Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 11, Pirates 6 – August 2, 2011

I’m not sure I’ve ever been so frustrated to see the Cubs lambast a team. Or to win three in a row over teams not named the Astros, for that matter. Where were these guys months ago? Hell, where were these guys last week?

As for the game, you know the story: Randy Wells did what he *always* does, and gave up two runs in the first. But it didn’t much matter because, by the 4th inning, the Cubs had already put 10 runs on the board. And, without Matt Holliday on the team to take a dangerous slide into second base, setting off a chain reaction of awfulness, the Pirates weren’t coming back.

The Cubs had six homers, including two by Alfonso Soriano, who now has four in his last four games – come on, AL, *someone* needs a DH, right? The Cubs had a whopping 21 hits, too, including three by Tyler Colvin, who I would say was a triple short of the cycle if that expression wasn’t stupid. Everybody got in on the action.

Well, almost everybody.

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37 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 11, Pirates 6 – August 2, 2011”

  1. MichiganGoat

    Extensions for everybody, why trade when you’ve got winners. Just a move or two away! Quade sure can motivate the vets and mentor the kids, 2012 is our year! Go Cubs Go!

  2. Dan0mite

    Since the Cubs won three in a row do they now have to lose five in a row?

  3. Jeff

    All kidding aside. Big night for Colvin and the top of the order. Any chance Quade comes out and gives Barney and Castro credit for setting the tempo for the win?

    1. Dan0mite

      Oh Jeff, you’re adorable.

  4. Joe Cartwright

    According to Brenly, Carlos Pena=ballet dancer. Maybe that’s the problem.

    Also, Brett, Brenly said something about Colvin being used for the “tougher lefties”. I’m not sure but wasn’t that a HUGE problem for him at the beginning of the year?

    1. Joe Cartwright

      And who else saw runs being given up when Ortiz and Grabow came into the game?

  5. Ramy16

    All I know is Aramis is still racking…and the Cubs don’t need a 3rd baseman…HA!

  6. Ramy16

    Lord please trade Grabow…and for Pete sake…cut Ortiz

  7. Spencer

    Even bad teams have winning streaks…but let’s keep it in perspective. Still 20 games under and 5-5 in their last 10. Enjoy the W.

  8. Caleb

    Part of me says that, strategically, Ramirez might be the best option at 3rd base next year. But emotionally it’s hard to forgive his first 2 months of the season.

    I was listening to Keith Moreland talk about how red hot Ramirez is and how it’s fun watching him bat. He says, “he’s been [on fire] lately… and just having a great year. He really turned it on after June 1″

    Um, yeah. I don’t think he had even started the engine or put gas in the tank before June 1. He was pretty much hitting snooze, over and over again, with some small voice in his head wondering “wasn’t I supposed to go somewhere this morning?”

    1. CubFan Paul

      you mean when he was batting .290 before June 1? Homers aren’t everything

      Lest we Forget

      1. Jeff

        Homers aren’t everything, and neither is batting average. He has been either the number three or four hitter the entire year. He had 2 hr and 19 rbi through 2 months of the season. That’s not good enough for a cleanup hitter. He is hitting .154 with 2 outs and runners in scoring position. His BABip has dropped a ton since the first two months of the year. All the sabermetrics don’t lie, he hits worse as the situation gets more important. I know that Ramirez “can” carry the team, and there is no doubt that the team is better with him on it when he is playing well. The problem is he hasn’t been playing well when the Cubs need it since the 07 playoffs. Lest you forget.

        Still raking Ramy16? I was wondering why we didn’t hear from you when he was 1 for his last 21 entering the game last night, that’s not really raking it.

        1. Caleb

          Thanks Jeff.

  9. awesome

    remember, it means nothing, everyone is relaxed.

  10. Ron

    Byrd has 19 RBIs maybe that is why he was not traded

    1. CubFan Paul

      I wouldnt pay much for a buy who doesnt hit homers regularly, doesnt steal bases nor bat 3rd/4th ..good point Ron

  11. Lance

    Fucking Cubs could screw up a wet dream. The one team I wouldn’t mind them losing a series to and they are beating them. Well, Pirates fans certainly have their own issues.

  12. RY

    Holy crap, hip hip hooray, strike up the band, our cubbies hit the hell out of the ball last night and our 2nd 3 game winning streak of the season!! Hopefully we can get our first four game winning streak of the season, I wonder if we are the only team who hasn’t had a four game winning streak this season. All in all, a great start to this series, keep it rollin cubbies! However, dipwad Hendry looks smart if that is even possible on the front end for making no moves, it just needed to warm up for this team to click!

  13. hardtop

    holy cow! i just looked at barney’s wikipedia site, and it’s shows his nickname as DarBar! Have you guys heard that used outside BN? I wonder if someone from here edited it? I’ve been to his wiki page before (to check out his fighting credentials) and DarBar was most definitely not on there… pretty awesome.

    1. CubFan Paul

      Barney showed crazy range lastnite to his right snagging a grounder ticketed for shallow centerfield; he couldn’t get the ball to 1st base in time because he threw from his knees (& he has a weak arm) but ‘Damn!!’ at his effort on that play

      1. hardtop

        dammit paul, why are you talking about baseball? I wanna know about his, not terribly clever, and quite unoriginal, nickname.

  14. RY

    why are we still wasting our time with ortiz, the season is lost, bring a kid or two up and see what the hell they got already, shitcan grabow too, that dude is freakin pathetic! is carp back up yet? if not why the hell not?

  15. hardtop

    brett, good call in starting fonzie to get his HR numbers up! he did so last night! he’s one knock away from 20 with 50+ games left. its conceivable that he could get to 30 and his value would be pretty decent at that number. One would think he’d be worth 5 to 6 mil/year to someone?!? thats decent salary relief for the cubs… yet still paying plenty (14mil) to remind us what a dipshit Hendry is/was.

  16. hardtop

    What am I missing here? Been tracking game on Mlb app, not being broadcast
    . Why the hell is quade pulling colvin after 2 at bats. Is he being the dumbshit asshole I think he’s being?

    1. Dave

      Quade was ejected in the 5th, Colvin was ejected in the 8th

    2. hardtop

      Problem with “watching” it online. Thanks, I’m relieved.