If You Like Bleacher Nation, Do Us a Favor

How could anyone not help when being asked by a cute, pleading kitten?

If you’re a fan of Bleacher Nation, take 10 seconds and nominate it for the “Best Team-Specific Site” award here. The award is being presented at the fourth annual Blogs with Balls conference, which is a really big deal in this corner of the Internet. They do good work, and I’d be honored to be considered for one of their awards.

With enough nominations from folks like you, Bleacher Nation could qualify as a finalist for the award, which would help to continue developing our ever-growing community. Yup, I dropped the “community” bomb. We’ve got one of the smartest, largest, and funniest groups of readers and commenters around here, and I want people to know about it. Becoming a finalist for this award wouldn’t just help me, personally, it will turn the eyes of some of the best and brightest on to our community – and I think they’ll like what they see. That can only help all of us.

And spread the word, if you don’t mind. Maybe your friend likes Bleacher Nation and wouldn’t mind dropping a nomination. Perhaps your wife appreciates what we do.

And, of course, if there is anyone else you’d like to nominate, go for it.

Thanks to those who’ve already dropped a nomination – don’t worry about doing it again. Duplicate nominations from the same people are neither welcome nor helpful.


Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

80 responses to “If You Like Bleacher Nation, Do Us a Favor”

  1. CubCrew

    Happy to do it Ace. You’re the best. Done.

    1. LouCub

      I voted for you guys, I love this site..can’t wait till we can talk about more positive things like Hendry and Quade’s dismissals though..

  2. dreese


  3. Ralph

    Done and Done

  4. Hogie

    I’ve got a few different e-mail accounts I could use. Could I vote again if I do that?

  5. Cheryl

    Done. Good luck.

  6. MightyBear


  7. Toosh


  8. Zbo

    Done! Keep up the great work!

  9. Brian

    Things that I like do not win much (the Cubs) but I have a pretty damn good feeling about this.

  10. Derek Holloway

    Need Twitter info and Bretts last name

  11. Eric

    Is it too late to donate to the site?

  12. pdx cub fan


    Done, been reading a couple of weeks now and really enjoy your site. Thanks!

  13. philoe beddoe


  14. Polar Bear

    Just submitted my vote!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

  15. Derek

    Done. Just wanted you to know I found this site recently and I think it’s great.

  16. necubsfan

    Done. Not even a cat fan.

  17. Toosh

    Derrek and the Don’t -You-Knows!

  18. Toosh

    Agreed. I was referring to Lee’s HR against the Cubs.

  19. Jeff

    Lots of love in the comment section for Bleacher Nation too. Good luck on the award. I hope this works out, and everyone recognizes your work. It is nice to have a blogger with some wit who is as sickly dedicated to this whole mess of a baseball team as the rest of us. It also gives us a great place to voice our opinions among those who similarly suffer and celebrate with us.

  20. Spencer

    done. when is the nomination process over, do you know?

  21. Toosh

    That’s 2 for Derrek and The Don’t-You-Knows. I think Woody might have served one up on purpose.

  22. Glenallen Hill's One Home Run

    I did it when you first asked, and I got my dad to do it yesterday after showing him the site. All it takes is one look at your Chik-Fil-A saga to see your immense dedication (and hilarity).

  23. Gyeva


  24. Fishin Phil


  25. CUB5

    Dunne. Ooops! Done. Well, I guess they both mean the same thing…

  26. ron

    Ace, I did it. But only because you actually convinced your wife to blog for 24 hours + and I could convince mine. Just kidding, (sort of). You the man, this is the only Cubs site I follow. You work on prospects is awesome.

  27. fire hendry and quade

    just wanted to say i used to search for a read a lot of different cubs sites and blogs well i dont anymore. this is the only place i need to go thanks for the great work. and oh yeah done

  28. Siquo

    I am a Cub fan from Germany and I found this site recently – posts and comments are funny / smart as hell. Really like it and gonna continue reading it. It goes without saying that I voted for your blog…