frappuccinos.

One Amp Energy drink.

(but no Chick-Fil-A coffee)

Total Updated BN “About” Pages at 4am:

One. This one. Query whether that’s the best time change the face of the site. Speaking of faces of the site, you can see my picture there! I’m pretty!

Final Thoughts About the Chicago Cubs’ Trade Deadline Strategy/Execution:

Had the Cubs made one or two small moves, I would said this deadline performance was inexcusable. But, as it stands, I have to call it inexplicable.

That the Cubs made zero moves – indeed, affirmatively told teams they would not be moving players they should obviously be shopping – tells me something is going on behind the scenes to which we have no visibility. That’s not blind optimism, mind you, because that “something” is just as likely to be something stupid as it is something brilliant.

I’m sticking to my Lame Duck Theory, which is picking up steam around the Internet: it is understood that Jim Hendry will not be returning as the GM next year, and he has therefore been instructed not to deal anyone whom the next GM might want to keep for 2012. Thus, the Cubs kept virtually everyone. Just a theory.

Or the Cubs simply got shitty offers and decided to roll the dice on August trades, draft pick compensation, and improved performance in 2012. “Lame Duck Theory” has more pizzazz, though.

Hours I Plan on Sleeping Now:

No fewer than eight. If I had my druthers, that number would be closer to 15, but, recall, my wife and I have a baby. If I get those eight hours (I believe I’ve earned them), I’ll be thrilled.

And, in case you haven’t guessed it, yes: the Enhanced Box Score for tonight’s Cubs/Cards tilt will be delayed until the morning. Mea culpa.

  • CapnCub

    Thats okay about the box score, rest I say! Great job keeping everyone up to date. World Series 2012! Hahaha

    • Brett

      Thanks, Capn.

  • Jamesjones

    Great job Brett! Thank you for keeping me updated while I have been miserable at work!

  • AndrewMoo

    Just remember…. mathamatically (sp) the cubs are not elimanated!!! (sp)

  • Joe Cartwright

    Thanks a lot! It’s too bad there wasn’t more to report. However, the cubs must now start a minimum 20-game win streak in your honor.

  • Jeff

    For nothing happening there was no shortage of things to talk about. You didn’t even get all that loopy. Despite my disappointment in the team, it was pretty nice having most of the bleacher nation community online in the same time frame. Hope you decide to do it at the next boring trade deadline, I can’t imagine how many lives have been saved by allowing a place for all of us frustrated Cubs fans to vent all that frustration. So consider yourself a hero for this day, Brett. I hope August is a better month to be a Cubs fan, because July wasn’t very pretty.

  • Mr. Realistic

    You guys are a bunch of RAH RAH”S we are out of it…..

  • Fishin Phil

    Great job, we really appreciate the efforts!

  • KB

    16 K visitors. Wow, that’s pretty cool.

    For 6-8 years now, I’ve actively wondered what it would be like to follow a team whose front office made sensical moves. I realize that no GM can predict the future with perfect accuracy, and that seemingly no-brainer moves often turn out badly, and that on-the-surface dumb moves can turn out well. I get that. I’ve seen it.

    But, over time, it seems that “smart” seems to triumph over “stupendously asinine.” Not always. However, like the old adage states, “the favorite doesn’t always win, but that the smart place to bet.”

    I fantasize about following a team like Tampa Bay or the Red Sox, where there is a pretty obvious rhyme and reason to the team “plan.” Having to endure the Hendry regime has taken years off my life. Normally, I would be steaming, hopping mad about this year’s trade deadline debacle, but since is about the 30th example of how Jimbo and his minions operate, I’ve lost my capacity to even get angry. It’s just sad. Pathetic. Disheartening.

    This is what being a Cub’s fan is.

  • Internet Random

    “[T]he Enhanced Box Score for tonight’s Cubs/Cards tilt will be delayed until the morning. Mea culpa.”

    Even if the Cubs when 12-0, I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t include something about the St. Louis trainer picking Holliday’s teeth out of a ball.

  • Cardfan

    I flew 2000 miles today for dougout seats at the game and a chance to report on Dempster’s rocket to Holiday’s head. What a let down!

    • Joe Cartwright

      I would like to see it too…. Maybe he’s just waiting until the 5th or 6th inning, so he doesn’t completely fuck our bullpen in the process.

      • Joe Cartwright

        Strike that. Dempster is a bitch. He’s not going to get a better chance than he did in the 4th. I knew he couldn’t do it.

        • MichiganGoat

          If this team let’s him escape this series without getting drilled, Q should be drilled and spiked by Casto at the post-game conference. Please let Woody pitch to him PLEASE! I’m normally a very forgiving guy but retaliation is mandatory by the baseball god and laws.

          • Ol’CharlieBrown

            I agree. I don’t want them to throw at his head, but a nice bruise on his side would be just fine with me. We all know darn well that if the situation was reversed, Tony La Russa would have ordered one of our players to be hit in the next game, if not the next inning. Hopefully Wood or someone will come in and show they have Castro and the Cubs back.

  • ry

    no big shock there!

  • ry

    well jake westbrook is well on his way to throwing a no hitter against us tonight, god we SUCK!

  • Laura

    Ok, I just lost all respect for Marlon Byrd. Not only did he say, “Take me, too” when Fukudome was traded, now he’s saying in ‘The Byrd’s Nest’ that Holliday’s slide wasn’t dirty or spikes up? If that’s true, why was Holliday’s right leg sticking out to trip Castro instead of aiming to the left to tag the base? And why did Castro’s sock have a huge gash in it? Maybe we should start calling him ‘Milton Byrdy’. We have enough problems to deal with, we certainly don’t need a turn-coat. Seems like he forgot Z & Wood both had his back when they plunked the Red Sox after he was hit in the face. (Unintentionally, I might add.)

    • MichiganGoat

      Wow, maybe he’s been asked to help squash the bloodlust we all feel. Hopefully this isn’t a sign that Holliday won’t be bruised by the bullpen latter.

      • Joe Cartwright

        Come on, Byrd. Look at the replay. His spikes were up. And it’s complete bs that he would do it too. We’ve seen a couple plays earlier this year where we needed him to do it but he completely didn’t even try to do it. I don’t think Byrd actually can do a takeout slide.

    • Internet Random

      There are those with the mentality that it’s always best to make peace. Usually, that mentality is right. But in this case, Byrd is just plain wrong.

      I’d be willing to let it go if Holliday would have come out and said, “You know what? It was a dirty play. I was caught up in the moment; it was an impulse; I crossed the line in the heat of the moment. That’s not the kind of ballplayer I want to be, and I’m sorry that I did that.”

      His not owning up to what he did makes it seem like he thinks he was in the right.

      The umpires not giving us the double play makes it seem like they think he was in the right.

      Worst of all, our pitchers not trying to break some ribs makes it look like they think he was in the right… or worse, that they’re too timid to do anything about it.

  • Dick

    I hope our lame duck signs the majority of our draft picks before the August 15 deadline. Then he should get fired on August 16.

  • http://None Blinda

    Hey Brett,

    I am fed up with Hendry so I am trying to do something about it. I started a Twitter under FireHendry!/FireHendry. I think if we get enough people to follow I have the email address of someone in the Cubs front office. I think this can act as a petition against Hendry, and if we have enough supporters hopefully the Cubs will see what the people want. Anybody reading this comment and Brett if you could send out a tweet or make a post advertising this PLEASE FOLLOW. Let’s do something to make a difference for the team we root for.


  • dreese

    Thank you for this Brett, it was great!

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